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As Comey Bolsters "Obstruction" Case, Prospects of Trump Impeachment Rise


As Comey Bolsters "Obstruction" Case, Prospects of Trump Impeachment Rise

Jake Johnson, staff writer

On the heels of fired FBI Director James Comey's "unprecedented" and "devastating" testimony on Thursday, in which he accused the White House of "lies" and said President Donald Trump exerted a "chilling effect" on the FBI's Russia probe, calls for i


Exit polls predicting Conservatives in UK may become minority party.


Democrats should not think for a minute that impeaching Trump is going to raise their poll numbers. They are going to lose the next election unless they espouse something like Democratic Socialism, which they won't, nor will they care as long as the WS bribes keep coming.

Direct Democracy


Doesn't look like the hearing went the way anti Trumpists were expecting.

Maybe it's time to move on and focus on the midterm elections, try get the House or the Senate back, or at least gain few seats.


Strange that hardly anyone is uttering so much as a hint of criticism of Mr. Comey. Why? I did find a couple of exceptions, Robert Parry and this from TRNN.


You wish. Elections that are 16 months away will take care of themselves. Nice try, though.
Besides, the American people are getting a great lesson in how far Republicans will bend over to grab the White House's jeweled throne. Now though, they're reduced to grasping at straws, which are glued to the sidewalk, in front of a tall trading house branded Trump International Hotel-
Washington D.C. VISA, MASTERCARD, AM. EXPRESS, DARK MONEY Laundering & Drycleaning, Translators, Salon, Spa & Escort Services :wink:
In fact, I understand Sen. McConnell is offering tutorials in Russian there. The 1st course offering: When Mother Russia Says No! No! No!, She Really Means Yes! Yes! Yes!


Yeah, i seem to remember the same being said last year. Turns out it wasn't as clear cut as some thought. I would cut the Russia BS and focus on what people want.


You are now The Decider of what " the people " want? Nice job, if you can get it. Congrats!
Actually, each election cycle is a unique event. Unless, of course, your state is so gerrymandered that the SCOTUS can't even lie with a straight face, about the crooked lines and racial discriminatory intent. But, you knew that already.


Excellent TRNN link; thanks.


I didn't say that. But if i wold guess free stuff is top of the list. Bernie Sanders was on the right track.


Just want to pick up on this from Comey's comments ...

"Loyalty" is a very nice word, but not as used by GHWB or W, nor as used by Trump.

Loyalty is to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, to the people, to the nation ...
NOT to Elites/wealthy, not to MIC, not to the CIA or any other fascism overtaking the US.

And certainly not to this arrogant, ignorant Trump family practicing their Elitism on the nation
as it imposes suffering on our citizens -- and the pain of wars on other nations for the benefit
of the wealthy who now control our government.

BOTH of these national parties must be dismantled and overturned.

And all of the evidence of capitalism and its evils must become part of daily discussion
among our citizens.

The insanity of our MIC and its quest for Empire must be acknowledged and ALL of the
harm it has brought to other nations and their populations under the guise of "democracy."

We have for too long been governed by truly insane people who have brought about
destruction of nature and a great threat to the planet itself -- and yet who continue on in
denial, holding power to protect themselves and cover up their crimes.


If you totaled up the number of people that capitalism has directly or indirectly killed in wars, starvation, lack of health care and so on, it dwarfs 200 million. Just sayin'.


I see you're a goofball with no analysis. Please return to breitbart.com. They're calling your name.


Agree, another one of those who refuses to see what's going on in front of them.


You think Stalin and Hitler were "socialists" .... ?

No ... the NAZI party was a truly socialist organization -- for labor and labor unions,
women's rights, health care and other liberal issues.
After Hitler took over the party, all of that was completely reversed.

Same with Stalin -- Communism has never been practiced in Russia.
Nor has democratic socialism which is what we are talking about.

And you still support capitalism???

Capitalism is a system intended to move the wealth of nations from the many to the few.

Unregulated capitalism is merely organized crime.

Here's an old Russian joke ...

Q: What's the difference between Capitalism and Communism?

A: Under Capitalism, man exploits man ...
Under Communism, it is just the reverse

PS: As I've said many times before, beware of taking labels seriously.


US is also the only nation ever to drop atomic bombs on another nation ...

US is the terrorist nation and long has been.

Plus, your statistics are way off -- Genocide vs native Americans here is
now thought to have been 112 million.
And our government is still at war on the native American today.

Enslavement of Africans here?
And continuing efforts to destroy them by depriving them of education,
professions and often even their very lives.

See: Brig. Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler/"War Is a Racket!!"

Vietnam, Korea and theft of land all over the planet ...


Thanks for the video. I have a couple lady friends who think they're well-informed and Rachel Maddow is more than just an angry dyke, she's the voice of God. Maybe they'll get something out of this. I doubt it.