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As CO2 Levels Soar Past 'Troubling' 410 ppm Threshold, Trump Kills NASA Carbon Monitoring Program


NBL is with investigating:


I think it’s more like this. Bring up some basic math about population, habitat and resources and suddenly, oh dear…


The sentiment is great, but the only way to bring what you want about is a revolt. There’s no legal authority to put a new treasury in place. Nor to confiscate wealth. And a revolt would be bloody, not peaceful.
Americans are not ready for that yet. They might not ever be ready for it. And if they do, how many different sides will there be fighting for their own changes?
And the worse part is a new crop of rich would take the place of the old. And they would take power just like the old did and rule. Money will win as long as money rules. And money is too important for most people to give it up.
Humanity has always ruled by a hierarchy of power and most likely will always be that way. What kind of power from brute force to now using money and other non-physical means has changed, but someone always rules the roost.
So while I agree that we need to change the system, how to do so without a great deal of violence is the problem.


Not sure what you meant by your last question. Itʻs idiotic to advocate for more people. Iʻll leave that to Mormons, Catholics, climate change deniers and consumer zombies.

You are right - thereʻs little time left. How much time is not knowable, but I have not seen anything to contradict James Lovelockʻs 2008 prediction of a massive contraction of the worldʻs population (my first link above). He gave it 20 years.

My point is that we have enough time yet to choose how we turn out the lights and leave the room. Have your read McCarthyʻs The Road? We can all leave the room that way or we can choose to use our remaining years to build cooperative collectives with our neighbors, to set up patterns of interdependence that we will need later, when the sh*t hits the fan. The good thing about that option is that it does not need Trumps or the Popeʻs blessing.

Hey, have you read the Dark Mountain Project manifesto?


I looked at your link and gotta go with discover on this one. No science or anything remotely verifiable. There are certainly plenty of conspiracies and cover-ups out there, but the stuff on that site doesn’t measure very high on the reality meter.

The geo-engineering I wish were happening (but isn’t) is a virus that makes everyone infertile.


Let’s see. We’re running out of resources and the habitat is collapsing. Can’t have a bloody revolution because there are people with much more power and guns who use them readily. Inequality spreads while people head to refugee camps. Meanwhile the population grows around the world.

Whatever could be done?


I was being ironic with my question.

I have read Dark Mountain.

I have not read the book you mentioned, but I will find it tomorrow.

The hospice concept seems valid to me. At some point you realize none of the treatments work. But to set up communities so that those who are left have something to work with, well, I have never thought about that before.

This may sound abrupt but to me it sounds like more rationalization for having children. People simply refuse to give up the idea that their children are the future. So they literally do anything to promote that idea rather than question it. I figure this is either biological, or the result of endless advertisements promoting having children. Whichever, it causes a blindness, a myopia.

Wouldn’t it just be much simpler to stop having children, and that could in fact reverse some of this damage? It would remove the stress, allow time to change, and open up new opportunities for people to do other things rather than raise children.


The virus that makes everyone infertile may be closer than you think. Between the synergy of added weedkiller ( which is what GM crops are designed to tolerate ), effects of glyphosate on digestive tract life ( cattle fed GM feed were reported by one former farmer to be unable to breed calves ) and assaults on human immune response ( putting it on a hair trigger is what is alleged to be needed to make vaccines work ) we already have dropping rates of human male fertility.
Not that right-wing fondness for shooting down presumption of doom from IPCC literature is a sign they are wrong. Nobody looking for other causes of climate change ( heresy not allowed ) makes it difficult indeed to accept representations that human contribution to climate change has been responsibly verified and measured. Who is doing it ?


In the synopsis of the book, “The Road,” it says this, “The father’s condition worsens further weakening him and, after several days, realizes he will soon die. He tells the boy he can talk to him in prayer after he is gone, and that he must continue without him. After he dies, the boy stays with his body for three days. He is finally approached by a man carrying a shotgun, who has a wife and two children, a boy and a girl. He convinces the boy he is one of the “good guys”, and after helping the boy wrap his father in blankets in the woods, takes him under his protection.”

And that sums up the problem right there. That is apocalypse porn for heterosexist fantasies.

The good guys always win because they have a family, in this case, a wife and two children.

So sleep well tonight knowing that even if you live in a world of cannibals and total collapse, you can always count on the family with kids to save you.

It’s insanity.


If this system collapses there will be nothing left. Microbes might survive, but little else. Nuclear power plants will explode. Chemical plants will leak all over the world. All the detritus, the plastics, the weapons, the cars, the buildings will fall into the environment and add to the poisons. Diseases will spread rampantly for a while until they too perish.

Between radiation and chemicals leaking into the environment that will take care of most life. However, the CO2 will continue to bring chaos, so that will just stir the poisonous soup.

We are already watching this happening in the first stages. (The Great Garbage Patch for instance. There are now 525 TRILLION pieces of garbage in the oceans, estimated.)

There is no post apocalypse. We either make this work now, or not. It’s inconceivable how adding more children helps this situation.


This was a great film. They don’t make them like this any more.


I must admit I see those chemtrails or whatever they are frequently. Then the trails all merge together and form a milky cloud like covering. I just don’t know what to believe any more. One thing I do believe is extreme weather conditions which have vastly increased recently. This with my naked eye.


And then there’s the HAARP project. Supposedly to do with communications for submarines. (But disturbing whales and other sea creatures)



And then there’s this:


And it guards against sexually transmitted diseases.


A good book on the subject: “a world without us” by Alan Weisman.


I would not label The Road apocalypse porn - it’s not implied that those folks at the end are going to live any longer than anyone else. The end does affirm holding on to one’s humanity, though. Works of fiction aside, we just need to look closely at some of the hells our tax dollars have created in Iraq or Libya to get an idea of the chickens coming home soon to roost.

What scares me the most at this point is what I saw in the last election - mindless hordes of Trump / NRA supporters eager to lap up the most blatant lies, just because blaming others relieves them of the necessity of rational, critical thought. I am imagining those same people after some massive economic or ecological collapse, deprived of their SUVs and lifestyles, armed and looking for scapegoats to blame. Now that’s a b-grade movie for you: NRA Zombie Apocalypse.


They are not chem trails. They are contrails. Big difference.


That was a realistically horrible cartoon. But I don’t think aliens will visit.