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As Congresswoman 'Keeps Kicking Ass' on Social Media, Ocasio-Cortez Rejects Idea 'Some Subjects Too Complex for Everyday People'

As Congresswoman 'Keeps Kicking Ass' on Social Media, Ocasio-Cortez Rejects Idea 'Some Subjects Too Complex for Everyday People'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Bolstering Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's (D-N.Y.) recent remark that "everyday people like it when we fight for everyday people," a new analysis of social media data published on Sunday found that the freshman congresswoman received more Twitter engagement over the past month than any other Democrat in Congress—and it wasn't even close.


From the article:

“My desperate, pleading hope is that instead of succumbing to the inevitable pressure from Congressional peers—moderate your rhetoric, ‘get serious,’ don’t criticize the party—she doubles down and keeps kicking ass.”

Historical note: the Tea Party didn’t take over Brand R by “moderating their rhetoric,” being frivolous or withholding their criticism—quite the opposite, in fact. The glaring advantage the Teabaggers had was, of course, a tiny number of hugely wealthy donors with a coherent agenda. The 99%, in contrast, have huge numbers of people who can barely afford to keep smoke coming out of the chimney, and a message that more closely resembles a desperate cry for help.

I can only hope that those who support A O-C can withstand the inevitable attempts to divide, distract and confuse them (a disturbing example of the latter is found in this article, which, while seeming to be in support of Medicare for All, omits any mention of HR 676 in favor of the clearly inferior S 1804. This happens too consistently in this space to be mere errors of omission).


O-C Is fast becoming the Goddess of Woop Ass—and we need more legislators like her!


AOC clearly ‘gets’ social media. Her message is being heard.

Might I advise Bernie and AOC to form a strategic partnership designed to project their policy proposals to a wider and wider audience. They may be imperfect messengers but who the hell else besides them and a handful of newly elected liberals is going to put this stuff out there.


I fear for this woman’s safety, she undoubtedly scares the crap out of the dem leadership, while that’s great for us, it puts her in danger. I do hope she’s never corrupted, never flies on small planes, or never walks home from a bar in DC alone.


AOC has taken the place of Paul Wellstone in congress, yes, lets hope she stays safe.


Recon I hear you and have had similar fears. The rich consider their precious money more important than any sense of fairness to those who actually make the money they take out of their sick sense of entitlement. Like Trump it’s all about me me me for the repukes and establishment dems and that’s the way it’s been ever since Reagan forced his cancerous trickle down supply side economics along with union busting bullshit on the already frustrated public who were already suffering from stagflation. AOC has a lot of guts as well as integrity. Those two personality traits have been absent in the U.S. government since at least Nixon and LBJ was no saint. I sent AOC a personal email telling her how much she is appreciated among the 99.9%. I love this lady of ladies and will do anything I can to support her and cover her back!!! Thank you Alexandria for being such an outspoken breath of fresh air for the masses. We truly do love you!!!


L.B.Johnson and R.M.Nixon, were arguably the last two liberals as president. The establishment has worked very hard and spent tons of money on neo-liberal policies to wrest power and money back to themselves away from the People. AOC threatens them and the complacent extraction demanded by their toxic policies. The smears and derisions are coming hard and fast in all sorts of media platforms. Let’s just hope she has the stamina and security to fight the status quo.


The progressives have a voice now that refuses to be silent. She can lay waste to pundits claiming falsehoods as fact. Refreshingly accurate in the discourse that I’ve looked into. Yeahhhhh!!! We need hundreds more like her.


The House bill was modeled after the Senate bill. What is inferior about the Senate bill?

The health care system that we have is too complex for everyday people, lol!

It would all work so well if we could just get rid of the people!

" I don’t give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it sounds like hell. And yes, Donald Trump & Co. are a bunch of no good, lyin’ mofos. " Anonymous :):):slight_smile:


AOC is cute, she is unapologetic, and she tweets! She is the feminist Trump! On thew one hand it is refreshing to see someone challenge the Donald at his own game, on the other hand AOC’s ideas are grandiose and poorly thought out–but she is cute and clever in her use of social media.
Is AOC all there is? Apparently so!

