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As Congress Feeds the Merchants of Death, the People Must Divest


As Congress Feeds the Merchants of Death, the People Must Divest

Medea Benjamin

In recent budget negotiations, Senate Democrats agreed to a boost in military spending that exceeded the cap for fiscal 2018 by $70 billion, bringing the total request to an enormous $716 billion. Inevitably, this means more Pentagon contracts will be awarded to private corporations that use endless war to line their pockets. Democrats capitulated to this massive increase without so much as a scuffle.


Besides the threat which the additional $70 billion represents in expansion of MIC
and weapons – and the threat to all humanity as they will seek to use those weapons –
this also means that even more Americans will be dependent upon the Military for their
jobs/pay check. These areas are often so large as to be a huge influence on American
cities and states. Protection of the jobs can also mean new GOP votes.
Needless to say, also increases corporate power pushing for warmongering and more wars.

Don’t think we’re every really sure either about the funding of Intelligence all the way to
"black jobs" - but likely somewhere in there is additional money for NSA for the additional
spying on the American public. And why do we tolerate that? Why does our SC tolerate it?

We have a political system which was rigged from the start as Our Founders created an
Elite-Patriarchy and gave them the means to control the wealth and natural resources of the US.


At risk of being banned, lets name our oppressors. The Merchants of death are the alliance of Saudi Arabia and Israel. Israels biggest lobby is AIPAC and they have usurped our congress, taxes and tv stations to be pro wars in the Mideast. They usurped our taxes to be spent on their wars in our name. They have also usurped pretty much all liberal sites - starting with 5k donations then telling the sites what they don’t want to see and getting people and thought banned. The current attempt at getting us into a war with Russia is because Russia is backing Iran and Saudi Arabia and Israel want to take out Iran. Every war we fight in the Mideast is theirs. That’s why we’re there.They bought our congress with their lobby and our media. Wake up people. They don’t care if the US and Russia get blown to smitherines in a war with each other. They don’t care about you at all. They own our elections and our congress. They are Hillarys backers and they’ve gotten to Trump. Syria was Saudi Arabia’s and they hired Hillary for it. Wake up. Look behind the curtain.


Late last year 89 Senators out of 100 voted to increase US Military funding more than the Pentagon was even requesting…demonstrating ongoing pandering to their military industrial media infotainment industry (MIMIC) paymasters. Perhaps they were texting their paymasters during the Pope’s speech ?


Tim Caine: the guitar-strumming, mass-leading, genocidal Jesus fraud. But he’s not the worst of them. HRC: of the national prayer bi-monthly Bible study group is the former queen of genocidal religious fraudsters ( Nicki Halley now reigns ). This was our genocidal Dimocratic fraudulent ticket in 2016. The fix is always in, apparently, with this dangerous crowd. Crazy!
What a fraudulent pair to have to draw to. No wonder 46% of eligible voters didn’t even bother.
Code Pink’s Benjamin has done great work for decades but we’re up to our crotches in crocodiles on this one. The Christian frauds would have to be cleaned out of politics; hell, who’d be left?


For every seller there’s a buyer, so divestment does not hurt the merchants of war companies directly. Massive simultaneous selling would temporarily depress their share price, but that is not an effect of sporadic divestment. The only harm is the bad PR generated, and they tend to slough that off as well. It is a moral stance, fine insofar as it goes, but not enough to stop the US government from feeding the beast…


Nobody protests war publicly anymore. That itself has become a crime that police state jack booted thugs are armed and ready to smash heads to protect endless wars. Freedom of speech is drying up, the attack on the internet is about abolishing dissent from public view. A massive public rebuttal is long overdue.


“If neither major political party will stand up to the status quo, what can be done?”

We can “all” vote “Green.”


There is the whole problem. The individual merchants of death, that profit and line their pockets and are the beneficiaries of war profits are allowed to hide behind the corporate, veil. The merchants of death are not corporations; they are the people that make up these corporations! And I would argue, until these people that are covered with the blood of war profits are held accountable, nothing will change.


The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival - to the rescue! Medea, ROCKS! Code Pink be Jahmin’!