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As Collins Appears to Side with Kavanaugh Over Assault Allegation, Group Issues Warning: Women Won't Forget


Collins is more politician, then woman. They will promise her a golden parachute no matter what happens if she votes for Kavanaugh…she will be set for life regardless of what the voters think.


So, should a politician only represent their own sex? Or what they consider the best interests of their entire constituency?


Such philosophical questions have little grounding in our reality. For Collins the choice is between voting with her party…and reaping the rewards while facing the anger of some of her constituents…the ones that didn’t vote for her in the first place. Her calculus will be based on what is best for her…and will have nothing to do with what is the right thing to do. .


You appeared to be drawing the distinction - that she is erring by being a politician first and a woman second. That is why I raised the question.

Also, while I agree it is almost always a safe bet that politician is acting in self-interest, we can’t know that for sure…




I predict (and hope) that Senator Collins will be “fired” by the voters in 2020!


discover –

ALL of the population control organizations and even the United Nations are threatened
by Trump’s “White Male Supremacist” administration in lack of funding and GAG rules
to even prevent women worldwide from securing information about birth control and

There is no reverse-birth control to limit a population which already exists.
And we are nearing 8 billion now having a great deal to do with Capitalism’s need for labor
and excess labor working at slave wages.

What we might have some hope of doing is overturning the Catholic Church’s religious teachings
which limit free thought, freedom of conscience and free will in nations over which the church
predominates by power over government.

And the pushing of the Catholic Church’s agenda by Trump in his "White Male Supremacist"
fantasies – which includes putting Kavanaugh on the SC – a binge drinking misogynist.

And in the end it is ALL about underpinning Elite-Patriarchy here and around the world.


discover –

Evidently, you don’t even understand that one of the last Popes actually set precedent
when he appeared at the Italian Parliament to PLEAD with them to take action to move
Italian women in Italy to have more children.

Catholic Church underpins Elite-Patriarchy all over the world –
and its demand for excess labor to be supplied to keep capitalist’s profits going.

Guess what that requires?

The subjugation of women to ensure a lack of reproductive freedom/CHOICE.

Btw, this also requires the subjugation of males in many ways – and they may begin to
notice that when Kavanaugh puts limits once again on availability of birth control/
contraceptives in the US.


Good points. You make me realize that in addition to requiring “our” (ha!) elected “representatives” (ha!) to regularly report their financial worth (not moral or political worth - ha!) – they should also be required to report the source of their financial worth.

For example: “In 2018, I received: $1 million from the Koch Brothers’ network; $1 million from insider trading using information I got as a Senator; $1 million from Raytheon for my vote on military spending” [for the many, endless, futile, immoral U.S. wars] – and so on.

Wouldn’t the source of our elected representatives’ quickly increasing financial worth be valuable for the public to know? Requiring this financial disclosure might keep them a little more honest – or at least give the voters cause to vote them out of office.


Yeah, yeah: Wouldn’t it be great if EVERYONE whose job it is to decide the ‘merit’ of individuals didn’t have ingrained biases?


Of course there’s reverse birth control…

It’s called war, plague, famine and disease.

It’s just not as clean as forward-looking birth control.


I agree with you on Clinton, I thought that he going around in 2016 and calling others sexist was horrific and indefensible, and I thought that lots of feminists that didn’t call him out were exposed. But I see a willingness at least among many Democrats to point these things out, whereas with the god fearing types on the right, they pretend to have morals, but back monsters and monstrous policies all the time. Gay people are horrible, it’s all so immoral, the bible says this or that, then when a candidate of theirs does some sexual misdeed, they say they’ve prayed, asked god for forgiveness and all is fine. How convenient and fucking absurd. They say that they are pro-life, then back a foreign policy that kills massive amounts of people, support the destruction of environmental regulations that kills life around the world and threatens our species and provide cover for a criminal justice system and police departments that brutalize and kill communities of color. They aren’t pro-life, they’re anti-abortion. I am not trying to go too far off topic, my point is that there is a lot of hypocrisy in both of these parties, and I am sick of it.


