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As Colorado Spill Hits New Mexico, Alarm Sounds Over Abandoned Mines


It will flow into the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon and down to the sea except that most of the Colorado’s water never reaches the sea but gets shunted off to four different states as drinking water and for agriculture. I assume they expect it to be diluted in Lake Powell.


The toxins must go somewhere whether in concentrated form enough to turn a river yellow (how long will it take for that stretch of river’s silt to be toxin free?) or in a diluted ‘invisible’ form in Lake Powell.

Remember the old American touristo line > “Don’t drink the water over there!”

Well… don’t drink the water over here either!


These are not leaders. They have been put in control by a hegemonic, oligarchic government. Controllers they are. Certainly in no way can we continue to call them leaders.


The Colorado River Was effectively strangled by the two reservoirs, Powell and Mead and by the Flaming Gorge dam on the Green River, another large tributary of the Colorado. Yes, eventually a lot of that poisonous spill will end up in that soup called Lake Powell, but a lot of it will remain along the shores and river beds along the way for wildlife and aquatic life to deal with. There are many thousands of abandoned mines and oil, gas, fracking wells just waiting; the profits long since taken. There are many more being created today!