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As Clock Ticks for Internet Privacy, Calls for Trump to Show "Whose Side He's On"


As Clock Ticks for Internet Privacy, Calls for Trump to Show "Whose Side He's On"

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Forty-six Senate Democrats are calling on President Donald Trump to "tell us whose side he's really on" when it comes to internet privacy, as a bill that would gut such privacy awaits his signature.


Trump, of course will side with the Telcos now pretending that they didn't really want to be able to sell your private info, or to create a truncated web just for you!

Of course he will sign it, and be one of the Telcos' best customers getting dirt on his very long list of political enemies.

But of course the alt-left will dutifully point out that it really doesn't matter at this point, and how we should be grateful that Trump the fascist is in power.

I was recently informed by an alt-leftist that it is preferable to counter fascism than neoliberalism. As if the Trump Administration isn't neoliberalism on steroids.


And if he does make a political calculation and veto the bill, will he then be roundly praised for doing so?

And will he be any less a heartless bastard?


I've already taken action. After a little research here:


I found that the two highest-rated and trustworthy VPNs are:

  1. https://www.Mullvad.net (Swedish for "mole") and

  2. www.OVPN.se

Both are located in Sweden and contribute some of their earnings to privacy activist causes. Both do not maintain user logs.

I picked Mulvad due to ease of use and lower cost (€5.00 or about $5.75 per month). OVPN is a little more expensive and with Windows 7 required some manual network configuration to get it working. The neat thing about Mullvad is that depending on how you pay you are totally anonymous even to Mullvad - i.e. you don't need an e-mail address unless you pay with Paypal. Both offer a few hours of free usage to try it out and verify that it works.


Since the 1980s the word "neoliberalism" - a household word in most of the world since those most famous neoliberals Raygun and Maggie the Witch, was as foreign as "kilopascal" is USAns. So finally, I was initially very happy to see the word for the economic-policy zaitgeist of out times started entering correct usage by the US left.

My happiness didn't last long. Becasue like some many other things, the tin-foil hat "new-alt-left" took this dry economic term and encumbered it with all sorts of spooky, conspiratorial, nonsense. It is no longer a word about systems and policies - thinking systemically makes their brain hurt. Everything has to be about scheming evil villain-people.