You say this over and over and over again, as if progressives spoke in one voice, they all said that and that was the end of it. You know that is bullshit. The left was divided, it still is. You can pretend that the left all wants to form third parties and argues this or that, it’s nonsense. The left is divided and doesn’t quite know what to do. You seem to think that the left is (and was) actually more certain of things than it actually is (and was). And as I have reminded you time and time again, the progressives were screaming at the top of their lungs not to nominate that horrific candidate that the Democrats did. You don’t like the word rigged, so lets just say that the party clearly tipped the scales towards Clinton, and her team did a lot behind the scenes to make sure that the nomination was hers. We are here because of that. An argument could be made that she was possibly the absolute worst candidate that ran, Webb might have had a better chance than she did, given how unpopular she was and all her baggage. Sanders was clearly a better candidate, but I think he wasn’t the only one.

Why would I forgive you for that? Your party has been utterly wiped out at every level of government. What evidence do you have that they are anything but strategic failures? You think Chuck Schumer is doing a good job on that front in the Senate? If so, I would hate to see him doing a bad job. The country has, year after year after year, drifted to the right, and things are falling apart. Not only have they been wiped out, not only have they not stopped that drift, they have often aided it. And what exact policies will they implement if given power? Cause good strategists have actual visions. The Democrats don’t have a vision, a coherent way forward. If so, tell me what it is. Name some structural problems that the Democrats are set to fix, and tell me their strategy beyond just the next election, because some of those problems require a long term strategy. So, don’t only tell me what that strategy is, show me that they are letting the general public know what it is. It doesn’t exist, and you know it.

KC, you are very knowledgeable about what goes on in government, within the Democratic Party, the legislative process, etc. That’s great. But your arguments seem to always rest on the idea that the general public is roughly the same as you. They aren’t. You are .0001% of the public. The general public hasn’t an idea at all about an unified Democratic Party strategy, cause it doesn’t exist. I am talking, again, not about what you would gather if you say in front of the TV and watched all of these hearings, which 99.999% of the public will not. I am talking about a message that they have cultivated and organized among people that can clearly explain this situation well. The right and the Republicans do it all the time. Ask a person that casually follows politics what the Republicans’ economic worldview is, or where they want to lead us, most would have a somewhat accurate answer. Again, that simply doesn’t exist with the Democrats on any issue, and on this nomination. Yeah, some Democrats have done a good job at these hearings, but if it weren’t for this allegation, where would this process be? Easy, it’d be wrapping up or over, and the evidence we would have of the Democrats fighting this would be clips of this or that politician saying this or that at some hearing. I guess I am expecting too much though. I am expecting a party to operate on a grassroots model when that is entirely foreign to how it usually operates in situations like this.


One of my senators, Johnny Isakson, responded to my letter asking him to listen to Dr. Ford. Here’s part of what he said:

I had the opportunity to meet with Judge Kavanaugh and was impressed with his credentials and his lifetime dedication to public service. He has also demonstrated the necessary judicial temperament and reliance on the text of our Constitution and laws when forming his opinions, and based on my review of his record, I believe he will be an excellent Supreme Court justice and I look forward to filling this crucial vacancy.

You’ve told me all I need to know about your unquestioned support of Brett Kavanaugh, without your even hearing the evidence of Dr. Ford.

We women will not forget.

Anne Yohn


Wait – exactly what is it you don’t understand –

That Evangelicals have tried to control the entire nation according to their religious beliefs,
by controlling the GOP and thus the government?

And we aren’t talking about you – we’re talking about Kavanaugh and the rest of the “White
Male Supremacists” and perverts making laws against contraception.

That happened when Trump issued Gag Rules on international agencies and domestically
where information and access to birth control and abortion is not to be discussed.

… but while I am opposed to contraception, it is not on the level of destroying a living being,
and therefore I do not see making some kind of law against it.

So once again, you’re stating you want to see Roe vs Wade overturned and that you support
this “White Male Supremacist” administration.

But, I don’t see anything from you suggesting that you want to make some laws to STOP our
Congress and Trump from killing millions of people in other nations – and threatening tens
of millions in other nations - with “illegal wars of aggression” by our US/CIA and their repeated

When are you going to come to terms with the reality that LIVING HUMAN BEINGS, LIVING
making laws or overturning laws to protect.

You don’t seem to notice that slaughter going on since white men arrived here – maybe because
it’s under the control of males?

