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As Comey Praised By Media and Democrats, A Small Reminder of His Long History of 'Authoritarian Abuses'


As Comey Praised By Media and Democrats, A Small Reminder of His Long History of 'Authoritarian Abuses'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As fired FBI director James Comey dominates the front pages of America's corporate media outlets with explosive denunciations of President Donald Trump's immorality and utter lack of fitness for office, many commentators have hastened to remind the public that while his claims about the president may be accurate, Comey himself is hardly worthy of praise and is certainly "no martyr for democracy."


Jake Johnson, quick to point out that Comey is a hypocrite. Ironically, however, the article serves as a defense of Hillary Clinton, who could also be described as “hardly worthy of praise and. . .certainly no martyr for democracy.”

Johnson should be aware of this irony, since his two block quotes are from journalists who criticized Clinton more than they did Comey.


A herd of pigs at the trough. We need to hose them down just to see who is who. When we do, all we see is a herd of pigs (politicians and news media) at the trough (D.C. ) gorging on swill (our tax money.)

So it goes. Personally, I can’t tell one swine from the other.


I for one intend to boycott his book as I did Clinton’s. Instead investing in books such as DRAWDOWN, published last year. Checking daily headlines in UPI,AP,Reuters, Bloomberg and then checking international press in Scandinavia, Africa and South America.

US news is not all there is for breakfast anymore.


The true title of Comey’s book, should be changed to: A HIGHER LOYALTY TO $$$$!


While I’m not defending Comey for his record or tenure, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

trump is certainly “morally unfit” for office." - there is likely “evidence of obstruction of justice” by trump & co - and perhaps the most damning evidence of being unfit for (any) office is Comey’s statement trump “is un-tethered to truth” - ie, he is a pathological liar…Comey’s complete statement was “This president is unethical, and untethered to truth and institutional values,”…whatever those “values” are…


What does it tell you when an authoritarian complains our president is to authoritarian.


More corroboration of my earlier post, which I missed.


Two pigs in a poke. One is submerged in garbage and loving it and the other is trying to keep his head above the shit. They have a lot of company down there and a lot to feed on…


I find myself disagreeing with Glenn Greenwald, someone whom I generally agree with and admire as a champion of openness and civil liberties. I don’t think that What Comey did in the last two weeks of the 2016 campaign directly led to Hillary Clinton’s defeat. Yes, the polls two weeks out showed her with a more than 10 point lead. However, those polls were national, not state by state, which is how the Presidential vote is counted. It correctly predicted that she would get several million more overall votes than Trump, but not the breakdown for the Electoral College, which is the only thing that mattered.

HRC lost because she was widely hated and despised by nearly 60% of Americans (including most true progressives), and would have lost the popular vote had she been running against a halfway normal Republican nominee. The fact that she lost to a raving idiot with no idea of what he is doing and didn’t really expect or want to win the Presidency shows that she was the worst, most hated and divisive Democratic nominee of my lifetime (and I go back to Eisenhower). The millions of us who were for Sanders and were “never Hillary” were never up for grabs to her, and she screwed us and the country through her and her campaign’s selfishness, cheating, hubris, and arrogance that it was “her turn” to be president, and how dare she have to compete for the nomination against a real progressive. She thought we should all have rolled over for her neo-liberal war-mongering, entitled self. Well elections don’t work like that. She artificially forced herself on the electorate and should not have been surprised that in a change election year, her decidedly “more of the same” campaign failed to overcome Donnie’s supporter’s rage-induced backlash. No, she brought about her own downfall, and cost us the current sh#t storm we are suffering through.


Well, Johnson, like other “progressive journalists” has to cover himself to keep his “progressive” creds. I mean Comey’s wife did implore him to not “become the torture” guy when he penned torture justifications for the George W. Bush administration under the direction of Bush’s FBI director Robert Meuller. Meuller and Comey worked as chief legal architects and enforcers of the ‘Patriot’ Act, Guantanamo (and other 'black site torture centers), the so-called War on Terror, etc. for both Bush and Obama - and Comey carried right on into the Trump mess.

There’s a consistency of police state behaviors that don’t come under any definition of “progressivism.”

These are the kind of criminals the Dems now get behind in their (fake) effort to get Trump – so they can put off impeachment proceedings and sending him to the ICC. Which would be real acts.

Kabuki “progressivism” for the Kabuki theatre called “(s)electoral politics” in the U.S. And it continues to work.

I was at an anti-war demo in Minneapolis yesterday and there had been blizzard-like conditions. About 100 turned out at the high point, but the take-it-to-the-street action was called off because we just din’t have enough bodies. There were only about 50 people after speeches.

We need tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions…but the Trump Is Evil weapon of mass distraction throws shit in and slime into power organizing. So it goes.


Actually, you’re mostly disagreeing with Nate Silver at 538. Greenwald is just quoting him.

Otherwise, great comment.


Figures. Silver has sold out to the establishment for fame and more money.


All while getting important predictions dead wrong:


Russia has several good dailies also. Atimes.com is from Singapore.