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As Collins Appears to Side with Kavanaugh Over Assault Allegation, Group Issues Warning: Women Won't Forget


Have you read the Gilens and Page study? I noticed that you stated, “There were studies that countered the Gilens-Page study.”


So instead we need a few “top men” to decide for all of us what the definition of merit is?

Anyway, provide me with an example in which pure racism has naturally left an engrained difference between the races or sexes that has not been mandated by government law or direct influence.


I respect that at least you recognize the hypocrisy. You certainly went off topic after that, and I’m not sure you can narrowly describe all Republicans as Bible Belt evangelicals, but yes, the hypocrisy on both sides for a number of issues is apparent. As a libertarian supporting free markets and individual liberty, Republicans usually are quick to “sound” libertarian, but act more like a right-leaning statist. They claim to support free markets, but then institute tariffs. Or they claim to support free markets but they institute TARP. Or they claim to support free trade but they won’t get rid of the Ex-Im Bank.


Senator Collins: Now is the time to do the right thing for your country and for your gender. Vote “NO” on the Kavanaugh nomination. Support the women of your country. It has to be gender over party. In any event, your wavering on this has effectively ended your career in politics or at least as a senator to the U.S. Congress. The people see that you cannot be trusted so now no matter how you vote you will have lost the trust and confidence of the majority of women voters in the nation. Come on Senator Collins do the right thing and at least leave the Senate with some semblance honor and decency.


I’ve read your posts …

You still claim you can’t tell the difference between a living person and a embryo or fetus.


I replied to you honestly –

try to do the same …

Tell us the difference between a fertilized egg attached to the lining of the womb
and an existing human being such as you or I.

You are the same Male Supremacist “Christian” studying cult lore and proclaiming its nonsense.


So you still can’t condemn Bill Clinton and his wife for covering up his years of sexual assaults and rape?


What is the difference between a fertilized egg attached to the lining of the womb, an existing human being and stardust?


Ed –

So you admit to a “difference” -

And who provides the time and the growth as the host?

Only a Christian Crazy would suggest that a fertilized egg is the equivalent of an established life.

Or suggest that both are worthy of the same protection.


seedee –

If you’re the other half of the “Christian Crazy” team it looks like the team
needs some shoring up.


Personally, I believe a women should be able to abort up until birth.

I also believe you don’t have to be a Christian or a crazy to want to protect life.

What’s your problem?


If you support CHOICE good for you –

This was the problem –

What is the difference between a fertilized egg attached to the lining of the womb, an existing human being and stardust?

Do you want to make what you’re saying clear?


There is no difference.


see –

OK – so you’re another religious fanatic who says there’s no difference
between a fertilized egg and a person with an established life.

Good for you to admit it –


You seem to have a religious belief in your ability to determine the beliefs of others. Why is that?


I don’t have “religious” beliefs about anything –

And please state HOW I am “determining the beliefs of others”?

"Beliefs systems are the end, not the beginning, of all wisdom."


That right there should be sufficient.


You far right apologists won’t admit that the Clintons were more Republican than they ever were liberal, let alone progressive. They’re closer to you politically than they are to those condemning Brett Kavanaugh. Go ahead, admit that, trollie.

The fact that you use sexual assault and rape to defend a sexual assaulter and attempted rapist exposes the sewer you use as a moral center.




You’re reduced to an 8 character reply? What I mentioned about the Clintons is long known common knowledge, and certainly among virtually all commentators on this site. Perhaps to need to update your damage control manual for right-wingers. It’s probably out there in pdf. Check for the E-Z edition.

And the usage of the expression “…you still…”. It necessitates having made a prior request. I realize it’s a right-wing tradition, but really, it sounds so lame and mickey mouse. You really need to update that manual.