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As Congress Drags Feet on Covid-19 Relief, 120+ Groups Urge CDC Director to Issue National Water Shutoff Moratorium

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/26/congress-drags-feet-covid-19-relief-120-groups-urge-cdc-director-issue-national

sigh—depriving people of water------ to drink, to clean with , to take showers and baths to stay clean and heathy------ YOU SEE CONGRESS, the PEOPE need funding for all kinds of things—including survival!
The unwashed will have trouble looking for a job and getting an interview as an unwashed person with unwashed clothes! It’s bad enough that Americans are living in tents in the cities------but heathy people need to be clean and presentable----or who will let them enter a coffee shop or a restaurant?
A nation needs a kinds of people and skills to survive----what in the world does shutting off water do to help anyone, water companies? If they have NO money—how can they pay you? BUT, if they can pay part or perhaps YOU water companies can offer temp work jobs if too have nothing else! Or maybe some clever people can somehow learn to cut off the water to Congress itself, and then see how that works on the electled ones! That of course is very rude behavior--------but Water Companies and UNCARING government, sometimes having a common experience can actually bond all kinds of peope together in a common endeavor!

And when the water corporations simply ignore the cdc’s moratorium, as is happening right now with the eviction moratorium, what then?