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As Clinton Visits DC, Sanders Steals the Spotlight


As Clinton Visits DC, Sanders Steals the Spotlight

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Hillary Clinton probably didn't mean to give a Washington, D.C. press event away to Bernie Sanders on Wednesday. But he gladly took it anyway.

On her latest charm offensive, the former Secretary of State returned to Capitol Hill to hold closed-door meetings with House and Senate Democrats, including Sanders—her closest rival in the polls for the Democratic nomination for U.S. president.


Go Bernie, and please do not ask us to vote for her if you lose the primary. i’m going to hold on to a vision of you winning.


It is truly inspiring to see a candidate like Bernie. An intelligent and civil man despite years in politics. So it really is possible!

Bernie continues looking presidential and commanding as well as projecting respect. Gravitas as well as the human touch. In short - electable.

IMO Bernie needs to focus on the climate more than he does. Americans want action on climate change and that’s a whole lot of votes behind that issue. Yes it is one of many issues but the world is getting scared and Bernie should use the position that he has crafted for himself about climate change. All who want action on global warming will vote to get it.


…“closed-door meetings with House and Senate Democrats,”

  • I think that pretty well sums it up right there.
  • After over twenty years of "Closed Door meetings" where our alleged representatives are told what to do to us, we’re looking at another four or eight?
  • NO! OXI! Nyet! Nein! Nay!


The rubes in the Democratic Wing of the Corpratist War Party are falling for the Theater of The Sheepdog, I see. Just as the DNC has planned.


You’re absolutely spot-on, Wereflea, and I, too, like Bernie Sanders and think he’s extremely intelligent. I’ll vote for him if he wins the POTUS Primary, and keep my fingers crossed, even though I have doubts about Bernie Sanders’ chances, if one gets the drift.


Google Sanders and the F-35, then google Sanders and Gaza. He’s another Pentagon Lapdog, a Trojan Horse just like Obama. More Democrat Kool-Aid, drink up suckers.


I disagree with you, flapdoodle64. He’s got a much better record than even Obama.


When Obama first started to run exactly how many people (in the media or without) gave hime a real chance of being elected. That soon changed due to popular support. That popularity among the voters forced the media to change their perspective on his chances.

I think that Bernie would have the support of all the people who had voted for change (whom Obama betrayed) last time. Bernie has two election battles to wage. The first is with the old guard Dems/Hillary/Bill Clinton machine for the nomination. Once Bernie gets nominated, then I think it will be a landslide victory despite republican voter machine shenanigans.

People want change and every time Bernie shows himself to be intelligent, capable, civil… in short >>> presidential…

I really think he might be our next president. We could use someone like Bernie in the White House.

People really want change… not just surface type changes but big changes. Bernie has walked where Obama just talked.

People should also remember that Hillary could simply lose even against a republican. What’s so special about Hillary judging from her record? Since when has Hillary been about change? Hillary is like another Obama. What’s her record? What have been her positions on issues? How progressive will someone be who sat on the board of Walmart for five years? People should think about that.


So you feel Hillary has a better position? Or maybe you feel the repubs would be better?

Or are you saying to people that they shouldn’t vote for anybody that is at least better than the rest and a lot better than the worst from among those who stand any real chance at being elected?


None have an acceptable position. That’s the point.


This is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic–becasue we all should know that it is time for JEB! to win. The only thing left to decide (other than who will be the McGovern-like sacrificial cow for the Dems) is whether JEB! will select Scott (things go better with Koch) Walker, Chris (I can tell off anyone and smile about it) Christie, or (shudder!) “The Donald” (you’re fired!!) Trump. I suspect that John Kasich will be selected by JEB! as the best assassination insurance policy available to balance his winning ticket.
But all of that awaits us in 2016 and for at least the next 6 months it’s GoBernieGo! and “boo hiss!” for Hillary. Meanwhile, this sure beats the Greek or Ukrainian messes, the soon enough to be torpedoed Iranian negotiation (because it fulfills the Republican “noboma” mandate from the knuckleheads who keep reelecting them to Congress and the Senate) or whatever mental flatulence might come out of Bibi Netanyahu’s mouth on whatever topic he might see fit to give comment.
By this time next year we will wistfully yearn for these halcyon days of possibility that were the summer and fall of 2015. So enjoy–it ain’t gonna last!


