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As Collins Appears to Side with Kavanaugh Over Assault Allegation, Group Issues Warning: Women Won't Forget


As Collins Appears to Side with Kavanaugh Over Assault Allegation, Group Issues Warning: Women Won't Forget

Julia Conley, staff writer

Women's rights advocates and critics on social media shared their disgust on Wednesday after Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) appeared to side with U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh regarding sexual assault allegations against him, and chastise his accuser for indicating that she would likely not testify at a hearing on the matter.


“Truly won”t Forget?” How’s that gonna work for you if you won’t have anything left? Now is your chance to prevent a disaster. Surround Collins and and make sure she fully undestands that Women’s rights are more important than Bribes! Fear is the only thing that has Not been used against these animals. What are you all waiting for?


Contact Senator Collins: Main: (207) 622-8414, extension 13, if still full use mailbox 14.


Thanks for that. That will be my message to her. Just left a message and added that workers and environmental rights are also more important than bribes!


Although Collins is not up for election this cycle, it would be great to erect some of her signs around among all of the other political signs out there.
Only changing the bright red signs from:

Susan Collins
Our Senator


$usan Collin$
Our Rapist

since she is victimizing Prof Ford all over again as she screws the rest of us.


The Grand OLD Party needs new, younger blood. These older folks (including Grassely) have been around too long.


And when she votes for him and in the first year he shoots down abortion and contraception, she is going to pretend that she didn’t see it coming. People may forget what she’s doing to Dr. Ford right now, but when 2020 comes around they will remember that she is the one responsible for the major hit that women’s rights will have just taken from Scavanaugh.


And in this wonderful political system of ours, she is a “moderate”. She’s in the center of something I am told, don’t know what. Surely a “moderate” would also agree with his insanely radical positions on the issues too. Isn’t she and the “moderate” in the other party Manchin, buddies, or am I thinking of another empty and corrupt asshole politician?


Just A Monster From Maine. Lock step with her monstrous brothers in the GOP. What a fucking piece of $hit. She should know better being a woman. I used to believe that more women in politics was a good thing because I thought they were more nurturing than the vile men. But she and many others from both parties have proven me wrong. If there is such a place may she rot in hell for eternity and experience endless pain. Perhaps she will wake up from her deep hatred and vote against Kavanaugh.


“The Grand OLD Party needs new, younger blood. These older folks (including Grassely) have been around too long.”

As a Democratic Socialist, i will say the same thing about the Democratic party. Schumer, Feinstein, Pelosi, etc.


Ideology has nothing to do with age. Their ideological positions and corruption are the issues. I don’t think we should replace Sanders because of his age. Younger corrupt and right wing ideologues won’t matter a bit as far as policy, they will be equally horrible, and the system will make sure that there will be no ideological change or radical change in policy. The suits can be replaced.


Sometimes, it’s their long term tenure that leads to the corruption on the issues as the big money continues to roll in, year after year, and, suddenly job security becomes an issue…


True, but you probably know, as a democratic socialist (I am just a socialist, I think we need to move beyond social democracy), the continuation of particular failed policies, for decades now, regardless as to the composition of those in government. That is a systematic issue, not an issue of the individuals in government. Lots of studies showing a massive gap between what people want on policy and what the government does, and there is a strong correlation between what the rich want and policy, and a negative correlation between what the public wants and actual policy.


Of course, Collins has been “able to claim the mantle of an ally to women” in large measure due to many of these self same “feminist” orgs’ bestowing it upon her, same as Her Royal Clinton.

Call it “the sound of silos”.


Love that acronym for HRC!!


I usually opt for “Madame Mayhem” or “Her Travesty” (simply change the
pronoun gender for Killer Clown), but I thought this moniker was more
apropos to the situation.


The Collins statement is old news, recycled here. What I want to hear from Common Dreams is what the Dems are saying, thinking, strategizing at this stage. Unless of course they are silent, which would again be a terrific report.


Well, she’s a Republic, so we may as well forget her in our calculations except that she will take stands against human and women’s rights. I’ll contribute to the organization that is collecting money to be used against her opponent if she supports Kavanaugh on anything.


Kavanaugh will be confirmed early next week. Abortion will be illegal by the middle of 2019.
And Susan Collins will not run for re election in 2020.

The only way to rid ourselves of the likes of Kavanugh, Gorsich, or Thomas will be to impeach them. And with leadership like Pelosi and Schumer, good luck with that.


I was wondering what the state bird is of Maine, so I looked it up…LOL, the chickadee.
But then being an old movie fan of that comedian Mae West, I found a wonderful line that fits this whole court debacle, in her" Chickadee" movie.

LOL she is taken to court and the judge asks her: “Young lady, are you trying to show contempt for this court? .” and, Mae West answers: " No, I’m trying my best to hide it."

That pretty much says it all for me about the insane politicians and their ridiculous comments and answers. as they create a second character assassination of another female ( see Anita Hill) as Ms Ford attempts to speak for truth , justice and what someday could be the American way----although maybe I am mixing that up with Superman.