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As Claim That 'Many' Workers Support Shutdown Falls Apart, Trump Now Insists 'Most' Unpaid Federal Employees 'Are Democrats'


As Claim That 'Many' Workers Support Shutdown Falls Apart, Trump Now Insists 'Most' Unpaid Federal Employees 'Are Democrats'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With his baseless claim that "many" federal workers support the government shutdown quickly falling apart in the face of objections from public employees themselves, President Donald Trump suddenly shifted ground in a tweet Thursday morning, declaring—also without any evidence—that "most of the people not getting paid


Among my siblings and my wife’s siblings its the Trump supporters who have never had two nickles to rub together and are far more dependent on gubmit programs than those of us who are not Trump supporters.

Needless to say that those Trump supporters parrot Trump’s accusations that the shutdowns are the Democrats’ fault.


As this man goes forth day after day and who is allowed to cause the people of this country more and more harm and pain I ask myself why is he allowed to do this. When the time comes to remove him and that time will come, how are we to do that? I am of the idea that this man will not go quietly into the night. He is a vindictive and hateful person and as I look into my crystal ball, I see him refusing to be removed and I see him deliberate doing something to take us all into the darkness with him. There goes a once great nation.


Trump is for the government shutdown because most of the unpaid employees are Democrats. He won’t let the military be shut down because it’s mostly Republicans & warmongers of both parties.


It’s truly amazing just how moronic this guy is.


“The government you elect is the government you deserve” - Thomas Jefferson

“Every nation gets the government it deserves” - Joseph de Maistre

It seems very clear we apparently deserve a shallow racist moron and vindictive malignant idiot who is also a pathological liar…


Mr. Trump might be correct – hit these folks in the stomach enough times and then yes, most Federal Government employees will become Democrats.


Chump sez:
“Do the Dems realize that most of the people not getting paid are Democrats?”

My little brother is a Coast Guard lifer married into a deep-South, hard-right, Trump-loving family. When sister-in-law messaged us the other day that he was now working without pay (and she was faced with stay-at-home-mom budgeting for four home-schooled kids), she conspicuously declined to point the finger of blame at “the Dems”.

If Chump loses an appreciable portion of this crowd, his days actually could be numbered.


…He’ll do anything to fuck us up…I suggest we do the same to him…


Most illegal immigrants are visa overstayers, and most illegal drugs arrive by sea.




That statement, right there, is a flagrant violation of both the Hatch Act, and implies a violation if the Civil Service Act of 1883. So, we can add one more impeachable offense to a very long list…


The next step is call them ‘deplorable’. A sure way to turn them into democrats.


I see what you did there…


I know that for Trump and his family this is all about branding and making money. Making good with Putin to get loans, financing, hotel deals; insuring that after the run in the White House there will be TV deals, appearances, interviews, speeches, etcetera. I get that.

What I don’t get is what Bubba in Tennessee, who is nowhere near the border, has a part time job as a handyman, has six kids on SNAP and will never have a GED much less a college diploma gets from listening to Trump lie about how great he is making America.

Do they believe that despite the decline of the coal industry that Trump will get them all good jobs in the mines that are closing after he makes a deal to reopen them and start new ones? When U.S. Steel announced it had no plans to open “six new plants,” as Trump promised, did they hear that? Or do they only listen to Trump and then go back into the cave? No Trump supporter (or anyone else) has yet been hired to make a great wage at one of the non-existent plants, so why do they continue to believe everything they hear from him?

Do they believe the provably false nonsense about murderers, rapists, drug dealers and worse who are flooding into the country through borders that haven’t been open since the Pilgrims?

Do they really believe that the dumber a president is the better he is for the greatness of America, and that by alienating everyone else in the world we will prove our superiority, conquer it and make it all white and Prosperity Christian? They will come into comments and say that he has over five hundred companies and only four (or six, or maybe nine, no one really knows do they?) bankruptcies proves that he is a great businessman and just what the government needs, yet they never mention what these five hundred companies are. How many are just licenses of the Trump name? How many are just shell companies to avoid taxes and regulations?

Really. Seriously. What is it that these people think Trump is doing to make this country “great again” when every day there is a new lie, a new gaffe, a new scandal?


Can we shoot this liar now?


True enough, they may not have been Democratic before the Petulant Trumpian shut-down, but with each passing day of his idiocy, more and more MAGA hats are making their way to landfills and more voter registrations are being filed changing “Rs” to “Is” and “Ds.” The longer Trump is president the more unified the nation becomes in opposition to him. He may actually end up making America great again, as Americans unify against his defecations upon all that once made America great in the first place.


What do you expect of a moron whose daddy paid a doctor off to say he had bone spurs so he would get our of the draft. The doctor who took the money broke the hippocratic oath.


It’s the theocracy= ya know those whose only reading of literature ( if they CAN read) is the bahble.


I doubt it- they are digging their heels in even more.


He’s not even paying the Coast Guard because he says they are domocrats.