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As Colleges Resort to Online Learning, ICE Issues 'Needlessly Cruel' Rule Pushing International Students Out of Country

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/06/colleges-resort-online-learning-ice-issues-needlessly-cruel-rule-pushing


Attempting to force U.S. colleges to do “in-person” courses in the time of pandemic: bad.

But if all the courses are online, why not send the international students back home? If they can afford to pay exorbitant tuition at Harvard, etc., they can get fast internet connections in their home countries.

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Who is to say which policy will have what affect in a pandemic. It is risky for students either way.

BEcause they could live in opposite time zones and their courses might be at 3am in their home countries! Also internet is a real problem, countries like China got firewall which prevents students from using many services available in the US. Also because it’s impossible to get a ticket home during this pandemic! Many countries restrict or ban flights from the US due to the severity of the pandemic.


Can we call it fascism yet?


And not every student studies at Harvard! Maybe only 1 out of 100,000!


Unfortunately, they have set it up so a lot of colleges are funded by foreign students now. Didn’t people realize this? As funding has been cut the foreign students have taken up the slack. And after they are through with college many get H1B jobs here, which often lead to green cards. In some fields the H1B visas are abused a lot but the L1B visas are even worse. At least with H1B they are supposed to pay a “prevailing wage” But here is the problem, The powers that be are sick of paying 20 time more here than they would be in India. They want to stop doing that, and they plan to soon. That means that there will be a lot of layoffs of US workers and they will have to train their replacements who will probably get a visa issued by the WTO. This is likely to cause a lot of anger as people lose their jobs and have to take early retirement. Many may never work again. Trump is a big supporter of this system as is Biden. But he probably wants the gullible low information voters to think its all the Democrats fault. A label we dont deserve, because we and the GOP share the fault 50/50.

But because a lot of people are bound toi be angry as they lose their jobs and homes and their lives crumble apart, Trump is trying to make sure that the less well informed focus their anger entirely on Democrats.

Businesses will be able to get degreed workers (subcontractors) for wages that are less than are paid in fast food restaurants - which they cant afford to live on. (Its a loophole in immigration laws, guest workers are “non-immigrant” workers, so its done with a little word trick- allowing Congresspeople to speak out the side of their moths and please both constituents, saying they dont support any increase in immigration (but of course that doesnt apply to the guest workers, and their constituents main concern is losing jobs to non-immigrant workers, so its a totally dishonest trick)

Obviously these foreign students are coming here planning to work for almost free, and maybe get a green card, (or maybe not, because their companies often string them along forever) and their families are footing the bill. They would like to be paid a decent wage but they are willing to work for free for a couple years if they have to, if it helps them get a green card. But the reason they are doing that is because as of now the US workplace isnt captured. Will they still want to move here and work here when it isnt, and skilled jobs here pay less than a MacDonalds worker gets paid? No they wont, in addition a lot of people from other countries will likely want to go back. So thats likely to backfire. But it wont stop the outsourcing because its locked in by the existing GATS and newer, US backed “next generation” trade agreements.

Pray that the WTO courth doesnt give the WTO authority over these visas, if they do we’ll lose a very large number of jobs, many millions, soon. Maybe starting next year. )


ICE done gone an froze up its mentation faculties. Cold hearts, when heads are so far up places where the sun don’t shine sure does make for flibbertygibbit sortsa noshuns.

Malignant narcissism seems to have come full circle.

I hope university communities can function outside of their corporate funder swamps and actually educate systemically

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This looks like a stephen miller, smells like a stephen miller, and walks like a stephen miller …

Uh, Joe, 14 million college students made the difference in the 2008 election. They stayed home in 2012 because Obama back stabbed them in favor of his wall street masters. So, don’t fart around here, forgive their 1.3 + trillion dollars in debt, and take a hard stand against this nonsense! 14 million votes!

November is coming!


It won’t be long before the fully collapsed US needs the sympathy and charity of it’s international neighbors. I cant Imagine they will be very sympathetic.


