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As Colleges Resort to Online Learning, ICE Issues 'Needlessly Cruel' Rule Pushing International Students Out of Country

We’re inviting them in to share in the looting.

Have to have financial inclusion, right?

Whats in your wallet?

Someone on another site had a good idea I think. Let the universities offer a small, masked, socially distanced “class” that all international students can take, meet up once a week say, outside, and fulfill the requirement that it is not just online.

Stupid and cruel of Trump, surely came from Miller, Trump loves creating problems and hard times for anyone.
Meanwhile deaths rise.

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Exactly. Also as an American living in Europe, I experience ALL the time being locked out because of not being on a server in the US. Of course you can do other types of connections to get around it, but there may be problems, authentication, etc. as well.

This is just needlessly cruel and for no good reason. As much as many Americans believe “Europe is against us” etc, the truth is there has been a ton of goodwill from other countries towards the US. Trump is doing his best to ruin that good will.


If I was currently a student from another country, I would be happy to leave.

A student visa is granted to attend school. If there is no physical requirement to be in class, there is no need to be in the United States, and therefore no need to have a visa.


Two items:
A big ten campus had so many rich Chinese paying the out of state rate. At spring graduation in the football stadium, the fountain and at the gate - these students showed their parents around the campus.

I was seated in the shade and received glares as they walked by.
I don’t know why.
Just gave it a sigh
Did not wave bye.

Graduating international students F1 have one year to work in USA at any position they choose.

Why would we issue a H1B1 employer sponsored visa to an IT candidate from sub asia to come here and work from home?

$50,000 for Harvard - and we can all gain even more knowledge - and for free at the library that has it all.

While i would not call this a good thing, it may not be all bad either.
The primary brain trust behind America’s technological advantages these past decades have largely been imported from other countries.
Without that advantage the MIC’s ability to rape and pillage the world at will would be severely reduced.

“Needlessly cruel” … well, so is a worldwide pandemic, dudes. We won’t always, without fail, be fair and inclusive, when we’ve got the hard consideration of spreading viruses to account for…

Speaking of college: I read that Mary Trump reveals that dumb trump cheated on his SAT test by having someone taking the test in his stead. No surprise that he knew he couldn’t score well or that he cheated. LMAO

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Borrowed money?

He wants to isolate in order to atomize the US.

There is a global struggle going on between the concets of a race to the top future where a rising tide raises all boats and the US model which says we must have a race to the bottom because of changes we’ve made to increase the supply of labor and cut wages gobally. This is for the global oligarchs who want wages everywhere to go into free fall, a windfall they all have been expecting and felt entitled to since I was a child. (Even oligarch’s kids know and talk about it.)

An American living in Norway here…
Just read in the Norwegian papers, already they are denying Norwegian students visas to come back to the US to V continue their studies. For some odd reason they won’t even consider students not in their first kr last year of studying.
Also, get this, (in this case it is Harvard, but they hint in the article this is widespread) student that have to study from here, middle of the night, have to still pay the FULL PRICE! so they don’t even get a discount, even though they are getting a lesser experience, not using campus resources, etc.


which I suspect it may have something to do with India’s WTO case against the US, which is based on visa quotas, not fees. The fees are insignificant based on the huge profits they make by charging people to work in order to get experience. Imagine all your workers having to compete with peopoe who work basicaly for free.

(Which will impact Norway too, it will impact the whole world, if we lose, because it will be binding on the whole world.) Countries that had made committments in the WTO that they limited the scope of with visa quotas will lose the right to limit guest workers numbers.

I expect that WTO may be rubber stamping guest worker visas soon.

Foreign students may be collateral damage in this dispute which is really over whether the world should still have a middle class of professionsls and semiprofessionals who make decent pay, even though there exist a lot of people who will do those jobs almost for free, just for the experience. For years. Its like the lure of the easy money from slavery. Its very difficult to stop.

This is what I mean.

Thats very common with rich people in other parts of the world.

30 years ago, the Chinese who came here were a lot poorer but they were literally the smartest young people in China.

Now they are the children of the well to do/rich who didn’t do well on their standardized college testing. (The best Chinese students get to go to college for free at their best state schools)

The ones who come here now are the children of the rich. None of them are poor. Also, they are smart but not spectacularly smart. The situation is even worse with India.

At the same time, millions of bright US students can no longer afford to go to college.

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