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As Civilian Deaths in Yemen Mount, Trump Moves to Sell Billions More in Bombs to Saudi Arabia


As Civilian Deaths in Yemen Mount, Trump Moves to Sell Billions More in Bombs to Saudi Arabia

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Further demonstrating the willingness of the U.S. to reward and perpetuate the war crimes of its allies, the Trump administration is reportedly moving ahead with a multi-billion-dollar sale of so-called "smart bombs" to Saudi Arabia just weeks after the Saudi-led coalition bombed a wedding in Yemen, killing more than 20 people.


You have to love the euphemism of " SMART BOMBS"! More like STUPID,DEATH BOMBS.

And the narrative multi-billion-dollar sale? Needs to be changed to: billion $$$ war profits!


Trump is an accessory to Murder.

Mass Murder.

Providing the Murder Weapons.

Profiting from the Murder.

Listening is Mr. Mueller.


Stupid death bombs - you said it!!!


Sort of gives a whole (& sick) new meaning to the term “civilizing”:

Civilizing v. [def] see exterminating & civilians


And don’t forget the bloody Brits. They just sold a whole lot of fighter planes to the Saudis.


America and the world community must scrape this fake-president off their collective shoes…


When you get a chance – I highly recommend listening to this show – It exposes almost all the dots and new stuff too.


Check out show above It connects most of the dots. Great show beginning of show is Pres. LBJ FRom the 60s


Smart bombs in stupid wars? What is the world coming to? Here is what my depths of paranoia tell me, the wars are there only for the military industrial complex corporate profits. That in order to generate those huge profits the corporations are paying bribe money to Trump and his cabinet members. If you have been reading the in depth articles here and elsewhere you may know that Trump and his cabinet members are raking in corporate bribe money hand over fist. They are the most highly paid prostitutes in America.


I did not believe in heaven and hell. But now I realize we are in hell. I wonder what we did?


Yes, by all means cut off Saudi Arabia from arms sales, but don’t stop there. We need to cut off ALL major human rights abusers from ALL financial and military support - especially Israel and Egypt. I’d be for giving arms to the Palestinians so they can kick Zionist a$$ and drive the land thieves into the sea for good!


This is BULL crap since government has allowed the military to profit off wars, then why should the taxpayers be forced to pay for this corrupt government and military? We get nothing but the bills with no accountability and they get all the perks and tax breaks. Corporations are paying less every month.

While we have to account for every penny, uncle SAM is not required to be accountable for taxpayer dollars? This isn’t right and it isn’t right that the USA is profiting off wars and creating treasonous acts around the world. Either corporations pay their fair share or why should taxpayer pay for continued dumbing down of America?

Just because we have the most ignorant and corrupt government and military in the history of the nation, doesn’t mean we are STUPID! Off with their heads for their corruption. They want to do business with Saudi Arabia, lets put our government out in the desert, buried up to their necks and let us stone them for corruption like the Saudis do when they are disrespected in their opinions, or a woman is stoned to death for looking at a man. What is the old saying “Monkey see, monkey do!” Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Lets start by putting Trump in the middle of the Saudi Desert and making him tell the truth on his own business affairs and his own corruption. Put his kids right next to him as well as his wife. That whole family is corrupt, and needs to be in prison.


I read an article where a very wise man was asked: " is there really such a thing as hell" and his answer? " WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE NOW" !

The truth behind the 1991 Gulf War invasion  – another war based on lies

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8Ne9V8BCXI This is very worth watching 5 minutes of your time. I don’t know if you are on board w geoengineering which I have been exposing for over 10 years. environmental groups only give us half truths. I f you listened to above show there is alot of political stuff in there.