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As COP23 Closes, Climate Movement Calls for Ambition 'That Science and Justice Demand'


As COP23 Closes, Climate Movement Calls for Ambition 'That Science and Justice Demand'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"We confront a mortal threat, now endangering the very existence of island and low-lying nations in the Pacific and around the planet. Accordingly, ambition must be increased and enforced," says James Hansen


In a democracy, the people lead - it is the politicians who follow, and this is as it should be.

Rarely, a politician takes upon himself, or herself, the mantle of leadership, and this also is as it should be. But this requires courage of a rare type, spoken of in John F. Kennedy’s “Profiles in Courage.”

It is easy to get rid of one person, however, whereas the people are as immortal, more so, than institutions, or states, or pyramids built on sand.

We will prevail - somehow.


“We are entering a period of consequences and are in danger of being too late,”

I think what James Hansen means by that is we are going beyond 1C. Thisis going beyond the temperature of any interglacial period. Based on interglacial periods where temperature reached about 1C we know global warming can be halted at that temperature (although sea rise apparently continues until reaching at least 20 feet). We really don’t know if global warming can we halted beyond 1C. Many people assume it can but there really isn’t any data to base that view on. Going beyond 1C might mean triggering unstoppable global warming due of numerous feedbacks. Therefore, it could mean the temperature could go well beyond 4C no matter what we do. This is a new period we are entering where we may be too late. They say it isn’t over until its over but with climate change it may already be over. But nobody can say for sure. There seems to be little choice but to keep going and hope we are not too late.


The world needs political and economic support.


Guess who is sounding the loudest alarms? Not progressives. No, it is climate scientists, the very people who understand the situation the best. Top climate experts like James Hansen and Michael Mann have been sending out strong warnings for years. Are you able to counter their arguments? You have only quoted here a bunch a nonsense. Or you might call it drivel. Serious people are very concerned that the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere now exceed an annual average of 400 ppm. That dramatic loss of ice has occurred in the polar regions. That the rate of sea level rise has tripled within the last several decades, That average global temperature has increased by 1C since preindustrial times. That extreme weather events are occurring more frequently and with greater intensity. That global greenhouse gas emissions have not begun to fall despite scientists and politicians knowing about the threat of rising emissions for many years.


That has to be one of the most willfully ignorant posts I have ever read. It is just unbelievable that you have the audacity to post such garbage.


The conference missed an opportunity to make the statement that fossil fuels need to be made universally more expensive. Until this happens we will not be serious about controlling global warming. It is called a direct tax on carbon and is an application of the KISS principal.


As usual, I ignore the corporate troll farm posting on this comments forum.

If a runaway Arctic methane release is a mortal danger then we must think in terms of firefighting. If we wait and sit around in the firehouse, what will this thing look like when it comes up over the ridge threatening to destroy the city?

We have time now, and we had better use it. We won’t really have this time later because then we’ll be in the soup.

We need to prototype our firefighting tools and we need to roll them out and ramp up production.

We need to displace as much fossil fuel as possible, So,

–Does your office or your house burn 90% less electricity for heat at night (and zero natural gas)? Well, why not? Too inexpensive for you? klinkmansolar.com How are we going to roll this out?

–Do your winter warm-weather vegetables come from Mexico etcetera, or do they come from 100 miles away, from an affordable no-fuel greenhouse? Again, why not? It’s your dollar! What’s wrong with your wanting to advance the state of technology?

–Who volunteers to cut the lifetime energy cost of transit by 90%? I challenge anybody to prove that it’s impossible (no, ten seconds of hand-waving isn’t proof!)

Next, we must prepare to actively go after the Arctic meltdown before our CO2 greenhouse gas equivalent balloons to 1000 ppm, not after. I recommend wind-powered snowmaking machines for sections of tundra. If we coat the tundra in late spring and early fall we will simulate a normal Arctic snow cover and so we will preserve that biosphere pretty well. Want to build a tester model?

Big question: who wants to volunteer to coordinate this work? Come on, step forward. Also, we will find ordinary people willing to donate funds if it probably saves their own children’s lives from hunger. You know, that mortal danger thing. Does anybody want to work on that side of the job?


Midas, did you say something? Next time, don’t waste so much time on me, and respond to someone more stupid.


100 years of “dumbing down” of America will take time to reverse. We have to somehow accelerate the pace of teaching and educating starting with our school children. I have a kid in middle school where i find it appalling to realize that the teachers and school administers are either too ignorant or too afraid of leading the children in environmentally responsible practices. Reducing the enormous amounts of trash the schools throw away. Plastic water bottles spread all over the parking lots after every game, plastic Ziploc bags, soda bottles, plastic cups, plates forks and knives thrown out by the tons after every meal at school cafeterias.

What good does recycling do when the plastics industry keeps dumping billions of water bottles, plastic bags, plastic food containers, food wrappers, plastic utensils, plastic everything, by the billions of tons every day into our common environment. Almost all of waste is totally unnecessarily and can all end up in our oceans, revers, air and soil.

As a parent i bring it up every chance i get but the request is either ignored or too slow in coming.


Exactly, i recall Mrs. Hillary Clinton to her credit proposing that very idea back when they were in the WH however the GOP and oil cartels opposed it vigorously until it went quit. The proposal was twisted to scare the people about gas prices going high.

However as we all know or should know the fact that oil cartels know very well how to price their products to discourage the competing alternative green energy development sales…The main reason behind fracking and shale oil production in the US has been to keep oil products just below the pain threshold at all time. There really is no need for fracking for oil if they let the prices climb gradually as oil becomes scarcer.


Read you five by five. Our son is homeschooling grade eight - we are euphemistically raising him ‘like an Apache’ - as I have lost all respect for most civilized people.

Just read the autobio of Shimon Perez, one of those rare leaders I spoke of. He, and the Jewish people in general, and of Israel in particular, have a moral center, and they believe in education, and passing on what they learn to the world at large to benefit mankind - and with them - it is a philosophy and also an achievement in practice.

What have we done since JFK was taken out?

I’ll tell you - we have become, as Livy of Rome said it;

“in love with death, both individual and collective.”

And I mean that, believing ‘stupid is as stupid does.’


Good for you, Apaches had climbed much higher on the ladder of humanness compared to the backward so called “pilgrims” and the millions that have followed them since. Their footprint on the planet was unchanged for thousands of years.