You keep citing polls in Iowa but you quote old polls (june 25) while recent polls (july 2) say Berbie’s support in Iowa has skyrocketed while Hillary’s are slipping. Your figures claim a 35% spread but in hardly even a week that spread narrowed to roughly 20% and all evidences are that Hillary support in Iowa and around the country will continue to fall. She lost (coming in third) against Obama in Iowa.

Maybe you might try citing the more current Quinnipiac poll in Iowa.


Thank you for your irrefutable reference to “Google” - our electronic magic carpet to truth. …but actually;Bernie is an avowed enemy of the Military Industrial Complex.


Geez, we went almost 36 hours, before " sheep dogging " and " McGovern, Jr. " and all the other loser bromides popped back up, like a speed freak’s acne. Seems Bernie is making progress and Hillary and Jill are rummaging through the makeup drawer. Maybe they’ll both settle on rouge and red lipstick. If they carried it around in a repurposed silk purse and put it on the appropriate critter’s face in Iowa, they won’t appear so gauche. " Now I’m gonna make ya’ squeal like a piggy " . Ah yes, another Georgia pastime, I’m learning about.


I disagree because some have totally unacceptable positions on climate change and that is unacceptable.

Reality is annoying :innocent:

…but we need to face reality… our planet is big trouble and we need to elect the best of the bunch okay… yeah nobody is perfect … but others are really lousy. Keep that in mind.

Bernie is the best of the bunch and at least he has a record rather than just talk that people can believe in.


Well, Øbama talked a good talk, ran a good con, and got elected, twice!

  • However, Øbama’s actions speak a lot louder than words. He gave up every Democratic proposal, claiming “Bipartisanship.” Then he essentially blocked the Democrats from opposing any Republican project or giveaway they could field.
  • In short, in my opinion, Øbama has been the most effective Republican the office of President has ever seen. If the crap that has been foisted on us had been done by a “Republican” President, the Democrats would have fought them tooth and toenail, at least the handful of “Democrats” that haven’t already sold their souls to the 0.001% for wagonloads of cash for their “re-election.”
  • I think HRC fits right into Øbama’s mold, but with more outspoken viciousness.
  • In the back rooms and behind “closed doors”, the Repubs and the Oilagarchy love Øbama for what he has given them. I’m sure they will appreciate HRC the same way. And for Øbama, the lucrative lecture circuit awaits.


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America may want action on climate change, but the " careful what you wish for, you just might get it " answer won’t be so easily digested. Bernie needs to focus on the living wage and lowering the cost of medical coverage, equal treatment under the law, etc… Imposing possibly, short term higher costs without first increasing incomes isn’t a winner for Bernie. Let the highly compensated environmental attorneys duel with the various stakeholders on climate change for a couple of years. Stick with the game plan of " kitchen table " agendas, here. After all, the wealthy have a huge vested interest in fighting climate change, too. They can’t impose economic slavery in " dead zones " like China for very long, imo.


Yeah Obama made his deal with the devils to get himself elected and ended up losing his place in history as a memorable president and settled for little more than being ineffectual, deceitful and a phony but still the first black president. Shameful that he will be remembered most for being such a great liar. A sad legacy that!

Hillary is a member of the status quo and another corporatist deep in her bones. She and the Dems are hoping that the fact that she is a woman will be enough to make it look like she will represent change, which hearkens back to Obama’s change on the surface but business as usual underneath.

Bernie has a record of supporting change when it was hard to do… it would be so great for America that we have a reformer president…

The country could use a reformer right now … the world could use a couple of reformers for that matter… maybe the idea of change and reform would catch on around the world … that’d be something that’d give people serious hope! Reformers might start popping up all over the place… all around the world!!! Greece sure needs one.

We’d stand a chance … the future would stand a chance that life will not be a matter of enduring misery from cradle to grave.

It is getting that bad out there… and as it worsens… fascism looms in the background. I rather give reformers a chance … fascists would rather not.