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As CO2 Levels Build Up Like 'Trash in a Landfill,' Earth Has Hottest May on Record

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/05/co2-levels-build-trash-landfill-earth-has-hottest-may-record


I just don’t see what we can do until governments are prepared to implement change. Panic mode for covid19 but talk, talk, talk for climate heating. Yet this is as urgent.


But as long as we can burn coal to run our air conditioners everything should turn out just peachy keen.


In somewhat related news, Arctic sea ice extent is one million square kilometers short today.
*ttps://nsidc .org/arcticseaicenews/

The sun is beating down into the ocean where normally it would be reflecting off of the ice back into space.

Looking way ahead, the Arctic will melt down. Between 1.4 to 1.5 teratons (trillion tons) of greenhouse gases are scheduled to go into the planet’s atmosphere. We can expect chronic worldwide agricultural failure and then massive world population decline due to starvation.

I have two serious gripes with Commondreams coverage. With the coronavirus, businesses are opening and the pandemic in the U.S. is not going down, in fact it’s accelerating a bit right now. I grab CDC’s own numbers and update the stats at *ttp://quakerworks .net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm We know by simply staring at Brazil’s example that the U.S. should equally be expecting massive graveyards, with the prominent exception of two true blue states, Hawaii and Vermont, that have 2 new confirmed cases per day and 3 cases respectively, about 1/100 of the national average. Those states aren’t stupid. As for everybody else, maybe your grandparents will die.

The second uncovered story is that maybe your grandchildren will die from the Arctic meltdown. Nothing is being done. No thought is going into the problem. Nor is anybody at all investing political capital. Yes, these deaths are all quite preventable.


I agree. Many people of late have noted that if it is this hard to fight for equality among humans, to fight for not objectifying humans and inflicting cruelty on fellow humans . . how will we protect ecosystems?

I can’t imagine how that can happen given co2 levels and the amount of destruction humans have inflicted on ecosystems that has occurred so rapidly. The speed of human destruction on this earth is literally and metaphorically breathtaking.

From Ben See:
“Last month was the warmest May on record for our planet. Striking anomalies across northern Siberia again.”


1. The oceans are being killed.
2. Forests will soon be gone.
3. Fertile soil is disappearing.
4. Megafauna risk extermination.
5. Insects are vanishing.
6. Climate chaos is inevitable.
7. Extinction is now.
8. Plastic is in our blood.

*None of this is front page news. *
The planet we think we’re living on no longer exists.(h)ttps://twitter.com/ClimateBen/status/1104521158819528704


Meanwhile here in Canada the Business oriented radio stations are announce “good news” in that construction delays on the doubling of the Kinder Morgan pipeline have ended and that twinning goes on. They pointed out this would lead to 60 short term immediate jobs and 600 at constructions peak.

This intended to deliver another 200000 barrels plus a day of the bitumen crude from the tarsands for export to world markets.

This is being sold as “ethical” oil unlike all of that “unethical oil” coming out of Iran and Russia. How they decide which oil is ethical and which is not is beyond me.

Justin Trudeau claims Canada fully onboard with acting to prevent further Global warming but insists Canada can only do this if it pumps out more of this oil so as to create “jobs” wherein the revenues can be used to address Global warming.

This to prop up an industry already losing money on every barrel produced and demanding cuts in regulations , taxes and royalties so as to ensure profitability.

Absolute insanity but hey maybe if it grows warm enough Canada can grow its own oranges in the arctic!

Oh and to Alberta.

The Sovereign wealth fund that was to use Oil Sands revenues so as to build assets in order to diversify the economy sits at 18 billion. Norway started their own fund years after Alberta started theirs and has well over a trillion dollars. This Heritage fund was started in the 1970s.

Jason Kenney , the Premier of Alberta recently announced Alberta can no longer rely on oil and gas for its future so needs to work on diversifying the economy.

What exactly were they doing for the past 50 years?


I posted this on another article. Read the headline a few times and count the seconds:


It’s really unfathomable. How can we combat this!!!


Good post.

I hope there is front and center article regarding the facts of covid as they stand today. I’m very confused and I read a lot. I don’t know how to get my head around this (covid stats) along with the arctic meltdown.

Regarding the latter, (arctic), no one seems to be able to know, predict when the complete and utter SHTF time will be regarding arctic melt and inevitable BOE. To me it feels like it is already underway (s hitting the fan)

I wish I had your confidence . . I tend to believe deaths were preventable and it is too late for many including nonhuman species. Too many horses have left the barn or something like that . . . .

And we’ve got Joe Biden.

Anybody know his reaction to the “DNC Panel Pushes Biden to Back $16 Trillion Plan to Fight Climate Crisis”?


Sweden isn’t doing so well either:

“Sweden records third consecutive day of over 1,000 new cases”

The Guardian 5 hours ago.


Is he even aware of it?


So funny!
But seriously, I highly doubt it. No one knows exactly who they are voting for when they vote for Biden. In part they are voting for the master maneuverers, those (Obama, Jim Clyburn, Dem candidates etc.) that pulled off the coup of shooing away Sanders.

I’d really like to know who is calling the shots in this “campaign” at this point.
It’s hard to call it a campaign. I mean, the guy just needs to keep his mouth shut but he can’t and won’t. He rambles on and on and on . . .


I believe that current CO2 levels reflect what was “burned” 30 years ago. Even if we stopped all burning of fossil fuels today, levels would continue to rise for another 30 years. And we all know that there is no way we will stop burning all fossil fuels today. Add to that the feedback loops that include things like methane eruptions, which from my limited understanding were not even factored in to climate change models and there is nothing but massive destruction to the environment upon which we depend for life itself unfolding faster and faster with nothing to stop it.


Really Caroline there should be a maximum age (universally) for people in such important positions. Even solely for the possibility of dementia. (And flatulence.)

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"So long and thanks for all the fish. "
Douglas Adams.

I am sick of reading every month is the hottest on record…
every month is the hottest…what is being done about en masse?
does cable new cover this, except as a blip?
I just sat in a car and tried to have a relative shut off his engine, as
he conducted some personal business on his cell phone. He refused, and said ‘it didn’t make a difference’, look around”…he idled his engine for close to an hour…
i don’t see any real urgency from politicians except empty promises…
it is very frustrating.


If you want to stay updated on CO2 and methane emissions (and can stomach it), Christopher Cartwright posts the data every day @ (h)ttps://twitter.com/chriscartw83

He also posts recent articles like this from Science News:

New study reveals cracks beneath giant, methane gushing craters

Daily climate news 05.06.2020 Co2 ppm hovering over 417
Methane emissions in the arctic Arctic ice sheet
Massive heatwave on the way to Arctic again, next week

It’s one thing to be foolishly lackadaisical. But to have the trumpanzies loosen regulations is criminal


The sun VS over population. OR’
“A spring clean for the May queen.”

Hi wingsofadove:

What if: nations stopped warring on other nations, and there was NO rocket’s red glare, or humans being imploded from the air----I wonder what a month of PEACE would bring to the planet?

A related story came up in another thread: the remarkable suppression of COVID-19 death-counts in Florida, Georgia, and Texas, where deaths from pneumonia this year are running something like 5X greater than normal. This is very heavy-handed Republican monkey-business with vital public-health stats, putting everyone’s life at risk by denying your right to know anything.