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As Congressional Leaders Near Covid Deal, AOC Slams Democrats for Trying to 'Lock Their Left Flank in the Basement'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/20/congressional-leaders-near-covid-deal-aoc-slams-democrats-trying-lock-their-left


One has to wonder if AOC is that naive to think that the corporate Democrats would not shut progressives out of the decision making process which is all the more reason why she, along with the other alleged progressives, should be forming her own party which could challenge the corporate and militant Democratic Party. But she refuses to take this logical step as she, Sanders, and the other members of The Squad continue to mistakenly place their faith in the Democratic Party, a/k/a the graveyard of social movements.


Told you all this would happen. Never trust Centrists. Most of the sycophant commentators over at Raw Story are of that very variety, the very type that think people like Assange, Snowden, or Manning are enemies; or that we’re supposed to praise the likes of Shameless Imperial pyscho Neera Tanden. Or that progressives just need to shut up and take it.


It is clear that Pelosi is making a similar statement by shutting out the left as Biden did when asked about Medicare For All in which he replied “I won, Bernie lost.” Only I can imagine in this instance Pelosi saying to AOC “Biden won, why are you still here?”

In part we must keep in mind that the Biden, Pelosi, Clinton Democrats feel as much, if not more so, threatened by the left as they are by the right. And being of conservative mind the response is predictable, flight or fight.


When one considers that the original “heroes act” was proposed for 3.2 trillion dollars, and now this supposed “compromise” bill is for only about 450 billion in new money (as Mneuchin held back almost 500 billion from the first “relief” act) what we are about to witness is complete collapse of the democratic side in yet another submissive capitulation. Once again, democrats unzipped their gimp mask and shouted their safe word first.
As for the left being treated like a crazy aunt in the attic, or red headed step child at a family reunion, what the fuck did they expect? Do the lines “I beat the socialist” and “nothing will fundamentally change” ring a bell?
I like AOC, but honestly, I grow tired of her righteous indignation. Today’s Democratic Party is more conservative than Nixon’s GOP. Changing it from within is a fools errand. Every progressive in congress needs to walk out right now and go home. Refuse to vote. And refuse to vote for anything proposed by the third way in the next two years until they start capitulating to you. That’s how the Tea party did it. Emulate their success, or get used to losing. So much losing.


There is an interesting article in Wikepedia on third party and independent members of Congress. Since 1949 there have been seven, including Sanders although they left out Jim Jeffords a Vermont Republican who switched to independent, inspired to do so by W. Bush. Three of them switched later to Republican. There have been no Green Party members of Congress. Though one ran unsuccessfully for Senate, lost and later won as a Democrat. This is not a good track record for the third party approach.

From 1911 to 1949 there were forty; and 1891 to 1910 forty three. It seems the duopoly has been more solidified in the modern era.

If you look at the record, the fight from within method seems more effective. At least until there are some structural reforms that are unlikely to happen.

Look we can’t even get campaign finance reform; which is a no brainer.


The point she is addressing is not whether they “would” shut progressives out but the inappropriateness of doing so, that is, whether they “should”.

I don’t find her naive at all. Outgunned by the corporate Democrat hierarchy, yes. Naive no.

Numbers count. In order to make the progressive Democrats more impactful, we simply need more of them.

While I share some of your sentiments about a third party, it looks more like a jaunt into the wilderness right now, than an effective strategy.

She should do what she can to expand her impact. Whatever that strategy entails. Maybe your strategy is the right one, but it’s far from conclusive.


I recall Biden’s fiery response to a reporter about the Green New Deal by saying that he is Joe Biden and not Bernie Sanders in an apparent effort to distinguish himself as a centrist neoliberal jerk. The further the liberal democrats move to appease the GOP the more they’ll lose in every battle as did Obama like a cowardly looser that he was. Voters will realize that there is no need for a democratic party so why not vote true republican outright instead of for a Tab republican. (Tab the diet cola soft drink created by The Coca-Cola Company, introduced in 1963 popular in the 80s). It tasted like crap.


This is largely correct. Up until now, the progressive wing lacked the ability to block the corporate Democrats. With the Dem majority held by such a slim margin in the next Congress, they will, for the first time, have the numbers to effectively say no and exercise the kind of Tea Party power you cite.


I think there is a failure to understand the lock the Senate has on the system. The Senate requires consensus for a bill to be considered; so one jerk can stop a bill in its tracks; which McConnell truly enjoys. Then there is also the filibuster. As long as the Repugnants run it, the Dems. are at an extreme disadvantage.

The make up of the Senate is highly undemocratic as two represent an entire state regardless of population. This favors rural states and was designed that way to protect the slave owning Southerners. So we have McConnell from a very reactionary Southern state able to put legislative governance into quick sand.


