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As Clinton Dodges on KXL, Sanders Voices 'Vigorous' Opposition


As Clinton Dodges on KXL, Sanders Voices 'Vigorous' Opposition

Jon Queally, staff writer

Hillary Clinton says she'll take a firm position for or against the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, but only after it's already been decided by the current administration or after she's elected president in 2016.

Asked about her stance on the controversial project at a town hall-style meeting in New Hampshire on Tuesday, Clinton said that as the former Secretary of State it would be "inappropriate" for her to take a position because the review of the controversial project was initiated under her direction.


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She is so beholden to the PTB that she can’t even answer a simple question without having to check in with them first. How duplicitous.


One can hardly believe that she is against it in any case. If she is dodging the issue so as to keep the big contributions from the fossil fuel industry pipeline flowing into her campaign, they wouldn’t be giving her the money if they didn’t think that she could be counted on to play ball later.

Go Bernie


There is only one choice for the environment and people in 2016. Sanders.


HRC, bucking to be the first wind-sock puppet in chief.


The buck stops there.

Go Bernie!


“Hillary Clinton says she’ll take a firm position for or against the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, but only after it’s already been decided by the current administration or after she’s elected president in 2016.”

“Pilot says she’ll take a firm position on whether she knows how to land an airplane, but only after all passengers are on board and the plane has reached cruising altitude.”


Every move that Hillary makes has been choreographed from start to finish. She is conducting a campaign of ‘smoke and mirrors.’ I only hope that the voting public can see beyond the charade as she attempts to deceive us.


You get the sense that Obama’s bait and switch has been a bad role model for the Dems. The repubs always lied through their teeth to get elected but the Dems were less obvious about it until Obama. Now it is like the old guard Dems have accepted that you can say something that you never intend to follow through on about everything.

bobby are you saying that Hillary might be deceiving us? Do you mean that our politicians actually don’t tell the truth? How could that be? That… that would be… I mean, that would be like lying!!!


‘Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain’ as she bedazzles us with her campaign magic. Lying is such a strong word… perhaps she’s just trying to mislead us all.


"but was more in line with those in the climate justice community when he said that solely focusing on building solar panels and erecting windmills is simply not enough. “We must make significant reductions in carbon emissions and break our dependency on fossil fuels” …Actually, that is an interesting statement… it sounds like something that comes close to what Kevin Andersen and some other scientists are saying… that we can’t JUST work on the supply side of energy to fix climate change… we have to work on the demand side… very interesting… if that is what he really means… but THAT,… has many ramifications…
as Andersen states… an “Planned Powering Down…” is what is called for but there would have to be a RESTRUCTURING OF OUR ECONOMY… to keep about 90% of us from falling through the cracks…


I heard a while back that she actually owns stock in it already… ?


" ‘It is hard for me to understand how one can be concerned about climate change but not vigorously oppose the Keystone pipeline.’ —Sen. Bernie Sanders"

Oh, i suspect he’ll figure out a way to “understand” it if she gets the nomination …


At this point I would have to say, I’ll never be naïve enough to think ANY politician is up to my standards… or that they even mean half of what they say… maybe some more than others… but, just BEING a politician puts you in the position of twisting even your own beliefs to be able to STAY in the position… IF you do not have the COURAGE OF YOUR CONVICTIONS… I heard on NPR the other day…I heard the Irish President state. “YOU CANNOT COMPRISE WITH TRUTH…”…
…AND that is the problem with how the solution to climate change is being handled… COMPROMISE… is watering down the answers/solutions to how to fix it… they’ve been doing that all along… and THAT is why we haven’t gotten anywhere…


Trust not one word from the lying mouth of war criminal killary! VOTE BERNIE!


I haven’t been able to verify that. However, she does own stock in Exxon, and the developers of KXL paid her nearly $2 million US to give 8 speeches, plus donating to her 2008 campaign of over a million. (My cites are on Facebook if you need them.) There’s a lot of info that she was teh primary mover of getting Keystone passed while she was Secretary of State, and the business energy log put it simply that it was going to pass because Clinton would make sure of that. Others reported in 2009 that it was known around Washington that Clinton was one of its primary advocates. So what she said is not merely disingenous, but a cowardly lie.


Since they’ve already had full service from her as Secretary of State and as a Senator – with the Keystone folks actually being the largest single donor to her 2008 campaign – I’m sure she’s duplicitous, but I’m also sure she doesn’t need to check in with them. she just didn’t want to answer that question.


I am sick that so many women of the “voting public” are ignoring these vital issues where Hillary lies and ducks and sux and are supporting her just because she’s a female. We need to find a way to break through that gender myopia and get other women “liberals” or “progressives” on board…I mean, against Hillary whom I cannot stomach and could NEVER vote for.


I’m confused. How can someone be “for the environment” and pro-war at the same time?

War is not good for living things.

While Sanders voted against the invasion of Iraq (to maintain his image), he votes yes on every military spending bill…

And you could build lots of solar panels with the money (1.2 trillion) being spent on Bernie’s greatest accomplishment, - the F-35.

The MIC will never allow a true anti-war, environmentally conscious person to become president. BS is just another wolf (or hawk) in sheep’s clothing. His ties to Israel and the MIC are there if people care to look. He’s in the race just to hang on to a particular demographic of voters, and if nothing major happens between now and the Dem convention, he will throw his support to Hillary…as he has promised.