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As Climate Crisis-Fueled Fires Rage, Fears Grow of an 'Uninhabitable' California

My state Alaska, is called " the last frontier" and that may be true; however, more like the last frontier on earth once the methane gas becomes nascent!

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I would also add that politicians and their appointees pandered to the crowd that wanted short-term rates kept as low as possible, even if infrastructure was eroding (same for roads, water lines…) and now its easier to blame the evil corporation than face the consequences of what the public demanded

“You call some place Paradise, kiss it goodbye.”

Sweetheart it sounds like paradise. It is those winters where the snow is up to my arse that it would bother me. We also have a paradise here. We just need to care for everyone in the same manner.

Here in California the insurance companies make sure they can make their profits. You can bet your sweet patutie that Arnold Schwarzenegger and LeBron James will get their homes rebuilt. However, check out the town of Paradise in California. Most people there are still homeless. My home is insured but I have dealt with insurance companies before. They and their CEO’s will not suffer; it is only the “little-guy”, who will be made to feel the “burn”.

And…and I have another one of MY GREAT theories …Trump is setting all of these fires in California. First: He hates us because we do not take any of his guff. Two: He is setting all of fires to keep all attention away for the fact that he is getting IMPEACHED! WHOOHOOO!

No I have not been drinking. However, since I can see the smoke from my house I am thinking about taking it up as a hobby. I am too old to just pick up and move when some one tells me. Then there is the dog and the cats and the chicken and the parakeets. I think we are here to stay. I worked too hard for all of it and either way I am going to take it all with me. : -)

You’re right, if this was a small terrorists bomb that went off we wouldn’t hear the end of it.
But we are used to this with general boycotting of Bernie by the MSM.

Californians need to rake faster and better. I wonder how much the lumber industry discounts for charred logs and trees.
One of our main streets was just recently redone. Brand new. The other day I saw new wooden telephone poles replacing the old ones. Still behind the times.

Many years ago, I heard a talk by Gore Vidal that Roy played on his Something’s Happening program. Vidal had passed a fire on his way to the speaking venue that the audience appeared to be aware of. Vidal announced that the building on fire was the new Reagan library (not the actual one). “I’m sorry to report that both books were destroyed. But the real tragedy is that he hadn’t finished coloring in the second one yet.” That joke has been repeated for George W. Bush too.

KPFK is always in fund-drive mode and has been for the past several years. This speaks both to the gross incompetence and mismanagement by KPFK locally and Pacifica Radio nationally (for instance, the entire Pacifica network has to pay to salvage WBAI New York for its abysmal handling of its transmitter lease) and to the indifference of its listenership.

One in ten KPFK listeners actually makes the effort to subscribe to the station. Subscribing entitles you to vote in local station board elections–but guess what? The one-in-ten rule seems to apply here too since I don’t know how many re-votes we’ve gone through because of a lack of a quorum. (I don’t know if the latest election was successful since voting ended just a couple of weeks ago.)

While your sentiment of “use it or lose it” is laudatory, I would amend it to: “SUPPORT IT OR LOSE IT.” This is endemic on the left–as political scientist Michael Parenti once put it, left media outlets are “always teetering on the brink of insolvency.” We see it right here: Common Dreams rattles the tin cup continuously.

Getting back to KPFK/Pacifica, you might have noticed that for some time now, Amy Goodman no longer opens her show with, “From Pacifica, this is Democracy Now!” She says, "From New York, this is . . . " Her default used to be “From Pacifica” unless she was doing the broadcast from a location other than the DN New York studio. My understanding is that Goodman lent a considerable sum to keep WBAI from “the brink of insolvency” and the rest of the network has to pay her back–but trying to find out what’s going on inside Pacifica is like trying to find out what’s really going on inside the TrumPutin White House.

And just as Goodman seems to be tiring of Pacifica, I’m tired of the constant fund drives on KPFK. We get a month-plus of pitch-free programming followed by a month-plus of pitching. KPFK has a 160,000-watt transmitter, reputedly the largest west of the Mississippi. It can cover much of Southern California in terrestrial terms, and with its internet presence it is global.

Unlike NPR and PBS, which also has support from corporations and oligarchs like the Kochs, I do believe that KPFK and Pacifica does get the bulk of its funding from listeners. But one-in-ten is not a viable ratio. As the fund-drive pitch puts it, put your money where your ears are. Free-speech radio is not free. Like everything, it has a cost. And losing it is a cost too high to bear in these times.

Sorry, i might have been wrong. Ai thought PG&E was gonna extend the clearnce between powerlines and tree to 15ft from the normal 4ft required and some enviro groups opposed it.

Yes, it has everything to do with PG&E looking for better ROI and investing in renewables rather than upgrading existing infrastructure for virtually zero return.

Also, just FYI i am not clown, alltho i did want to join the Circus when i was younger but in a different capacity.

Your scree is not lost on me. Nitpick if you wish. You cannot beat their programing especially Roy of Hollywood.

I only know that over the past twenty, twenty-five years or so I have listened no matter what. I need the input from this local progressive radio station. There is no other like it.

I do not depend on NPR for anything……they are bought and sold. I need the best information I can get to survive this world and Pacifica and KPFK (Los Angeles) does that for me. I am a proud monthly subscriber.

They say the truth shall set you free…and it has. They also say education is too expensive……they also say if education is too expensive….then try ignorance. The choice is yours. I only know this….

Be without fear in the face of your enemies.
Be brave and upright that God may love thee.
Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death.
Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong.
That is your oath. – (Kingdom of Heaven 2005)

My bad day spewed on your comment. No, you are not a clown.

So do I. That is why I’ve been a KPFK supporter for 30-plus years. In fact, Roy of Hollywood took my very first pledge call. He didn’t sound too enthused–I called during a non-pledge-drive time after I’d been listening to his show for a few weeks, and he was of course right in the middle of his show–but a couple of years later he sent me a nice note after I’d sent him a copy of one of Dave Emory’s One Step Beyond shows I’d recorded while on a visit to the San Francisco Bay Area; he even played it on the show.

And I’m glad to hear you’re a supporter. But let’s not fool ourselves here or get lost in the glow of programming that, yes, you cannot hear anywhere else. Like the left in general, KPFK and Pacifica is susceptible to the circular firing squad, and that along with the chronic funding deficiencies always makes for a bumpy ride–it’s getting harder to proclaim the blue-sky sentiments heard on KPFK while knowing that behind the scenes is disarray, even chaos.

Knowing that makes me appreciate how precious a resource KPFK/Pacifica, and left media in general, is–and how they need our support. End of screed.