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As Coalition Ignores Famine Warnings and Continues Assault on Yemen, Critics Question US Complicity


As Coalition Ignores Famine Warnings and Continues Assault on Yemen, Critics Question US Complicity

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Ignoring international aid groups' warnings that an attack on the Yemeni city of Hodeida, which is held by Houthi rebels, could exacerbate hunger in an impoverished and war-torn nation already on the brink of famine, Saudi-led U.S.-backed coalition forces continued a sweeping assault on the Red Sea port city Satur


We should be more concerned with the Famine warning in this Country before dealing with Yemen, who has always hated us anyway.


You are totally off your rocker. Make sure the landing is safe…


People are already starving in Yemen. The desalination plant was bombed. Trucks bring water to communities at inflated prices. Cholera is a problem. The mess all over the world because of stupidity just goes on and on and on ad infinitum…



It is a LOT of things, but I don’t think stupidity is one of them.
Think oil.
Think greed.
Think money.


The Truth!!! My arss 'The Truth". You must likely think they hate us for our Freedom right? That is freedom to bomb any country they please into the stone age.


Lets not pretend Bernie Sanders is not also a fraud. His policies would be terrible for the economy and the debt. There is no “free” stuff, regardless of how many voters think there is. I agree with him on some foreign policy issues and our over militarization. However, what has the government ever done so well that anyone would want them to have more control?


The United States is causing the problem in Yemen through its puppet Saudi Arabia as well as direct intervention. So it is the United States’ responsibility to make things better by first stopping supporting the Saudi war and then making sure that food and medicine can get there by ending the embargo.


The Tennessee Valley Authority
Social Security
Winning WWII
The Interstate Highway System
The Intracoastal Waterway


The government works well at times for certain things, depending upon the administration not screwing up the dept. LibWing mentions a bunch. I would add FEMA and the FDA work well when political hacks are not appointed to run any government agency.
There is no private way to run anything on a large scale when profit is always going to be the key motivator.
We get the government that is bought most of the time. People have to fight to keep politics out of agencies that can help us.
And quite frankly I don’t think Sanders is a fraud. We already spend money on healthcare and education. It’s a matter of redirecting how we spend it, not what we spend. Instead of just making people richer, we can cut out middle man and use it directly.
The other countries have better systems of education, healthcare, social nets than the US, spend less of their GDP on doing it. Do they pay more taxes, yes, with far better results for those taxes than we get. We just took a trillion dollars for the next ten years out of the budget with a tax cut for the rich and they want to do the same this fall. Then the claim is that we have no money to do all the nice things they do elsewhere. Well yes, we do, if we stop the rich from running the country, stop their tax cuts, and have the money actually used to help americans rather than just a few.
This country created the federal highway system, the railroads, the internet, etc. Each in their way helped the ave american at the time. All government projects. It can be done. We just need better politicians like sanders and others to work for us and not the rich.


You are funny. Please…do a stand-up routine with your idiocy. K?


It not just the USA meddling, both the French and the UK have their dirty paws in here trying to rebuild their old Empires.

Western Europe still feels that the rest of the world is there to serve THEIR interests.


I’m with you, but after hearing about The Poison Papers, I wince a bit seeing the EPA on this list. Not that I want it privatized - the influence of the corporations on the EPA was the entirety of the problem. If the EPA used its own labs instead of accepting results from private labs that were going to cook the books to get repeat customers, that would have helped (i.e. MORE control). And in general, if their attitude had been to be very skeptical of any new chemical or method of chemical production until thorough unbiased testing had been performed, we’d all be a lot better off.

I’ve been pretty happy with the Post Office and National Park Service too.


I don’t think it’s about building there own Empires. More like they are building there Zionist New World Order, Fascist, Totalitarian Full Spectrum Dominate World Society. Incase you haven’t heard. Italian and Dutch troops have now joined the rest of coalition of the killing in Syria.


I was thinking how effective regulation was in the 60s and 70s to clean up rivers and air pollution.

I’m not familiar with the Poison Papers?

I really like you adding the Post Office and the National Park Service.


I will concede you the infrastructure.
Medicare is a farce, the level of care is questionable at best.
Social Security is dying, it is totally unsustainable, at this point for younger workers, it is a scam.
The EPA is necessary but suspect in it’s effectiveness.

I will raise you
The constant warfare and arms dealing since WWII
The housing collapse
The rise and support of the corporation and subsequent collapse of the middle class
The out of control inflation
The drug war
The laws that were in place against gays, foreigners, and people of color

The purpose of the state is to be the only legitimate instrument for the initiation of force. There for the state should have less power to impose the morals of a fluctuating majority, on the people as a whole. At the end of the day everything the state has power over is enforced with guns and cages.


The fact that everything is attempted on such a wide scale, is what has lead to the ineffectiveness .Bernie Sanders always has “free stuff”, thus the fraud. If I rob a store to pay my sick mother’s bills, is that moral?
Free college is not a solution, it is adding to the problem. Too jobs where you should not need a degree for require one. More degrees will only degrade to quality of the education further. Part of the reason school is so expensive now, is due to government loans. Which lead to schools charging more, because of the infux of “free money”.
The same is true of insurance. The focus on insurance has increased price of care. Doctors and hospitals will always charge insurance companies more than they would ever expect to receive from an individual.
The railroads are a prime example of government influence gone awry. Did it get railroads build,yes. It also established monopolies. They were given preferential treatment, that allowed them to out compete others. The same is done now with taxes. Once a company fulfills certain criteria they pay no tax, while smaller operations are crush by actually paying the tax.
The government will always go for the rich, that is why it must be limited. People are trying to solve problems caused by the state, with more state power.
I concede that the government infrastructure programs, were over all good for the country. It is one of the few things they should be doing. It legitimately raises all boats.Though caution must be taken that these programs do not as with the rail and oil companies, lead to monopolies that limit the future of workers…


I enjoy comedy. That was not an example of it, however. The power of a majority to use the gun by proxy of the state, to force their moral agenda on the population as a whole is not a joking matter. That is what gave us the drug war and laws against minority populations among others.


Mainly I was addressing the fact that you, like many others, expect Sanders to be perfect and scoff when he calls for things that “We the People” want or need to have a decent life in this fucked-up country. Did you read today’s article on “Space Force”? Now THAT is a fucking BLACK COMEDY if ever there was one!!!