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As Collins Appears to Side with Kavanaugh Over Assault Allegation, Group Issues Warning: Women Won't Forget


The GOP needs to be taken out behind the shed, shot, and buried.


She not a moderate. The Repugs and the media continually paint her with that tag; so, liberal, uninformed Mainers will think they are voting correctly to keep her in office.


I agree Kavanaugh’s policies and judicial preferences are an issue, but not everywhere. The Judiciary Democrats have done a great job pointing out to their colleagues, more conservative Democrats and “moderate” Republicans, that Kavanaugh is unfit to serve because he is actually unfit. In many places in the country, mere disagreement with his judicial and political philosophy is not enough to warrant a vote against him. Sadly, that’s just reality.


Power is as much the issue. These national parasites thrive off of the power trips they’re on. Collins is addicted to her exalted position within the system. I believe she also thinks she is better than the majority of people who voted for her. According to Wikipedia, both of her parents were mayor of the town where she grew up; and, her father was elected to the Maine House and, then, four terms in the Senate. An uncle also served in the Senate; and, on the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. Her family is well off, operating a lumber business since 1844. I used to mistakenly believe that she has a law degree, probably because of the fact that she speaks so slowly; but, with good diction. Actually, she has only a BA in government; and, now I think she may not be a smart as I had thought…crafty; but, not all that intelligent. She’s just another pig at the sty.


How is this not an issue of the individuals in government…the individuals in Congress specifically. You are aware of the Gilens and Page study?


Yeah, that is the case with any set of policies. But if you put up his positions on those issues and explained the actual impact of him making those decisions over the course of the next generation, I think it would be incredibly hard to justify those positions to most people anywhere. The idea that we should give the entire store to corporate interests or complete negate the ability of the government to do a wide range of things that have broad popular support isn’t something that Manchin or someone like him is going to be able to sell to people in WV. It isn’t like the people there are saying please, let’s deregulate large banks and make it impossible for the government to enforce net neutrality. But the media and most Democrats simply won’t do that, and that is the problem. In many polls coming out now, the public seems to be actually to the left of people like Sanders, or at least ahead of him. For example, a large majority of the public, including a majority of Republicans, support public ownership of broadband networks. Sanders and those like him aren’t opposed to that, but it hasn’t been central to most of the campaigns of politicians, and there are lots of other issues that are similar. The public also strongly supports increasing worker ownership.
Now, are these things on the ticket with the overwhelming majority of candidates in either party? Nope, and few are actively pushing for these things, but the public already supports this. Are Kavanaugh’s policies in line with that, and the public on other issues? It would be nice if the focus was putting together these things for the public to digest in a logical and clear way. It’s possible.


Which is exactly the message I intend to leave with her lackeys, when I call her office on Friday: “If you think that you’re only going to be up against the $1 million or so collected to date, wait until you actually vote for Kavanaugh; and, the rest of us, currently sitting on the fence, decide it’s time to contribute to your demise.”


…along with all of the Dem leaders who, apparently, have no desire to get all 49 Dem Senators to agree to hold a line against this nomination. Personally, I believe a good number of Dem Senators are actually closet Repugs who found it convenient to run as Dems.


Joan –

Right – fill the Congress with only right wingers from both parties and then claim there’s
a middle – “moderate” –

No – the top, bottom and middle is all RIGHT WING –

On any score whatsoever – especially for a female/Collins – many ways to put this guy down.
He’s a self-confessed binge drinker as are his friends, and he’s a misogynist and so are his friends.
And this continues on decades past High School.

He’s another white male “Christian” – pushing male supremacy with “White Power” connections.

Realizing what’s at stake for women and the nation in moving the SC to the fascist right for Trump –
a “White male supremacist” supporting Nazis/KKK – Collins just isn’t interested in avoiding that future.

Ford has said she is open to testifying before the committee—but not until the FBI conducts an investigation of her claim, which she first sent to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) in July just after Kavanaugh was nominated.

A probe by federal investigators should be “the first step” before Ford is put “on national television to relive this traumatic and harrowing incident,” her lawyers said this week.

I don’t blame her – and the really strange thing is that there was NO FBI investigation either of
Clarence Thomas’s perversions. Did anyone even notice that at the time?
As Sen. Paul Simon said when it was over, “If the Congress had known what we know now about
Clarence Thomas, he wouldn’t be on the Supreme Court.”

The question is what is the GOP promising Susan Collins? Does anyone know?

Trust we will all keep calling all week to insist on an FBI investigation.
What if we don’t get it – and what if they continue to the vote?
What might an equal non-violent response be to this ignoring the will of the people?

Might female Senators and female USHR Representatives once again
march over to the Senate to demand an investigation?

When someone “represents” you, you’re supposed to have some power over them.
We are 1000% without any leverage over our government officials.


The Democrats did a great job pointing out the challenges of his judicial philosophy. Did you watch any of the hearings? Kavanaugh is not popular, and part of the reason is because of his judicial philosophy. He’s the least popular nominee to the Court in a long time via the polls (I posted them in another comment).

At the same time, a lot of people voted for Trump because he’d put conservatives on the Court. That is one thing I admire about my conservative family members and friends as opposed to the Left: they understand institutional power matters and many voted for Trump, even if they disliked him, because they knew what controlling the Court meant. Compare that to “progressives” that kept telling me worrying about the Court was pushing “fear voting” and other nonsense in 2016.

As Kavanaugh Caught Bragging 'What Happens at Georgetown Prep Stays at Georgetown Prep,' Sen. Hirono Calls on Men to 'Shut Up and Step Up'

Why do you say that? What evidence do you have?

