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As Climate Crisis Thrashes Planet, Never a Leader So Divorced From Reality as Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/03/climate-crisis-thrashes-planet-never-leader-so-divorced-reality-trump

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Just because Republicans want to frame the Climate Catastrophe as a partisan issue, that doesn’t mean we need to take that ball of crap and run with it. My governor Jerry Brown did as much to accellerate fracking, which turns out to have huge fugitive methane emissions, as anyone – while jetting off to all the chic climate conferences and looking green (as in cash).

Not one word of Jackson’s screed acknowledges it: The duopoly holds full blame, here. It’s certainly true that Orangeman is more shameless in representing the same predators Jerry Brown represents. Criticisms of Orangeman would resonate more credibly in a non-incredible context.


One mistake; Democrats have been equal to republicans in both climate denial and warmongering.

Democratic president Lyndon Johnson takes the top enemy of America as president prize; Johnson received a global climate collapse forecast over 55 years ago that is said to still be fairly accurate today. He chose to attack and kill millions of Vietnamese to save them from becoming communists rather than pay attention to the reality of climate collapse.

I live in the one party democratic state of Massachusetts where 100% of the congressional delegation in both houses believes Venezuela needs reorganization. Why? More oil money for the already rich.


That’s Trump alright. A "Divorced From Reality TV ☆."

And, a really horrible one, at that.

If it wasn’t for his supposed wealth, he’d just be another entitled prick.

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In context, your post illustrates how utterly shallow and vaccuous the (pro or anti) TrumpTrumpTrump fanaticism gets. About the only elucidation you provide is further vulgarity, as if that might help. Before Orangeman got here, and after he’s gone, the Climate Catastrophe goes on – until it can’t anymore because folks have finally realized this electoral game is just distraction shenanigans.

Go ahead and play: call Orangeman lots of names. But your concern is exposed as focused on some kind of emotional venting satisfaction, rather than getting to the solution. Which is the global uprising – Some activists have all the predators in focus, not just their symbolic Orangeman.


The administrations going back to Reagan have consistently been adverse to addressing global poisoning/warming. Thinking that energy use and especially extraction and production of fossil fuels is more important that the effects of using them has set us all up for a catastrophic collapse of industrial civilization. What matters now is how bad the collapse will be. The Trump admin has been especially callous and denial is the current trend. Deregulation, massive extraction and production capacity all adds up to disaster. Bush II was also very bad for the growing concerns. He threatened to fire several NASA climate scientists for trying to disseminate vital info. Remember Reagan dismantled the solar panels Jimmy Carter had installed on the White House to power it up. It’s been downhill ever since. Nixon, a republican!, signed the EPA and clean air act. Trump has effectively neutered them. Peace


Jackson sez:
“… the commander-in-chief of the most powerful nation in the world remains in denial.”

Not to defect from the subject at hand, but terminology should matter. Constitutionally, the president is commander-in-chief not of the U.S., or of its citizens generally, but only of its armed forces — and even then supposedly only in time of congressionally declared war (which hasn’t happened since 1941).
“Commander-in-chief” has become an alleged elected office in campaign rhetoric and propaganda only in the past generation or so.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled climate crises …

Just maybe this error in assignment of titles could be intentional since the armed forces are the biggest agent of pollution in the world.
It is said that words matter especially when speaking of labels. Most of us here know about the insidious use of propaganda to control the scene. Reading and thinking about the issue of white fascism’s rise along with the issue of lack of gun control makes me think that the NRA’s long campaign to change laws to favor gun owners and the use of fear to make the citizenry impotent. The denial of climate crisis and the bumbling comments made by orangie adds to the effect of impotence by causing confusion to add to the fearful state of this world. And we have not yet reached the zenith of chaos which will come with increased migration and food shortages in some areas of the world.

Thanks for your criticism. Now go ahead and solve the world’s problems as you believe you seem to be doing.

I’m satisfied with the truth, which doesn’t come to me bundled with solutions, necessarily. Were I to withhold what I know (for instance, from studying the Arctic) until I’ve got a workable solution figured out, I’d have no way of saying anything honestly.

I’m thrilled that this works for you.

Since when has the mob cared about environmental issues?

The people who control DJT are Evangelical Christians, many of them believe in “The Rapture”.

That’s the level of the predicament. The lunatics who have control of the asylum believe in speeding up “The Rapture”.

Good luck everyone.