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As CO2 Levels Soar Past 'Troubling' 410 ppm Threshold, Trump Kills NASA Carbon Monitoring Program


As CO2 Levels Soar Past 'Troubling' 410 ppm Threshold, Trump Kills NASA Carbon Monitoring Program

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the Trump administration charges forward with its war on science by canceling a "crucial" carbon monitoring system at NASA, scientists and climate experts are sounding alarms over atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) that just surpassed a "troubling" threshold for the first time in human history.


The first time I heard Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush,” I shed a tear of joy for its perfection.

I heard it again just yesterday on my local college FM station, and shed tears of rage and grief.

Maybe planting a tree will help ease the pain.


Unless the right wing conspiracy theories on climate change are correct (probably a probability of zero) they have a adopted a political view that is suicidal. It is very frustrating because so many Americans attribute climate change to a liberal conspiracy. Trump actually attributed it to a Chinese hoax that probably even he didn’t really believe that one. While Trump leads the US backward there should be other countries with the technical ability to replace the US in monitoring carbon dioxide levels. I think the enterprise of fighting climate change will go on globally and also here in the US. Even without fighting climate change great strides can be made such as in Texas which has become a leader among states in renewable energy thanks to wind power. The leaders of Texas may be as clueless as Trump when it comes to climate change but for economic reasons alone they are doing the correct thing.


Ok, enough already. It’s so fucking obvious it’s blinding. Trump is intentionally watching polls to see what the majority of American and global citizens and as soon as it’s obvious to him (usually several weeks after everyone else) he immediately does the exact opposite. He’s showing us who’s boss, by golly, and as usual he not only wants but expects everyone in HIS country to respect that. He’s like a kindergartener playing king of the hill and he’s king.

Unfortunately climate change, nuclear weapons, a government that keeps looking for wars to start even as our economy is a teetering house of cards, a government overwhelmed with corruption where 99.9% of the population wonders whether or not they will have a job or not, can’t afford food, fear homelessness, on and on…,

Look, Goddamnit!!! It’s time we stop this crap. It’s not only Trump but our less than worthless congress and our totally worthless SCOTUS. We pay their way via taxes yet all we get in return is the exact opposite of what we need or want. It’s time to run these worthless shitbags out on a rail then tar and feather them. To Hell with organizing a new party or reforming the republicans of democrats. All we have to do is collectively assign a new treasury and instruct those we choose to run the new treasury that the funds are to be distributed to those we approve and no
One else. Meanwhile the current millionaires and billionaires of our current congress will find dust in their inbox. Upon a bit of investigation they discover we the people have done just what Reagan did to the air traffic controllers. We can confiscate the riches of those who previously looted the country since this new government is of, by, and for the people. The current rich can do one of two things. Accept the new circumstances or rot in prison. As for Trump, his ego will certainly be bruised so I suggest a lifetime supply of mandated Thorazine. He can do the Thorazine shuffle till his hair turns gray.


We’re doomed. We really are. The world is run by sociopaths. They won’t change.

The NASA is the only site I can give to “climate change” deniers that they don’t yell fake on. Global warming continues. If anybody see the little articles they get through every year we top the last for making it worse. We’re doomed.


People breed. People shop. Corporations secure the resources so people can shop and make billions doing so. Then people breed some more, and shop some more. And more billions are made.

When reality catches up, when resources run out, when the habitat collapses, people get ugly. They lie. They cheat. They go to war. Just for ONE MORE DAY of breeding and shopping. One more day of profit on the market to keep the whole thing going.

The economy rests firmly within the ecology. We bought the ticket for this ride, now we want to change directions. Sorry, you’re already on the ride.

Just keep having more kids, go shopping, and pray. If you’re a corporate CEO, good luck finding insurance this year.


Hopefully some country that isn’t a shithole like ours will continue the monitoring. Thanks again, President Pumpkinhead.


