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As #ClearTheLists Raises Money for Classroom Supplies, Advocates Bemoan That Movement Even Needs to Exist

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/03/clearthelists-raises-money-classroom-supplies-advocates-bemoan-movement-even-needs

There ARE things that need not exist. Why do we have things like the “Wounded Warrior” project hitting our wallets and purses? Our tax money should be fully funding veterans care. It’s an embarrassment to be solicited beyond that. There are others, but this one really bugs me.


Yes. The constant exhortations to “support the troops” sound pretty hollow when you consider the reality.

Unrelated, but another pet peeve. “Optima Tax Relief” Here we have people being thankful that they don’t have to pay the tax bill they have, and how it is lessened by OTR. What an insult to those who have paid in their legal obligation, like it or not.
The innocent looking mom and pop appearance of these people getting over on the system pisses me off.
I wonder who ends up paying for the savings they are getting by using OTR?
And they don’t tell you why they are thousands in arrears.