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As Congress Goes on Recess, Resistance Movement Gears Up for Round Two


As Congress Goes on Recess, Resistance Movement Gears Up for Round Two

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Despite calls for them to stay in Washington, D.C. to address President Donald Trump's unilateral military action in Syria, members of Congress are all but certain to be on recess for the next two weeks—and the resistance


The voters need to say loud and strong that repealing Obamacare approaches need to assure that coverage increases not decreases by 24 million, that costs for older people are not 5 times what health people pay (remember this is insurance), that insurance that is really not insurance should be illegal, and that giving tax breaks to millionaires (including all of the taxes in Trump' only released tax forms) is BS. No repeal or replace until the repeal produces better results.


I think Indivisible is doing a great job at resisting Trump. Every week I receive an action plan from my local Indivisible group. These action plans specify the priority issues for the week and what to talk to tell your senators and representative. And the tools on their website give a lot specific information for making the most out town appearance or nonappearances. Together with lawsuits by the ACLU, which now has formed its own local groups to affect local governments, and other organization there is pretty effective resistance. Hopefully all this will grow and the resistance will become even more effective.


Move-on protests against the war stopped as soon as Obama was elected. Now they urge us to oppose war once again. I suspect them of being fake friends. The real war protestor stood on street corners when there were two of them . Move-On members were nowhere in sight, nor were other Democrats and any other people against our wars. I will be joining with Veterans for Peace. The two people protesting war were from that group. I have bween against war since I was forced to watch TV newsreels at age 6 of the aftermath of our bombing of Heroshima and Nagasaki and lived through all the propaganda about being attacked by an atom bomb when the US was still the only party with one.


I smell astroturf.