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As Climate Threats Mount, Experts Say No Time Left for Deceitful "Debate"


As Climate Threats Mount, Experts Say No Time Left for Deceitful "Debate"

Julia Conley, staff writer

As new and worrying evidence of global warming's destructive impacts mount around the globe, climate experts are saying efforts by the Trump administration's EPA chief to discredit decades of climate science research should be seen as a deceitful—and dangerous—tactic.


Over 60 million US voters failed to get the message. I guess they more more concerned that Hillary Clinton had mishandled a classified e-mail although there was no evidence that she did.


Climate-denialist trolls are just like the fools who believe Trump had the largest crowd ever at his inauguration - that is: if Big Brother says it, it is true. Indeed, the only standard by which such intellectual slaves can discern the truth is by checking the latest nonsense spewed by the dictatorship. If the dictator says something different today than yesterday, yesterday's lies are instantly forgotten to be replaced by updated lies. Oceana has always been at war with... simple human dignity, honesty, integrity.


This gang should be charged with Crimes Against Humanity. Since what we do now, is so crucial.

Scientists give us 3 years.

Does the global community have any balls? Do they? I'm beginning to wonder. Hold an open court with the media present. This gang doesn't need to be there. Take each of their points and show the flaws in their reasoning. Maybe then they may choose to attend but I doubt they'd have the guts.


Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking warned Sunday that President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord last month could result in temperatures on Earth rising as high as those on the surface of Venus

Hey but he's only a dumb scientist that can do the math.


The fact that we have such deniers in the top levels of government at this late in the game is a testament of our species failure to tackle this problem. I guess we homo sapiens are proof that a species with little intelligence can yet have sapience.


Nooo, it's a testament to the power of prostitution reigning.

"God" shoulda stopped at the bonobos.......


this is a lost battle. The API money won. Well, that and the juvenile contrarian nature of America's right wing.

Done in by the bottom half of the bell curve after all. Who knew?


The "All of the Above" strategy pursued for the past 8 years by the incremental change Democrats will get us to the same unlivable planet.


No "a classified email" wasn't the problem. The problem was using a private server for ALL her State Dept work, in order to avoid FOIA requests. All her classified emails were on that server. And they even made it to Anthony Weiner's computer. If you're OK with exposing top secrets to the world as a Sec Of State, then, what can I say. But that is definitely something to be concerned about. People are in prison for doing far less than she did.


Your links are garbage that support nothing. The "powerline" group has not one scientist listed on its "about" page; the "manhattan contrarian" is just a douche bag blogger.

Mcsandberg, you are either a troll or a bot and you have no business here.


We don't have three years left to change our ways. Climate catastrophe is a done deal. Period. As is the sixth extinction. That doesn't mean we should stop trying. We have to try or we'll go mad. But we'll also go mad if we think our attempts are going to avert what's coming. Prepare in whatever way you see fit.


Love that window dressing!


It seems the corporate Democrats and their media and online toadies are already busy clearing the field for a Hillary 2020 campaign, so those who reside in the "basket of deplorables" will in a few years time no doubt be given an opportunity to rectify their grievous mistake.


Right, we are suppose to believe that like the tobacco industry that stood to lose money, the deniers (paid more than the real climatologists) are telling the truth. Esp when one knows that the oil industry alone knows that 20 TRILLION $ are still under ground and that another estimated 20 TRILLION $ is sure to be found. Then you have the TRILLIONS of coal and natural gas to be yet exploited.

Denier is all about the money yet to be dug up. Many TRILLIONS of $ worth of unexploited carbon to throw into the air. Just like the tobacco industry, people are hired to lie for them about what will happen. That is where the real money is, destroying the environment for money.

The science is missing on the denier side. You cherry pick a few facts and ignore all the other facts that destroy your so called evidence.


Yea that is why the last decade has been the hottest in human history for the world. I noticed how cold it is at over 90 degrees F.


How come there are no climatologists among them? Doug is a geologist, no study in climate at all. Singer doesn't believe the tobacco industry is wrong about smoking. Only one among all of them has any climatologist training.
And considering doug erwin wrote about how quickly the permian life went extinct, he should have some clue that extinctions happen quickly.

There are 3000 real climatologists in the world and only a small amount disagree. And most of those who disagree get paid by the carbon industry to deny. When you find thousands of climatologists, the people who really study it saying no climate change is happening, then I'll believe. These people are novelists for the most part, who make money denying.


Your preaching to the wrong choir. Allow me to direct you to Breitfart or Faux News where you will find many like minded fools.


I read red state all the time and am surrounded by Republicans. I couldn't cloister myself or run scared if I wanted to. What I see is you trying to push nonsense like tobacco companies did to blur lines and make assertions that appear plausible, but are really nonsensical. Climate change isn't happening, it is but not that badly, it is but we aren't the primary party responsible and there's nothing we can do, it is but we shouldn't care because "X" reason and it makes liberals mad--pick one or two and that's the core of the right wing marketing spin I see. You are basically going with the cold snap argument it sound like and link to a climate skeptic with a background in microbiology, I got it.

Well, there's an answer that is well understood by geophysicists and climatologists:

"Due to these various forcings, levels of atmospheric CO2 and global temperature have not always happily correlated, however, contrary to Jo Nova’s claims, high levels of CO2 have in the past been responsible for a dramatic rise in global temperatures. The K-T boundary event is an excellent example of one such occasion."

Here's the trick: Present as an expert and take what the expert community is aware of and does understand and display it as something new and mysterious so you can offer the quick answer for layman. This is always the nonsense peddlers tipoff. In short, "Look, carbon follows temperature rising per my graph so global warming is fake! I'm smart, link to me!"


I know enough about the right wingers view of the world to know that I want no part of it.