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As Corker-Kaine AUMF Denounced as 'Recipe for Disaster,' Merkley Proposes Plan to Curb President's War Powers


As Corker-Kaine AUMF Denounced as 'Recipe for Disaster,' Merkley Proposes Plan to Curb President's War Powers

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Anti-war advocates and progressive national security experts are praising Sen. Jeff Merkley's (D-Ore.) challenge to a proposed Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) that critics warn would expand the executive branch's military authority and "further entrench the United States in endless war."


The Congress needs to restrict the war powers so that the expansion of the current efforts to many countries is curtailed. It should make it clear that we have not declared war on North Korea, IRAN, and the Palestinians. It should make it clear that we have not declared war in Africa and other countries that pose no real threats to the US. The point is to restrict what we can do without explicit approval of Congress. How do we justify our actions in Syria? There are times when the war may need to expand but Trump should go to Congress with specific objectives and specific durations before we get entangled. We have offensive agreements or just plan actions with countries all over the world none of which have been authorized.


Such issues are the specific reason for the purposeful non-specificivity of the “war on terror”. Gotta give the assholes that, now don’t we.


They need to make it require all 3 branches to sign off. Right now congress can do it themselves and they are massively bought. While I don’t trust Trump, there’s also no chance I trust congress.


Thank you once again Barbara Lee


Right you are, they are the Terrorists they pretend to be fighting. Peace and jobs for Americans is out of their thoughts perimeter but they keep axing our public services that our taxes supposed to go toward. Plain and simple, America has been ruled by a bunch of Zionist banker MAFIA in close collaboration with the Anglo Saxon wealthy bastards who have zero respect for humanity or our planet.


The Trumpenstein monster in the White House needs to be CONTAINED!!! If not impeached out of office. I am 1000 PERCENT committed to a new non Trump direction and White House.


Money has crumbled their backbones expect nothing.


I’m registered in Oregon as Non-Affiliated (Independent is a party in OR). That’s MY Senator! Working class roots for the people. not a Clinton Corporatist democrat (sic) (i.e. pre-HW Bush republican (sic)). I actually send him money for his campaigns. He’s never disappointed even though we don’t agree on everything.


Also Non-Affiliated in Oregon. Yeah, Jeff can be the guy most of the time.

Although he did try to sing a different tune, almost literally, after Bernie caved at the convention, he was, as you know, the only Senator who endorsed Sanders, going against the dem establishment’s efforts to the contrary.

I’ve wondered about him as a potential presidential candidate, but can’t help but think his endorsement of Bernie makes that essentially impossible within the dem controlled structure.


Agreed. Like I said, I don’t agree on everything but he is the closest to a true pre-Clinton old school Democrat that I’m aware of, in the Senate. Wish I could say the same for our other Senator…


Endless war. Anyone enduring the brunt of it might agree it’s a bit of a pathetic concept.
Peace on agreeable terms, doesn’t that seem pleasant, better and more acceptable to both mankind and God? Sooner or later, unless the entire world should be destroyed, we will thankfully opt for peace.