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As Climate Alarm Bells Ring, Trump Poised to Decimate Regulations

As Climate Alarm Bells Ring, Trump Poised to Decimate Regulations

Nika Knight, staff writer

President Donald Trump is poised to unleash a sweeping anti-climate executive order to repeal major regulations enacted by the Obama administration, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

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But Clinton had government e-mails on a server in her house. What alternative was there but to vote for a madman to be president?


These GOTP grifters are nothing less than Veteran, women, children, minority pillagers, rapists and fuckers. Not to mention a general hate cult.

Mar-A-Lago will become an underwater dungeon for the diabolical demented dimwit…may a sinkhole caused by rising salt water encroachment undermining the water table and saturating the underground sand consume this ostentatious spectacle of greed and corruption. An EO (executive order) can’t stop it. Deny away, MFAH’s.


The advantage of Trump is that the country may finally wake up to the clear and present danger of climate change.

The populace does have the power to change this–get in the face of people not changing their driving, shopping, and energy use habits and stop blaming it on the system. We are the consumers and we have the power to stop consuming. Wake up!!!


When the edifices of an economic system produce such devastation to our living space that edifices and the power-elite that controls it “f” ing needs immediate restructuring.


From the dumpster, I mean to the trumpster, maybe named storms can be leveraged in a way the hairdo in chief can understand

There is no doubt that everyone can cut back waste and do good things like Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. No argument there. But, when it comes to the increasing potential for a national dialogue on Climage Change, the Permanent War Economy is at the top of the list of offenders.

Rather than defunding or neutering the Environmental Protection Agency, it should be getting more support from Congress.

However, abolishing the EPA could carry with it a touch of genius, if Trump is wittingly provoking a response. And people are responding. Hopefully a Movement for Sustainable Local Economies and a Clean Energy Future.

Building an administration on Misinformation and Lies only guarantees it’s future demise. This can’t last, but the catalytic effect of these gross abuses of power may be the shot in the arm for American voters.

It’s pretty clear that now is the time to step up to the table and fight for our commonwealth, or it’s all going to be privatized under a New American Austerity Budget.


To stop the Trump and his entourage of lunacy requires radical action. We have to halt all economic activity with massive street demonstrations not this “Resist Day #” baloney piecemeal pseudo action.


Yeah where is Naomi Klein these days?

The nation slept while it was being fracked, pipelined and polluted with all sorts of chemicals for decades under various administrations.

The nation’s and planet’s vast consumption of animal meat and its transportation is one of the major causes of climate change if not the top cause.

War was started and expanded under both parties. Trump has been president for 100 days. Certainly, his direction is not the direction we want to take, but we must take responsibility for where we are. The populace can affect change. He is like an big, orange exclamation point to the need for action.



Seems you have a selective and hypocritical memory. Care to tell us how some polls show Sanders can’t…

Congratulations on having helped Trump to the win btw. You were dedicated to say the least.


The thing is that other people who are less sure of their knowledge and even less sure of their future commitment are watching to see if people like you are more committed than they are. You lead, they’ll learn. You organize, they’ll march. They see your passion but wonder if they can trust it enough to emulate it in themselves.

Back in a more activist era, newbies who at first were hesitant about whether they would join a protest march would end up several years later carrying a banner at the head of the marchers and fueling themselves and others with their passionate decency. Sometimes a leader needs to be the first - needs to organize others to join with them.

Btw… from past experience I know New Yorkers prefer to just show up rather than join up early. Lol

Nevertheless, New Yorkers will march in large numbers if they think it matters. They just don’t like promising that they will ahead of time.


Obviously I was referring to the general election. I don’t think a write-in vote for Bernie Sanders would have helped much. Maybe Jill Stein and Gary Johnson voters helped Trump win. That was a very close election. Gary Johnson for president? What were Johnson voters thinking?

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The public’s concern about global warming has actually never been higher:

That means that voters will support positive climate change policies but they may not consider it the main basis for their voting behavior. If progressive candidates win because they support single payer health care, a $15 minimum wage, and a large infrastructure program - I will trust that solid climate policies will go hand-in-hand.

Turning caring into action is just another animal.

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If you were concerned about morals, never mind the terrible Trump future, you would’ve run a candidate people would have voted for.


Give it up Lrx, the Democratic party paved the way for Trump by ignoring their base and then running the worst candidate ever. Now the party is polling less than Trump.


If these de-regulations go ahead I believe it is within the rights of the rest of the signatories to the Paris agreement to insist that America, as the second biggest polluter in the world, abide by the agreed policies to reduce greenhouse gases, and if they refuse, sanctions could and should be imposed. This attitude is totally irresponsible and America does not have the right to endanger others because of its internal policies. It might even be seen as an act of aggression. America has a history of ignoring international opinion and going its own way regardless, but this is vital.


and Hillary and the Dems are less popular than Trump!!!

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