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As Clinton 'Hustles' Big Cash Donors, Sanders Touts Ties to Working Families



The chickens are coming home to roost. Bill Clinton loses it in a confrontation with Black Lives Matter, defends his welfare reform and vicious drug incarcerations. Me thinks, contrary to the media narrative, that the Clinton campaign is showing signs of imploding.


It's interesting. One would think organized labor (working class in general) would do much better under a Sanders admin, yet there is a risk for the union endorsing Sanders, which is... exactly what? That they will be shut out somehow if Sanders loses? I don't understand it, but that's my suspicion.


Most democrats don't realize that Clinton's coalition of African Americans, union bosses and active democratic politicians, is one born of craven fear. They are scared shitless of what political vendettas will be brought to bare against them if they don't support Hillary and she manages to win. Everybody in the Democratic Party knows all too well that the Clintons have always marched on a road of bones.
I fear that Hillary's current phony coalition may just be enough to get her the nomination. But god help her when August rolls around and every day before November the airwaves will be inundated with commercials from conservative PACS and all manner of right wing political whack jobs accusing Hillary of everything from money laundering and treason to pedophilia and witchcraft.
She will pray for the quiet days of gentleman Bernies high road campaign.


Senility is beginning to set in on the Slick One. He can't seem to go out in public anymore without ending up shouting at kids to get off his lawn, tripping over his dick, and blaming some black kids.
It's time to put old Billy out to pasture.


Where have you been?


I guess I'm not clear how the vendettas technically work...


It is pathetic to see people like Tony Kushner get all mealy mouthed on the Laura Flanders show and admit he supports Mrs. Clinton, unable to give a coherent reply when asked why. And yes, it is very pathetic to see the most vulnerable groups, who would be natural supporters of Sanders, back Her, probably out of fear of further losses.


If they lack moral courage they'll have no one to blame but themselves.


I guess that Hillary is often dropping out of campaigning because she's desperately low on cash.

Once a company gives you a million dollars, they've bought your influence and that's that. You don't go back to them and say, "give me another million." They reply that a deal is a deal. Furthermore, they point out that now your odds of winning the nomination are down to, say, 50-50, your influence is only priced at half a million dollars to us. In terms of value received, who wants an injured NFL player who now has only a 50-50 chance of performing at his old level?

If Hillary's chances drop to 20-80, it gets far worse for her.


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