First off, stop using the term centrist. What are they in the center of? Being in the center of opinion in the corrupt DC bubble doesn’t place you in the center of popular opinion. Why they don’t use leftists at least for leverage is obvious. Doing so would result in negotiations that start too far to the left for their liking. They want to start negotiations from a pretty right wing position and they drift rightward once negotiations begin. That is exactly what they want, and more importantly, that is what their donors want.


A nail hit squarely on the head.


Let’s not pretend that there is an ounce of evidence that reforming the Democratic Party amounts to a damn thing at the national level. It isn’t readily apparent that reforming the Democratic Party is the way forward. It too is a long shot. Think about what a massive project ot would be to make the Democrats closer to the Green Party, or say the NDP in Canada. The entirety of that horrible party has to be totally dismantled, including its corrupt donor/think tank/propaganda apparatus. That is a massive project and the Democrats can’t even replace Pelosi with something even moderately more progressive, forget reforming the entire party. I think the left has to have a long, difficult discussion, and the lets reform the party crowd must be on the defensive. Decades of this argument, that worthless party has gotten progressively worse at the top.


Progressives should consider forming another party, not necessarily to run as a 3rd party in the general (initially), but to primary corporate Dems (and repubs too - there a ton of people who vote repub because they cannot stand corporate Dems).


The ‘Squad’ and other progressives are ignored by establishment Dems because it is cost free for them to do so. Until they inflict real costs and become a pain in the arse they will continue to be ignored.

They should have learned this lesson from the Tea Party and the Freedom Caucus. Jimmy Dore has proposed a brilliant tactic to force this kind of pain. The question still remains whether these progressives are ready to use the real power they now have or are content to be Twitter warriors.


Dear AOC, It’s the same story all over the world. Oligarch’s have suppressed humanity long enough to practice patient resistance to the righteous pushback of mere mortals.

Note that oligarchs are not constituents of a culture and society living in a solidarity generated by earning a fun and dignified living while leaving a better World for their families,

Oligarchs are predators. They pray on society to fuel an empire that delivers material wealth for their insatiable psychological needs. Oligarchs are insane and cannot be cured.

Christine Mungai, Truthout, tells us for this Christmas about Jesus the man;

“The neat intertwining of patriotism and religiosity is not possible when one takes the vantage point of the disinherited…This Jesus was not available to provide spiritual cover for state power, impunity and corruption. This Jesus was not in the business of abetting oppression while preaching patriotism, quiet obedience, or simplistic appeals to law and order… This Jesus did not even move to Rome to cozy up to the power structures of Empire and “influence” Caesar for good. This Jesus was executed because his life’s work dared to speak of another kingdom and another way of being in the world, where God is on the side of the poor and oppressed and is fighting alongside them for their full humanity.”, the entire article is fascinating, and you keep at it too, thanks.



I posted this in another thread before this article was up. It seems appropriate here too

What Does the Left Owe Party Politics?
One of the political disputes dividing not-Republicans in the U.S. that doesn’t seem to be going away is over the history and ongoing role of the Democratic Party in American politics. For every person who sees the world divided into Red and Blue traffic circles, a domestic Cold War if you will, there are many more who see the entire Party enterprise as a power-grift that stands between we humans and functioning democracy. That ‘not Trump’ was just elected, but that Joe Biden will be assuming the role of president, promises to reorganize a few thought processes around what ‘not Trump’ really means. Of course, there was full disclosure regarding what Uncle Joe spent the prior half-century doing, wasn’t there?



AOC and the other faux progressives in the House have been challenged by genuinely committed progressives to hold corrupt old crone Pelosi and her equally corrupt party accountable by withholding their support for Pelosi as Speaker unless she calls a vote on the House floor on Medicare for All. Presented with this rare opportunity for relevance, to stand on important principle when it could make a difference, of actually wielding some power, they choose to keep their heads down, cowering in their little faux progressive Sanders-style niches. She and they are perfectly satisfied with the perks of the office and their roles as sheepdogs, keeping progressives in line for the next vote. And it’s no more difficult than falling off a log, progressives being the easy marks they are.


I think that “more effective” in this sentence means equally ineffective.

The DP establishment hasn’t given us much since the Environmental Protection Agency started in December 1970.

Fifty years is a long time.


Keep the people poor and struggling. Keep spending endless amounts on the empire, tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy. Keep the peons unrepresented by the corporate tools in all levels of government, and endlessly lied to/propagandized by the corporate-imperial media.

If the peons start to object, use the police to bash them back into line.

The weaker and more struggling we are, the less energy and time we will have to revolt and overthrow the oligarchy which is poisoning the planet and murdering millions of us on its way to unlimited wealth and power.