I am inclined to totally agree. The only thing that will stop Trump is a total absolute shut-down, a complete stopping of the machinery that enables him. Or a Coup from within. Wall Street, big Corporations, Big Oil, all these and more have to, somehow be brought to their knees.
But how? I agree that something(s) have to change, and fast. Here in central Florida, it’s already hitting 90-something degrees, more like August, and a bad August, than May. And every year it gets hotter earlier and faster than the year before. Now we have this ego-maniacal misogynistic madman running the show. To those out there who constantly say “voting doesn’t matter”, well, you might want to consider changing your tune. If not for good, then for the next election cycle or three, to get some new faces and new thinking, some way to get this circus of horrors, including Scott Pruitt, the hell out of Dodge and right this ship, at least in some small but formative ways. Between this and Trump’s killing the Iran deal, I really wonder if, left unchecked and Trump possibly re-elected to four more years in office, we’re going to have a country at all in four years.


I most fervently hope I am wrong, but it seems to me a future headline in 2030 may be: MILLIONS ARE SICK AND DYING FROM CLIMATE DEVASTATION!

Folks, unless we declare world wide war on the environmental terrorists that are responsible for slowly killing our planet, in my opinion, it is only going to get worse.


Do it. Plant that tree; maybe plant a couple more if you can, and remember -you’re fighting the powers that be with whatever you’ve got. Therein lies OUR power.


I disagree with everything you said. I don’t think it’s the average person’s fault at all. I think it’s unregulated capitalism and the billionaires at the top. I haven’t had kids - not that it’s any of your nasty business. You’re entire rotten post reminds me of the GOP blaming “welfare queens” for the economy. I blame unfettered capitalism run like a mob and killing anyone who tries to stop them, at the top. That includes the MIC. I don’t blame the average person. I bet if I looked close, the average person had nothing to do with the regulations being skirted to put carbon into the atmosphere. In fact the average person goes through emissions checks yearly to cut their pollution. Even the people who deny global warming, oh I mean climate change, aren’t to blame. They’ve been assaulted by nonstop propaganda from the actual people to blame. But by all means, blame yourself personally if you want. By the way, did you BREED? What an appalling term. I can’t imagine the hate for the human race you must have to use terms like that for people who do have kids. Are you one of the population nuts that wants a large part of the human race removed but doesn’t think you and your family should go? Do you hate your own parents for “breeding” or is it just others that you don’t agree with doing that?


Try asking men to wear condoms. This might help the situation.


Wow. You answered my question in my last post in spades. The people for zero population groups are a nasty lot. I think it’s a great place for the worst people in the world to gather. Ultimately those sites propose to kill people. I did guess though.


I guess that excludes you, right? you didn’t “breed”
I do agree, to a point; but remember that we are a part of this ecosystem, not just some extraneous species set upon this planet. So lets all of us guys wear condoms-not just the dark skinned folk in them other countries, but the white guys in the USA and Europe, too


Oh so there is a planet US. And a planet China. And a planet Mexico.

I had no idea.


Actually I did not, nor will I ever.

We are an extraneous species. Why? All species are extraneous. Look at the science. We seem to be the only species that is testing this fact on a global scale.

All men having sex with women should wear condoms. It’s ecologically sound and politically valid.

There I said it.


Okay then.

People having children during habitat collapse are affirming life.

Those pointing out the obvious are trying to kill them.

Well bless your heart.


Over here we have “The Average Person.”

Over here we have “The Capitalist Billionaires.”

The first is pure and the second is evil.

That is all you need to know about politics. Now get back to breeding and go shopping damn it!

And when asked, you know who to blame!

Simple solutions for the busy family.


Millions are sick and dying from climate devastation.

Wars grow worse each day as habitats collapse due to record breaking droughts, fires and storms. Diseases get worse in refugee camps where millions, including millions of children, now live. Diseases and insects are spreading as opportunities open up due to warming.

The seas are rising. Floods are now breaking all records around the world killing and displacing people and causing water born illnesses. Floods that hit things like chemical plants, cause their own illnesses.
This information is readily available online, but if you want links I can show you.