Must watch Jimmy Dore and Chris Hedges Interview. They tell what we and AOC may be up against:

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‘Welcome Their Hatred.’


I think that’s unfair. That’s what the main stream media and the centrists/rightists want you to believe, but she’s smarter and more well-informed than they (and you?) give her credit for. For example, she knew exactly what she was doing and saying about raising marginal tax rates on high income earners. Perhaps this is why she is so feared by them.

And her vocal support for the Green New Deal is exactly the kind of visionary push needed to get large parts of the population behind a critical, and existential, policy and she has done a masterful job of delivering the message.

Less criticism and more support is what is called for here.

Also, your

reference is rather sexist/misogynistic. Is that really necessary?


At last! Some people in the U.S. Congress with cojones. And they’re all women!!!


AOC is the biggest threat to the establishment since FDR, despite being a 29-year old, working class Latina from the Bronx. It only makes sense then, that she never waivers from her message because without it, nothing will change within the Democratic Party. Elected or not, too many corporate Democrats are saying one thing while delivering something else. Too many ‘Donkeys’ are still be teething on the teats of corporate America and that has to change immediately.
It is therefore imperative that AOC challenges EVERY Democrat who is guilty of corporate fealty. By weeding out the so called “moderates” in all elections, the Progressive movement can quickly stage a peaceful coup d’état of the actual Party! It is what most of America craves and AOC is leading by example. It is also why AOC is experiencing exponential popularity. But the road will be rocky and that’s why she will need strong, like minded individuals to join the movement including new political candidates.
You can bet that the establishment has their ‘best people’ on it to demonize, marginalize and ignore her message at all costs. If all that fails, plan B’s have traditionally resulted in the threat of violence or even violence itself. That is why it is imperative that AOC aligns herself with as many other political allies as possible as she may have to fall on her own sword in honouring her commitment to the cause of the greater good. It’s what distinguishes a good leader from a great one. If, or when this happens, others must seamlessly take her place, but also be prepared to make the same sacrifices as their predecessor until the will of the people is triumphant. Just as the oligarchy of corporate rule has an endless parade of loyal soldiers to do the bidding of the 1%, We the People must also adapt to losing our leaders along the way.
Currently AOC still takes her cues from Bernie Sanders. She never critiques him and she agrees with him on every issue, however AOC ventures further beyond the safe parameters of the Sander’s narrative by her sheer willingness to put every issue on the table for discussion. By making things like the Green New Deal and Medicare-for-all political referendums aimed at transforming the core of the Democratic party leadership, corporate America is scrambling for a way to derail her and the Progressive message she carries for so many of us. The more people decide to ‘Tweet’ AOC, the less people will turn to traditional MSM for their political advice, possibly rendering the entire corporate news media obsolete overnight!
We can all help by following examples of who AOC backs in any election, primary or whatever. I’m sure that AOC can easily recognize a corporate lackey dressed in a “Democrat’s clothing” and so far her choices have resonated well amongst Progressives everywhere. Now that she is getting ‘up close and personal’ with her colleagues on in D.C., we can rely on her to give us the dope on who is a frustrated ally and who is just another big phoney. My advice to all of the readers here is to join the Democratic Party now (if you haven’t already done so) under the announced pledge to be a part of the Progressive movement to peacefully transform the Party into a Party for average American. Be part of the coup and remember… AOC needs our help, so let’s do our part to make it happen.


I “liked” your post, but disagree with the passage about falling on one’s sword, although it’s not out of the question she could fall on someone else’s. I see no need for her to sacrifice herself unless she makes a, pardon the term, fatal mistake and I don’t really see that happening. So far she has been fearless in her articulation of truth to power. We all need to do what needs to be done to support that effort and refrain from undermining her in any way.