The co-op model looks better and better all the time. That and public banking. Start building policy breadth at the local/community level. I find myself thinking in terms of accessing necessities long term and doing so as local as possible

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The Trump hires seem to be people with absolutely no ski!!s or concept of what a democratic republic is supposed to look and and how it shou!d function. As trump seems to have a penchant for matching the wrong people up with various departments—who is running ICE and which !ack if ski!!s or membership in humanity is that department person !acking?

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I think you can buy the credentials to meet trump requirements, wasn’t that the point of his Trump Uni…?

This is another Trump scam. Globalization is a scam of the tallest order.

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Agreed, the average American is still going by the old program and is being played very badly.

Hi fern:
But his most successful scam is that he has foo!ed so many by ----- impersonating a human, and Trump is just so bad at that!


I see Stephen Miller has boundless energy for inventing new ways to persecute those who aren’t White Americans.

Fortunately, the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection clause applies to all “persons” not just “citizens”, so this should get at least a slightly higher level of review by the Courts. This might even violate the much lower, rational basis test, a standard so low in logic and factual standards that it is practically impossible to violate.

In the context of the pandemic this is, on its face, an affront to civilized persons everywhere. But it is just another day of the Trump reign, and like all others, worse than the day before.


No, and more importantly, the real best and the brightest wont want to come here if US jobs pay crap. So their scheme will backfire on them badly. Not only that, everybody who can who works here now will leave. We have to decouple student programs from work visas. leave the students alone but send them all home when they finish and dont dilute the value of US citizenship will millions of cheap workers. If the US wasn’t doing what we’re doing to prop up despotic Third World regimes rich, those countries would have improved. The guest slavery system exists in no small part to prop up a belt of “authoritarian bargain” countries around the world. Their aim is to capture the remittances, most stil sent back by former nationals of foreign countries who came here before the boom in so called “guest workers” a change that threatens to capure non-immigrant work.

Students should be here to learn, not work. Just as internships should not replace paid work in the humanities, student guest slavery should not replace paid tech work in nursing, IT, teaching and medicine. Not only because its unfair to the millions who have to earn money from working, especially US families, also because it doesn’t pay the rent. Having to pay bribes to be placed in US companies is a common problem. Students and former students living six to a room and working 60 hours a week while their employers take 3/4 of the wages collected for them, is not the American dream, its a nightmare. Supposed “US” companies that are actually subsidiaries of South Asian firms that do not hire actual Americans are not American firms, and should not be treated as if they are, while they exploit these loopholes in labor laws.

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Well I hope he liked his basement bunker cause I think his world is about to come crashing down, smart folks will expand that social distancing rule.


Government at the federal state and local level isnt allowed to do anything like that because its seem as regulating financial services, (and a STANDSTILL CLAUSE exists thats limiting FSRs. Its effective date was Feb 26, 1998!

Banking is the same situation that exists with health insurance. No changes allowed. Except in an emergency, and those changes have to be the most minimally trade restrictive possible ones.

What is the scope? The UNCTAD course makes it clear how wide the scope is but it doesnt

The US style “negative list” proposed for the secret TISA is similar.

It locks out all new regulations. The WTO in this publication - by explaining top down /negative llisting sort of explains the situation with FSRs which is far more restrictive… A “standstill”.


Public Citizen has written about it. Its basically the end of democracy, because legislators can only appprove things that make business more profitable for corporations, never for people.

Sound familiar? You betcha, its what we’ve got now.

For an idea of how broad and deep the problem is look at the total halt to FS regulation since the creation of the WTO except for a brief period after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis in 2010.

The ten years however period allowed after “emergencies” for temporary protectionist measures is running ouit, so the next president is likely going to have to repeal things like the ACA without letting on why.

It would do to let peopole know that their votes were not able to fix this. That democracy had been stolen and the people fooled so shamelessly. Do they have no shame?

They know the media willl hide it.

Thats the problem!

GATS is like a crystal ball unmasking just how phony the Republican-Democrats are.

I just want to say I think co ops are great and I think we should dump the WTO so we can have co op banks and public healthcare. But we have to completely rplace our corrupt legislators first. Because a great many of the ones we have now are very very dishonest.

They wont let anything be done now thats good, they want everything thats done to line their pockets and take more from the people. People dont realize just how bad it is, or how much they have lied already. We’re like children we’re being so shamelessly deceived by the global rich…