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As Coal-Sponsored Climate Summit Opens, Campaigners Declare, 'Business as Usual' Not an Option


As Coal-Sponsored Climate Summit Opens, Campaigners Declare, 'Business as Usual' Not an Option

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Activists hold placards and shout slogans against the energy policy of the German government during an anti coal Protest on December 1, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. Protests are taking place today in Berlin and Cologne ahead of the United Nations COP 24 climate conference that will begin tomorrow in Katowice, Poland.</body></html>

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While everyone else is shouting, “Keep it in the ground!”, these leaders are signaling that they want to keep it in the bank. Their dirty fossil fuel money is still money to them and that’s what they worship. Nothing will be accomplished except little baby steps to appease the gullible.


The drive to bring reliable electricity to millions of people in developing countries has led to over 1,000 new coal-burning plants being under construction or planned. Our fate is in the hands of developing countries which produce the majority of emissions and have the greatest motivation to keep using fossil fuels. Obama convinced them to finally at least make voluntary pledges to reduce emissions but right now it doesn’t look good. The most important thing the US can do it give these countries large sums of money to help them reduce emissions and adapt to climate change. But that will have to wait for after Trump who appears to be on a suicidal mission to bring down civilization by speeding up climate change.

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Russia, China, India, and the USA are the biggest contributors of pollution by far and away.
Developing nation are victims.


Agreed, and they have also been the biggest obstructionists in these talks as far as setting necessary target levels and offering developing countries funds to develop alternate energy sources. The U.S. delegation, in particular, has acted more like the Chamber of Commerce than a champion of climate reform and justice.


financial think tank Carbon Tracker analysed the profitability of 6,685 coal plants worldwide, representing 95 per cent of all existing capacity.

42 per cent of coal capacity is already unprofitable. By 2030 the proportion of unprofitable coal will be likely to exceed 70 per cent

Matt Gray, head of power and utilities at Carbon Tracker, said “Lobbying and cronyism, that’s the only thing that can save coal, and we are seeing that from Donald Trump and others throughout the world,”

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What do you mean by developing countries? If China and India, then your statement is partially correct.

According to the following sources, China was #1 it total emissions followed by the USA, EU 28, India, Russia, and Japan in 2014, 2015 and 2016. On an emissions per capita basis, the USA was far above China, Russia, India, and EU nations.


CO2 emissions (metric tons per capita) in 2014



I laugh to hear China called a developing country. I suppose all countries are Developing new technologies and more advanced transportation. But I think China has a lead on quality as well as quantity in transportation facilities over most large countries, their standard of living is not bad, and everyone has enough to eat.
Per capita emissions is smaller likely because of the vast number pedaling bikes and carts, the majority using mass transit,100% electric trains and some electric cars, and well-planned cities providing neighborhood shopping.
Reducing emissions further likely will come from factories and reduction of coal usage.

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According to Jack Ma, big changes are ahead, not because of the environment, but because of AI. Manufacturing may move out of China but reappear in other less-educated areas. Chinese are quite good in math and science.


Like you know, Trump, you can have your dirty factory jobs back.


If we demand a 10% reduction in fossil fuel use, or a 50% reduction, or a 90% reduction, and we don’t equally demand the specific innovations that will bring about the reductions, the coal companies and many politicians will laugh and then they will accede to our demands, on the principle of, “wasting more paper is good!” Then the reductions will never be met, and the politicians will laugh and tell us that the science was never behind our unrealistic demands.

Moral: it’s no fun being a lousy stooge, getting a punch in the nose, watching world food production shrinking decade after decade and watching species go extinct.


What do these Green Groups like MoveOn and Greenpeace actually do besides constantly putting together useless irrelevant peace Rallies that accomplish nothing. The Rich who profit off of Flith are not hearing one word! These groups have No plan whatsoever! Tired of reading about failure upon failure.


Tired of reading about you telling us about their failure. peace.