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As Clinton Readies for Nomination, Unions Hope It's Zero Hour for TPP


As Clinton Readies for Nomination, Unions Hope It's Zero Hour for TPP

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As Hillary Clinton prepares to accept the Democratic nomination for president on Thursday night, labor unions are ready to demand that she put an end to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)—a longstanding point of contention for her campaign.


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The DNC convention has been all about Trump. A negative convention. There is no policy announcements as it is same old same old. When Clinton supporters are confronted with "no more war" they respond "USA USA USA". Wasn't this a teaparty slogan for those with empty heads that do not understand the correct response is more war with everyone. Which is what the Clintons support.


Mark my words: if she is elected, she will rewrite a few sentences and paragraphs in the TPP, tell us she fixed it and tell us its okay now. She supports it. I hate it when I am right about these things.


Hillary feels free to oppose the TPP because it's going to be enacted anyway. It doesn't matter if she wins or loses this election. Obama and his Repub allies will pass TPP lame-duck. So we can't stop the TPP (don't hate me for telling the truth), but we can stick a stake in the heart of the corporate Dem establishment that birthed this monster. Labor Dems and progressive Dems must withhold their support from Hillary's campaign -- her defeat will leave the corporate Dem establishment in shambles and allow a progressive/labor coup. I truly believe the Democratic Party can be a beacon for the world, but only after a nice ruthless purge of the current corporate "leadership." Let them migrate to the Repubs if they want -- that's where they belong.


I want to hear her say it - "I am opposed to the TPP." - during the election campaign, after the election, after she is inaugurated. I don't have any delusions that she actually opposes it or that she would/will support it, if Obama passes it in the lame duck or if she gets it passed when she becomes President. I just want people in a national audience, especially people like Thom Hartmann who think she can be trusted, to hear her say it.

I don't want to hear it from her spokesperson or surrogate. I want it on the record loud and clear from her voice..


Unions are not the only ones who want to put ant end to the TPP.


Important to find out where your senators and representatives stand on TPP. I've already told my representative and the Dem running for senate in my state, if they do not denounce the TPP, I won't be voting for them.


The DNC is ejecting delegates who hold up Stop TPP signs.

This shows that the democratic party and Hillary don't want the "citizens" to know about this horrible piece of legislation.

It can be stopped even in the lame duck if the votes to pass it are not there. So the focus is on convincing legislators not to vote for it. Some democrats think it can be done, but not until it has been completely stopped will I be satisfied.

It is obvious that one cannot trust Hillary recent conversion of Tim Cane conversion in the last few days to say that he is against it. Obama is working for the oligarchs on TPP.

Lots of excellent material. Can check out the site FlushTheTPP.org

Zepher Teachout is running for congress in rural NY. Here is what the democrats need to be doing.

Zephyr Teachout
19 hrs ·
You know what I'd like to see?
Kids eating local food in schools, drinking local milk. We have spectacular farmland, but we have to support local distribution.
We shouldn't have so much unused farmland--dairy farms out of business--and still be shipping milk from California.
A few big $$ interests take money out of local economies and push it towards the big Ag monopolies.
Also, as one dairy farmer told me (and I confirmed with Otsego2000), "every dime spent on a local farm turns over 7 times in the community." Independent local farm money stays local, and supports a whole economy.


Because I want the clip to be out there. And to go viral when she flips. Another piece of information to get more people to wake up! She may have proved herself to be a liar to you, but obviously is has not sunk in to many others.


Where are the links to the evidence on ejecting delegates for holding up Stop TPP signs? Thanks for sending.


I think Hillary got a "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" from the White House to go ahead and oppose the deal when she did because the White House is absoultely confident it will pass during the lame duck session.


What the ... ?

Unions feel they have strong leverage this week...
That's absurd. Generally, they endorsed Clinton before getting any assurances in return. Now they come with hat in hand, and we have 30 years of evidence about how DLC-Democrats deal with labor.

**as the Clinton campaign has made it a top priority to win over liberals
allied with her primary rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.),**
BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahaaaaa ... (gasp!)


Someone who knows this for sure can corroborate/correct me on this, but I believe there is a 90-day window from when the TPP is introduced in Congress to when it is voted on. So if it will be voted on during the lame duck session, it will need to be introduced about September. In other words, we will know soon if attempt to pass during the lame duck session is the plan.


I think you are right on that, I'll admit it slipped my mind.


Needs to be repeated early and often:
"every dime spent on a local farm turns over 7 times in the community."

Cooperatives sound as a bell from the State bank of North Dakota to employee buyout strategies and the Mondragon model. Local and regional strength


There are some things up with which we cannot put, as the sage said, and everyone, every American that does not want to see the domination of corporate power institutionalized and protected by the Trojan Horse that is the TPP!

All Americans should demand the TPP be scrapped in toto!

It cannot be "tweaked", or aspects changed as per Terry McAuliffe who first said "she (HRC) would go along with TPP once elected", then back-tracked with ""To be very clear, she would only go forward if the changes that she wants are implemented, that everybody's in agreement, the labor folks would be in agreement...she's not going forward as it is today." Obviously someone is full o shite or a liar! Tim Kaine & McAuliffe - the shoe fits......

"Fast-track, or trade promotion authority, will allow the White House to send trade deals to Congress for up-or-down votes. The Senate will not be able to filibuster them, and lawmakers will not have the power to amend them.

The expedited process, which lasts until 2018 and can be extended until 2021, greatly increases Obama’s chances of concluding negotiations on the TPP, which is a top goal of the president’s."


A person has to have been asleep all these years to believe anything Hilary promises that will help people. It's a simple formula: If her promise is to help the middle to poor working classes - she will surely renege. This applies to promises such as her being against the TPP - she knows she wants it to go through and it will. If her promise is to cause harm and death, as in wars, then yes, she will hold true to her promise. Believe that.


It is really this simple. When it comes to serving her constituency, she employs TPP strategy…

Trans Political Positioning

Just like her Trans Political Positioning on Glass-Steagall, where she employs the tried but true qualifier "for the 21st Century", much like the qualified Financial Services Modernization Act that repealed Glass-Steagall in the first place.

Her "word" against TPP does not represent some static position that fully informs of her plans and intentions.

The shuffling, the Trans Political Positioning of her and her political allies – who have long ago proven that they serve corporate power – constitute plenty of evidence that spectacle is reserved for the mere voter, but the truth of the matter is only shared with her true constituency in the background.

Wikileaks serve up some more, and fast, thank you.


I mean, the hate in your post just reeks.

My guess is when them thar "moslims" over the decades have been attacked by State Terrorism directed by Neocons in the US you have been one of the first to go grab a flag made in China to hoist on your mega truck.

I mean your hatred of "the other" is just dripping in your posts.

No wonder you just love your Trump. Mmmmm give me more of that Trump! Make America Hate Again!!!!!

Go ahead, attack me with some good old Trump Culture Political Correctness, if not physically beat me over the head.

There will be plenty of ICE openings if Trump becomes president, so there is a natural fit for you, to go round up them thar illegals, and give them a proper booting out of the country.

Hell, if Trump makes torture legal, you could really get 'em good.

Also, perusing your posts (which you should do with mine before you accuse me of being a Clinton shill) I see that you actually believe that AGW is a hoax.

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