Additionally, we should all notice “White Male Supremacist” will usually run under a “God” banner as
the KKK does with it’s KKK Christian crosses.


You’ll get NO argument from me on that thought.


I really despise this woman. She tries to come off as a “moderate” and usually sinks to the levels of being a real Republican shill. This is no surprise at all given her history. Murkowski is likely to go the same way and help confirm this appalling “judge” Kavanaugh and the decline of our country will accelerate as the Rethugs apply their real motto - “Ideology over facts, party over country”. Gawd, how I hate this bunch of sellouts and traitors.


I saw a good variation on their name from an article thread relating to the vile Franklin Graham. They were referred to as “Evan-genitals”.


Well done, Joan. This guy is naive or worse. I can’t stand apologists and blame shifters. Plus, anyone who supports a shill/sellout like Schumer deserves my scorn. Schumer and his ilk are at the center of the rot that has destroyed the Demo party and betrayed the people who voted for them.
The role of the Demo party is NOT to “play nice” with these increasingly extremist Rethugs but to be the opposition party that we desperately need to work against and hopefully overturn their regressive crap. After all, poll after poll shows that the majority of Americans are at least liberal in several areas and many are progressive.The alternative seems to be the continiuing ransacksing and ruin of our democracy and republic, something these vile “Republicans” have no use for. This is about naked power and ideology now, not bipartisanship.


First, whatever the troll, when there are a lot of new people here as there are now …
if someone can take the time to respond to their wrong ideas and propaganda it is helpful
in my opinion so that someone new doesn’t get confused.

When you see “playing nice” by Democrats, don’t be fooled – it is betrayal and collusion.

And, they have been doing this for decades and more now. They are owned by the Koch Bros.
who are the John Birch Society/Dealey Plaza and they have been trying to overturn democracy
or any attempt at it for more than 100 years.

Actually, polls show that we are a liberal nation – you can look at the Bernie Sanders’ campaign
to confirm that – and he really didn’t even touch on the need to overturn the MIC which is a very
popular idea among Americans, despite the camou clothing you see coming on the market.

Noam Chomsky also confirms it as he often recites the right wing need to control all media because
they understand how unpopular they are … a right wing 1% who will use violence to rise.

The alternative seems to be the continiuing ransacksing and ruin of our democracy and republic,

Bruce, go back and rethink Our Founders and the Constitution – they didn’t create a democracy;
they created an Elite-Patriarchy and endowed them with land grants, gave them immense influence
and control over our people’s government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources.
In other words, they privatized the nation immediately for Elites.

They also saved and supported the system of Slavery for Elites which guaranteed the Civil War
which further benefitted Elites/wealthy by splitting the nation into two camps of hatred which still
echo today.

The genocide against the Native American was carried out under Papal Edicts to “Enslave or Kill”
them and the Africans already enslaved here. Columbus didn’t come alone; he was a Catholic
with family connections to the Vatican.

And if you still have warm feelings for Our Founders, they immediately did violence to Separation
of Church & State by using the RCC to continue the genocide in establishing “Church Schools”
run by the Catholic Church and the Mormon Church which native American children were forced
into - sometimes kidnapped – and where they were hung, mutilated, murdered, beaten and
sexually abused. Any of that sound familiar?

As you can also see, citizens flounder as they search for tools to control our government. There are
none because the Founders made sure that we had no tools to give us leverage over our government.
They were just fancy words – no reality behind it. Yeah – just wait until November 2020!!
We have no “No Confidence” vote which would overturn leaders as the English do in Parliament.

And as the anti-Federalists immediately saw we have no representation for citizens in Congress…
Currently, ever 180,000 citizens are represented by one member of the USHR.
In the UK, it’s 150,000 per representative.
Elites have the entire Senate intended as “brakes” on the House, the voice of the people.

The Senators were originally appointed by the State Representatives.
But an amendment was added to the Constitution for the direct election of Senators just like the House.

Since every member of the House must stand for re-election every 2 years, the entire House can be overturned in one election.

However, the Senate with 6 year terms only puts 1/3rd of its members up for re-election every two years.
Therefore, depending on when you start, it can take 12 to 18 years to overturn the Senate.

And I very much agree with this …

Bruce: This is about naked power and ideology now, not bipartisanship