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As CO2 Levels Soar Past 'Troubling' 410 ppm Threshold, Trump Kills NASA Carbon Monitoring Program


The fucking, petulant, man-boy, Knuckle-Dragger-in-Cheif has perhaps chipped away at the final, supporting edge of the proverbial cliff into which all of Humanity and most life on Earth are falling into the abyss of Extinction. We were fucked well before this ass wipe parked his obese, sociopathic bum in the Oval Office. But now we are surely screwed as this sends a message that science is not important. I can only hope that other countries continue the fight and we kick this dick and his cabinet of goons out of office in 2020. First, we need to castrate him and his agenda this November!


we have unsustainable population on this planet and trump fires scientists right & left.


“… the only planet we have.” But, but… what about that “visionary” billionaire Elon Musk who says that humanity’s salvation could be on Mars? Oh yeah, I forgot. He is full of shit. Also, believing that kind of nonsense means that we will be just that less likely to take care of the one planet that we have evolved to live on for the long term. Here’s a line that I read in college over 40 years ago that I have never forgotten -
“Against human stupidity the very gods themselves contend in vain.”


That’s a rather generous assessment. An “experiment” implies a rational basis, a plan, and an objective or set of such. I don’t think there is any such intention or consciousness behind climate forcing, It is instead the byproduct and unintended consequence of rapaciously uncaring capitalism with its logically incoherent paradigms, coupled with human population overgrowth.

Some say we’re doomed, and I won’t argue. But if I yielded to that cynicism, I certainly wouldn’t be helping to change the course… and I intend to continue striving to do so as I have for the past 3 decades. The good news is that many younger folk have the understanding that so many of their parents did not.


“I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships flying in the yellow haze of the sun.
Children crying and colors flying all around the chosen ones
All in a dream, all in a dream, the loading had begun
Flying mother natures silver seed to a new home in the sun”

Brilliant work by Young. A shame we don’t have silver spaceships and a nearby planet B. They are the only thing that could save us now.


I’m not sure any legitimate scientist has ever seriously considered Mars as an option. It’s Gravity is too weak to hold a dense breathable atmosphere close to the surface, and at its warmest it’s barely above zero for brief times only, so any pie in the sky ideas of terraforming it are exactly that, pie in the sky.
The next nearest habitable planets are thousands of light years away. So, we’re stuck here.
And we’re screwed


Thing is - Murkins have shown that they are not that interested in listening to legitimate scientists. They would much rather listen to a billionaire because they think he is so successful and therefore he must be right. We are always looking to believe in something that gives us a way to avoid the mess we have created. That is also precisely the “business model” that Trumpo the Klown has followed for his entire, sleazy career. He spouts bullshit, fails again and again and walks away with the money and leaves others to deal with his ego-driven incompetency. Plus, he never admits his mistakes or his appalling judgement. The horror of Trumpo is that he is not only a disaster for this country but for the whole world. He is rapidly looking more and more like our version of Nero and Commodus all rolled into one putrid ball.


Keep whistling, you’ll be past the graveyard soon…


I guess itʻs natural for people to react to this kind of piece with accusations and frustration, but some of the angry comments here — among supposed progressives — are depressing. Ladies and gentlemen, it is way, way too late for blame. That is not going to feed our families. Itʻs time to get our sh*t together and begin to get ready for the big bang. We need to begin to build resilient local communities, set up patterns of sharing and interdependence. Grow food. Grow relationships with neighbors. Get ready.

If this sounds way too apocalyptic, here is some reading material that might change your mind:




The best thing to do is not have kids. Second best – stop consuming animals. Plant a tree is pretty low on the list.


I seem to remember Dan Quayle’s indefatigable proof that 2 + 2 = “potatoe”.


Low on your list but not mine. The sooner we can plant that tree, the sooner it’ll start to sequester carbon from the atmosphere. That’s an immediate benefit. Stop eating animals? OK. But remember-you get rid of all ranches and those green places get replaced with condos and highways and subdivisions


You can plant all the trees you want, but if the population continues to grow that tree will be cut down.


Now THAT’s one frightening and real video in 22 different ways, more or less.


Population dynamics is a relevant issue/topic, no doubt. But re-foresting areas that need to be replanted is something we can all do to a certain point, regardless of where we are. And planting anything native to ones area will clean the air and stabilize the soil in very short order. I’m all for stabilizing the population in terms of slowing down human population rates; it’s just how do you do that on a world-wide scale, when you have complex religious cultural and social mores to overcome? I’m for it, it just takes longer than planting a tree.



This is a math problem.

How many people does it take before the trees you plant are removed to make room for the humans?

How many trees do humans need in order to survive?

At the moment the first math problem has taken precedence over the latter because population wipes out massive areas of habitat every day. (I seem to remember reading that Phoenix Arizona now digs up an acre an hour for new houses.)

Also, refugees increase by the hour. Wouldn’t our time be better spent teaching people to stop having children, and basic math, and then plant trees?


It seems that America has always been a nation that has the old cliche angel on one shoulder and demon on the other. One good one bad. For most of American history we have tended to ignore both and merely plod along comfortable in our self appointed throne room as kings of the planet. However, in the last 50 years we have listened only to the demon. And now we had tossed the angel off of our opposite shoulder and now hear only the demon, who shouts sweet authoritarian nothing’s in our ear.
We stand at an historical precipace. We could either turn around, and go back to our place as citizens of a mediocre empire, or we could admit our errors and collectively build a bridge across the precipace to a bold future. There is a third option unfortunately, and that is to run full bore to the edge and jump off.
It looks as though we have settled for option 3


How do people stop? They have to work to get food and shelter. They want stuff for their families.

Further, this isn’t just happening in the US. Go onto Google Street Maps and pick twenty cities at random all over the world. Every place looks the same. Same rows of houses, apartment buildings, highways, cars, factories, airports, shopping malls, and all the rest.

Yet, knowing we are going over a cliff, people still insist on having more children.


64,000 people have been disrupted by the rains since March.