A Dem in a red state facing a challenging reelection.


hatch, mcconnell, collins are past retirement and don’t care what anybody thinks; they long ago stopped actually representing any constituent and somehow are reelected or have no challenger. in mcconnell’s case, alison lundergan grimes was 1000% percent better and still mcconnell won in KY to do nothing obstruct and be an ahole. it is sad in US; trump is just end result of decades of brainwashing collective amnesia willful ignorance cognitive dissonance self hatred racism. US will be extremely fortunate if there is anything democratic after trump is done. this court will open extension of corporations who after corporations united are limitless in powers. here every day on youtube on tv radio endless targeted mudslinging dirt nothing about what they have done just all dirt against dem opponents…eventually it will brainwash enough…so essentially we aren’t a democracy now…yet dems just wring hands and moan.


Collins has this reputation as such a careful and thoughtful decision maker. Yet when it comes down to crunch time her decisions are ultimately horrible.


The popular vote was against Trump – wasn’t it?

This is a liberal nation, not one that supports domination or dictatorships or a
runaway MIC/CIA and NSA spying.

It’s also a nation which supports reproductive freedom and care by high percentages
– even simply CHOICE for any reason is now over 50%.
And it’s a nation which supports Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood.
Even Catholics use contraceptives/pill, IUD’s. Even Catholics have abortions and
just as many as any other women.

The nation supports safety nets and Social Security – and Medicare.
The nation wants Medicare4All or some version of Universal Health Care for all.

Americans have long been against MIC/CIA wars – 84% and even higher internationally.
And if you’re familiar with what Rahm Emmanuel said about his problems with liberals
in the Dem Party – he gave an FU to us for NOT supporting their “illegal wars” and then
acknowledged that we’d dump the MIC –

The SC has always been a worry for liberals – especially women – and there’s already one
pervert on it.

So what is it that your “conservative family members support and their friends?”

That only leaves Evangelicals, Nazis and KKK, White Power groups?? HELP!!!


This is interesting…I’m getting hit with this question on two different CD threads. The other one is at this link, where I’m being asked, “The Dems can’t get in lock-step? Is there a single Democrat voting for him?”

One piece of evidence I currently have is within this CD article from Aug 15th:
Only Reason for Dem to Meet With Trump Nominee Kavanaugh: ‘To Tell Him Directly to His Face That They Will Oppose His Confirmation’ – Aug 15, 2018 – Andrea Germanos – CommonDreams

…“The only good reason for a Democratic senator to meet with Brett Kavanaugh is to tell him directly to his face that they will oppose his confirmation,” declared CREDO Action co-director Heidi Hess on Wednesday. “Anything less is not just a complete waste of time, it is also a needless capitulation to the Republican lie that Kavanaugh is a fair jurist worthy of consideration for a seat on the Supreme Court.”…

Sens. Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.) and Joe Donnelly (Ind.)—both up for reelection in states Trump won—are scheduled to meet with Kavanaugh on Wednesday. Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.) already met with him last week, while Sen. Claire McCaskill (Mo.) is scheduled to meet with him next week.

Three of those four—Donnelly, Heitkamp, and Manchin—voted with Republicans to confirm Trump’s other Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, which drew ire from progressives.

In her comments, Hess pointed to the lack of party leadership from Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (N.Y.).

"If Sen. Schumer does not figure out how to unite and lead Senate Democrats in opposition to Kavanaugh’s confirmation—and fast—the American people will suffer the consequences for a generation," Hess added.

Even if the caucus is united in opposition, Democrats won’t have enough votes to block his confirmation without the help of the GOP. He needs 51 votes in the Senate to be confirmed, and Republicans hold 51 seats, puttingfocus on so-called “moderate” Republican Sens. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Susan Collins (Maine) as potential no votes.

Plus, Chuck Schumer is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (see list here); and, therefore, would have no intention of uniting the Dems against Kavanaugh, since the CFR recommends to the President the list of permissible SC nominees.


Heitkamp has already said on record that she sees no red flags with Kavanaugh, now this was before the sexual assault issue came up, so don’t know if she’s changed her mind now.


Texasaggie isn’t making this up. There are evangelical groups who have call for making contraception illegal. Maybe not in what ever group you’re involved with, but they’re out there.


“‘It’s not fair for Judge Kavanaugh for her not to come forward and testify’ either in a private session with the panel or publicly, Collins said. ‘I just don’t understand why the hearing shouldn’t go forth.’”

Of course Senator Collins does not understand. She has always seemed to me to be a pretty dim bulb. Yesterday she said that Kavanaugh should be allowed to question her.

I just read that Dr. Blasey is in hiding because of death threats. Not surprising, but justice would require that the confirmation hearing be delayed until 90 percent of those issuing death threats have been identified, arrested, and jailed for “Communicating a threat.”


Sorry, but the binge drinking Kavanaugh described the pill as an Abortifacient.

That’s the case with Christian Crazies – they are not only after abortion, but contraceptives, as well.

This is also evident in their efforts to prevent young and poor and uneducated women from having
abortions, where the also lie to them about the effectiveness of condoms and the effectiveness of the
pill – and even about abortions being dangerous to them, though more women die from childbirth
than legal abortion.

PLUS, they really don’t want the male population thinking about denying them the right to birth control – contraceptives, or their girlfriends the right to the pill. I imagine if Trump wants to overturn abortion he will first have to overturn laws which today are more likely to demand that males support the children they bring into the world, because men will be responsible and supporting a lot more children.


Joan and Bart –
Whether “Democratic Socialist” or just “Socialist,” I’ve tried to rouse some information
from those here who may be actually involved with activities and planning and insights
of these parties. For instance, in order to bring about either, doesn’t capitalism have to
fall. I’d be thrilled with that – but how does that happen?