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As CO2 Levels Soar Past 'Troubling' 410 ppm Threshold, Trump Kills NASA Carbon Monitoring Program



They all do it; Obama cancelled radiation monitoring after Fukushima.


Where is kem Patrick? He was always studying the methane monster.


Thanks for your reply. More corroboration that what is needed is a war on the environmental, terrorist that calls these facts: “A CHINESE HOAX.”


What the hell is WRONG with this guy? Stupidity combined with power and arrogance. And, dump trump and we get Pence. We are doomed.


Oh I get it. When “things” are distributed in a “uniform manner” then all will be well.

Damnable nuisance that “things” are running out, or the habitat is collapsing. Awful news just in. We have gone past the point of no return with climate change.

Think globally, act locally. Have more children! That’s the ticket!


News like this used to be kind of rare. Now it’s a daily thing, happening all over the world.

In order to have a plan, if there is one, then one must take into account that the habitat has changed. Not forty years from now.



And what exactly does this excellent film mean, or say to you? What does it show? How does it fit into your narrative repeated here ad nauseum?


My narrative ad nauseum? I didn’t know I had that power.

No, you see it isn’t MY narrative. Ecology has rules. Habitat overshoot is a thing. We humans have gone past the point of no return with climate change. There are millions of refugees and the number grows by the day due to habitat loss and wars for diminished resources.

This narrative is nauseating.

Perhaps having kids right now isn’t rational. Your children might throw up when you tell them you knew, but had them anyway.


On the positive side, just think of the money you’ll save not having to send your kids to college.


Yes, yes, there are other people on this “planet” that know the dire consequences of what humans are doing and the extinction-level events of overpopulation and environmental degradation, and for-profit wars, and so very much more…I chose not to have children, I heat with wood only, grow an organic garden, plant for pollinators and other wildlife, do not hunt or fish, and live as simply as possible within a western society.

You did not even approach answering my question about the meaning of the film…


Sorry, you lost me. What film?


Alternative Math…


Good sources overall.

However, your families will not make it, most likely, no matter what. (Okay there could be a technology we do not yet know of that will solve the problems.)

However, given what we know right now, there is a point of acceptance. Given society right now, there’s little time left. Habitat overshoot has occurred.

Now, one has to ask, why are you having more families?


Oh, I saw that more as a comedy skit.

The meaning of the film is two plus two equals four.

To extrapolate to the subject at hand, three additional children per second minus whatever resources we have left, (which ain’t much,) equals collapse.

Inversely, if you have ten apples and ten people, but people insist on bring more people to the party, you have a problem.

However if you do not insist on bringing more people to the party, you might just make it work.


Fake news of the worst kind. No science. No research papers. No studies.

Just made up nonsense passing as a news site.


I appreciate the link. Will check it out when I have more time, but I thank you in advance.


I researched the web site. There is ZERO science behind it. No studies. No peer review. It’s all made up.

But thanks for sharing.



No, that was no “comedy skit” although t was funny in some ways.

THIS is a comedy skit…the other, Alternative…Math, was political satire…you don’t get it though, eh?