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As CO2 Levels Soar Past 'Troubling' 410 ppm Threshold, Trump Kills NASA Carbon Monitoring Program


Yes, but it implies a moral superiority because the boy finds a “real” family. They are the good guys. That’s the porn of it. People get to imagine cannibals, but as usual, in the end it has to be a happy ending with family values.

There’s nothing in reality to suggest that families are more moral than anyone else. In fact, one could make an easy argument that having children right now is immoral.

And no, if it collapses, then it’s gone. There are no zombies. Radiation, massive fires, chemical spills, endless habitat collapse of all species, and on and on. No zombies. No life. A few microbes hiding in the deepest depth of the sea or ice might survive.

This is why insurance companies are backing away from oil and coal investments. They know what’s ahead if this continues. They see what is happening already.

We happen to live in very interesting times.


Well I see these “trails” often here in Southern Europe. And some of the patterns don’t follow with commercial aircraft. They criss cross the sky and make patterns. Some look like they are rockets going straight up. I’d hate to be a passenger on one of those!!!


I didn’t say we couldn’t have a revolution, only that it would be bloody. I don’t see any possible peaceful means for a real revolution in thinking about how we do things. And the american people are not ready to pick up guns and start shooting. Some are, but many of them are not the kind we want leading a revolution for a better future. We don’t want the nazis in the country taking over. And I don’t see liberals at this point grabbing weapons and marching upon the rich. Most liberals are still at the let’s march peacefully stage.
Chances are that in the future our empire will fall from a revolution from within. Just when will that happen? It’s building, but we could go on for decades before it reaches the point where the country explodes. It’s a slow death and most likely will be too late for climate change to be fixed. We are very close to tipping points that are beyond the point of no return. We have at best two decades to get ourselves off carbon completely. Even then we will hit 450PPM.
The best that we have done so far is to slow the rate of the increase every year. So instead of adding another 3% onto last year’s total, it is only 2.9%. Those are not accurate figures, it is just to illustrate that we can’t even do what is necessary to stop pressing the gas pedal down even harder to increase the speed. We are still increasing the speed. So if you can’t even level off the speed, what are the chances that you will brake and slow the speed down at all. None really.
What I am saying is that we are royally screwed. Yes we need to change and fast. It just won’t happen fast enough. And even a revolution won’t change human nature, someone has to be the top dog with all the power. And at this stage, money is the usual way to get power. Or demagoguery. And we see how both of those work for everyone.




I would call the movie more of an angry NRA Cannibal Apocalypse. Seriously, when our Industrial Economy grinds to a sudden halt and civil unrest ensues… people will get hungry…and quickly. Once the pets and backyard squirrels, birds, etc. disappear…all eyes of hunger will be on the rest of us. This is not science fiction. This WILL happen…just a matter of time. We have crossed the rubicon…


The US has the largest military ever assembled, spending more than every other country combined.
So taking up arms against that is futile.

The thing is, science has been warning us for forty or so years that the point of no return was going to happen around 2015. So here we are.



France took in some of the climate and environmental scientists etc laid off or stifled by Trump and his administration. Which country or consortium of countries can we work with to move such NASA research programs to friendlier climes?

This is clearly dangerously criminal and destructive behavior that will result, at a minimum, in an unacceptable number of premature climate-related deaths and reductions in our food security. We must hold together and press on against this, each of us each and every day, to topple this regime of ignorance and destruction as soon as we can through the election of new representatives, filing public comments whenever possible, demanding local public meetings whenever possible, filing and funding legal suits, and direct action against the companies (including commercial banks) that continue to push for and/or take advantage of the postponing, rolling back, weakening, and defunding of regulations essential to our public health and safety.


Vaquero, you’ve bought into the “plant a tree / recycle” sleight of hand which keeps folks from finding out how biodiversity is being collapsed along with a livable climate.

And especially how the U.S. is almost wholly responsible due to our military, our trade, our carnivores, our moralistic breeders.


First of all, you don’t know me, nor what I may or may not have “bought into”;

Secondly, what the Hell are you talking about regarding this “plant a tree/recycle” having something to do with not knowing about Biodiversity collapsing? Believing in planting a tree and recycling has NOT hindered me from learning about and investigating the broader issues of environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity that has occurred world-wide;

Finally, tell me why planting a tree is perhaps not the right thing to do, when Re-Forestation is more needed than ever, considering the amount of public forest lands that need a helping hand from us to help regenerate forest areas neglected due to budget cuts and also due to fires, erosion, etc.
And please, please tell me: what IS a “Moralistic Breeder”? Sounds like some form of altruistic Sex-fiend to me…


“Plant a tree” is about the tritest platitude to a collapsing atmosphere one can make. It makes the tiniest impact on your GHG footprint and may well be an overall addition, depending on how the tree is sourced and transported. Moreover, the wrong species of tree can devastate water tables, die quickly, introduce disease/pests, displace native plants, etc etc.

And, the U.S. continues to fight medically and socially sound methods to reduce population. Moralistic breeders are those who think having a “progressive” kid or a “religious” kid is a good thing. If one truly understands the impact of kids and environmental degradation, having a kid is a moral wrong. Even though kids are pretty fun to have around.


Wow…just, wow…

Well, Good thing your parents thought you were fun to have around…mine too. Or we wouldn’t be here to disapprove of others habits, huh?


@RainyInSeattle - Well, I don’t know. Before that, it was the kings and queens running the world like the mob. I don’t think we’re all so innocent. And yes, I do think our unwillingness to control our appetites, which includes the drive for progeny, is a part of the problem.



My parents were educators, not enablers, not entertainers, not folks who glorified fantasy over fact.

These times need truth-tellers, Cassandras – to fight know-nothing people who self-righteously contribute to the collapse of life on the planet.

So mock me all you want. The people who could care less about fact are the anti-heroes in this story.


Are you angry? What’s wrong?..Good Lord, go hit a punching bag.


Why would you assume I’m angry when I am simply sharing facts?

Sometimes, people discovering uncomfortable information project their reactions on the fact-bearer.


And I say, stay angry! Let the powers-that-be hear from you. That’s just about the only way to enact real change. At least it’s a start. Then, go plant a tree; I still say the more trees, the better.

And the shady-er!


Have you ever planted a tree? Be honest.


Yes, I have planted approximately 40-50 thus far. And that’s the truth (as Edith Ann used to say…)

How ‘bout you?


I have researched short-sighted tree planting efforts which create hardship in poor, rural communities and wreaked environmental havoc.

I have also researched how little shade does to to buffer climate change, but how much reining in the military, population growth and animal consumption are actually effective. So is protecting native ecosystems.


Good for you…and bless your heart…while you were up during the wee hours researching this I was sleeping, and dreaming of a shadier world under the 40’ tall Live Oak in my back yard. I too work to protect native ecosystems in my beloved Florida. Where is it you do all your work at?

Keep giving them hell my friend