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As Clinton and Obama Pushed Trade Deal, Sanders Predicted Panama Papers Corruption


I’m confused, was that actually Congress in action?


Me too. There’s no excuse for using such hateful terminology, regardless of how you feel about anyone’s actions or positions, and it detracts from the content of any critical comments you might otherwise make.


No US names because the International Consortium of Journalists that has coordinated the delivery of the leak to the German paper is funded by the Centre for Public Interest, a US corporate funded (Ford, Carnegie, Kellogg , Open Society(Soros) Foundation) institution. Get it?Check it out.

And better than that no US or German names-- BUT who is the person that gets his name up first-- Putin (who is despicable but) who has friends who set up the accounts-- not even one in his name…

sigh… your country…


These folks will blow up skyscrapers to forward their agenda, nothing is secure while the press is captured.


You got it! All the “off shore” accounts are at LaSalle and Van Buren doing all the financial pornography depicted in the “Big Short” and “Flash boys”. The hearings on Illinois HB106 which raises $6 billion on a tax of 0.0001% will kill it forever since the sponsor has been paid off for life as has Hillary and everybody. How do I get in line? Or will they kill me?


Jews are cool. It’s our Jewish Government that’s Evil! Mark Novitsky, your entirely fair minded ant-Semite.


I hope you publish a report on the “Delaware Papers” & the “Nevada Papers”. Biden’s home state is Delaware so his name must be there. Harry Reid’s home state is Nevada so his name must be there.


Orwell would blanch at your use of his name. But hey, it’s like right wingers who love to embrace a dead MLK.


Scratch a fanatic, find a bigot.


Detail, I know, but there’s not a deficit in the “tens of trillion”. Not even a national debt in the tens of trillions. Change deficit to debt and repost in a year or two, regardless of election results.


take your anti-semitic remarks to the Ku Klux Klan, what is left of them. No more bigoted comments allowed here. shame on you. and to the homophobic person and his awful remarks, shame on you too. Cruz is waiting for you both!


Is it OK if the woman is in front sometimes?


I think you’re well meaning, but not very bright. My comment pointed out anti-Semitism. Of a genteel, if not gentile variety. kikiki? Odd choice.


Maybe you two should have a little gathering at a nice beer hall.


Hopefully this will kill Hillary’s chances of gaining the Democratic nomination.


All this nonsense and truthers too!


Such a condensation would be critical for you, of course. Why not reduce to one cheer of: Benghazi!


Please, more capitalizing.


I listened to an NPR program out of Boston this morning with one of the reporters whom uncovered this ‘Panama problem’. When a caller asked the very question you did here he stated flatly: “There are many Americans involved, and just a matter of time before names are released to the public.”


You are absolutely correct - we have the right to print our own money without paying interest on it. The last president to have the courage to put his signature on an executive order to begin printing our own currency once again, was John Fitzgerald Kennedy.