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As CO2 Levels Build Up Like 'Trash in a Landfill,' Earth Has Hottest May on Record

The fun comments just keep coming today-----and now one related to music, thanks gandolf!
For all the times (thousands and thousands and still like it) I’ve heard that song, I’ve never thought about that line.
Admission here: I thought it was “sprinkling for the making” or something like that (and I’m a DJ!—shame on me!)

Robert Plant put out a good song in 2017 called The May Queen. Now I need to find out his thing about May Queens! Much better than thinking about co2 levels.

I enjoy the fun stuff as much as the political banter.
I have mistaken lyrics many times, but then I’ve always concentrated on the beat.
My interpretation of “A spring clean for the May Queen” was that a queen bee or something similar was preparing the nest/hive for the summer season.
But that’s part of the fun. Like watching cloud shapes.

PS If you like Stairway to Heaven you should google youtube for the "Kennedy Center honors ceremony.

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The numbers from NOAA and NASA won’t be available until mid-month, but “meteorological Spring” (March, April, May) of 2020 will also be a new record, followed by a record-hot June, July, August. Regardless of reopening plans full of hubris, the global economy will continue to stagger under the weight of COVID-19 devastation for the foreseeable. There’s a very serious stumbling block for global trade for years, in the form of this little bitty bug. It’s reasonable to expect a continuation of diminished air pollution if factories continue to be hobbled, and unfortunately that’s bad news for our streak of record-hot months.

The greenhouse-gas CO2 persists with equable chemical stability in our atmosphere, until something like photosynthesis grabs it. The other components of air pollution fall down quickly, withdrawing enough “global dimming” to add 30% to the heating-effect of the persistent CO2.

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Well Gloriana, it was suggested during the pandemic but no-one could agree to stop just for a few weeks or a few days or a few hours or a few minutes or a few seconds to stop killing each other. So hapless citizens in war-torn countries had to deal with not only subject to bombs and upheaval, but a nasty virus.

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But supplementing with propaganda.


Actually many agreed, except those who are behind most of the killing! (US, Russia…)


They could let people go naked. That would incentivise a lot of people to improve their physical health.(Joke)

But what did people expect? We’ve had 100 year droughts in the last in the Southwest, the last one was around a thousand years ago. It was so dry trees, basically forests, grew on the bottoms of lakes in the High Sierra that today are covered by hundreds of feet of water. Those trees are still down there. Still standing.

Are you familiar with resveratrol? Its a substance extracted from an invasive plant that grows like crazy, its also found in grapes. Well, a couple of year ago a 14 year old girl who is now a freshman at UC Berkeley, from Little Roick, Arkansas, submitted a prize winning Science Fair project, her name is Jennifer Zhang, guess what it was about? Hint! “World’s current biggest global problem”

By the way, 16 TRILLION is more than all the household debt in the United States right now.

In the streets around the world, Black Lives Matter.

In the smoke-filled rooms of the right wing, fossil fuel, Republican, corporate board rooms of the world, No Lives Matter, least of all yours.


If he was, would he remember?


Communist, if people were told those facts it would hamper purchases, and those who own media would suffer financial setbacks. Humanity is only a feed crop for corporations, and they’re doing fine. Eventually the corporations will own it all and the World will not need humanity to thrive according to the current Democrat/Republican patriotic economic model.

Sticking their heads in the sands?

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Unfortunately climate change was unknown when the Obama Administration OK’d new offshore drilling leases, helped BP hide their spill instead of clean it, told us about “clean coal” and did nothing about fracking except work to get it adopted outside the US too. Otherwise, I’m sure the Democrats would have ended this fossil fuel foolishness.

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Yes you are right. My mistake.

With that logic, maybe if we start killing people and stealing their money, we can use the funds to combat murders.

Increased dependence on oil and gas (more than coal) becomes an extreme vulnerability to any disruption of that fuel/energy supply. For many years I’ve contended the ruling class fascist police state intend to shut off energy supplies abruptly without warning like a siege or worse, an extermination. They have no intention of supporting a world population of 10 billion in 2050.

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Hi wingsofadove:
I keep forgetting that—yes—without the US military and all its ways to kill people and nations—America would be just another land where so many strive for food and shelter-----and that if America stopped bombing—we would have no purpose in the world. : (
BUT our United Fates are not looking good. : (

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Not quite as “urgent” perhaps, but a whole lot harder to fix. Meaning it will take at least hundreds of times longer and likely cost thousands of times more (if not effectively infinitely more).

If we’d put a small but predictably rising price on carbon 25 years ago, when essentially everyone who cared to know had learned this was coming, we’d be perhaps 90% of the way to where we now need to be. Since we didn’t, the measures that need to be taken now make the Covid19 lockdowns look like a picnic. They will be taken only once full-scale panic sets in — which it eventually will.

It is a pity, but the upper echelons of our society under whose watch it happened no longer deserve any.

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Hindsight affects us all at some point in our life.

Have to wonder if the temperature increases affecting the tundra in northern Siberia isn’t responsible for unleashing viruses like Covid-19 into the atmosphere. These types of respiratory viruses have been buried in the ground for a long time and humans have no natural defense against them.