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As Coronavirus Pandemic Ravages Earth, Trump Announces Push to Mine the Moon

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/08/coronavirus-pandemic-ravages-earth-trump-announces-push-mine-moon

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Will this come under “SpaceForce”?


Ivanka: “Daddy, I call dibs on trademarking GreenCheeseDoodleThingies!”


Conclusive proof that the man is a lunatic.


Trump, the GOP, Fox Noise, OAN and other fascist constructs have always been all about distracting us from the real issues.

This is just the most recent distraction.

Expect the distractions to come at us faster than ever this year.


Ok, who gave Trump a stash of old science fiction comic books, er, graphic novels? All tha’t’s missing from this picture are the N’avi and unobtanium. Of course, the US has never seen a treaty that it didn’t want to break as soon as it was no longer in the interest for the Ruling Powers. On most, the ink wasn’t even dry before people poured in to ravage Gaia for what was currently of value.


In addition to the man-made distractions, I expect Mother Earth to toss one or two of her own. The man-made ones are more easily ignored.

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The only way the country will ever be rid of the toxic Trump is that he be permanently moved to the International Space Station (or required to move to another country). As long he remains in the country, let alone in office - his influence will likely not be diminished.

Or so we’d like to think.

Hey, guess what Trump?

So have other people! They are just planning it at their own pace. The moon will be there when this pandemic is done, as will our spaceport infrastructure and industry.

Oh, for S#!ts sake, the amount of crazy crap this moron is doing while the MSM is bore sited 24x7 on COVID is staggering!

Sending ships to Venezuela, appointing more useless judges, cutting every regulation he can, taking/giving public land, sabre rattling in the ME and against Russia, threatening the WHO, the list is SO long it would take an hour to type it all!! He knows he can get away with this cuz No One is reporting it, and none of the Neo-Libs on either side are going to lift a finger to stop him!

It’s time to get a lot done for the 1% while everyone is looking the other way!
It’s like a global Reichstag Fire, and some day everyone’s going to come out of this and say, “Hey,
WTF happened while we were away”?!?! Surprise! Too late!

If the MSM actually was News, and not propaganda/entertainment, they could cover the COVID facts in about 10min out of every hour. But, no… We get endless repetition, happy stories, talking heads repeating what we all know, postulating the hypothetical, yadda, yadda, yadda. How about filling 45 min of the hour with NEWS, like the stuff I mention above. However, they don’t do that during normal times, so why do it now, when the Corp. masters are getting away with SO Much!

The rot is so malignant that the stench make me want to vomit daily!


So now Manifest Destiny is to be extended to the moon? Haven’t we done enough damage here on our common home planet that the the raping, pillaging of the moon is to be next? These capitalists are a disease worse than COVID-19.

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Maybe “SpaceFarce”.

This is the reason human’s parasitic jnfestation of the Earth must not be allowed to metastasize. Save the Universe. Stop the spread.

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You said it.

You mean trump doesn’t want to hear about his lying, his womanizing, his cesspool of a cabinet, his tax returns, his profiting from elected office, his foreign connections, his Mafia relationships, and his disgusting treatment of almost everybody,etc,etc,etc,etc.

We’re going to need a bigger boat chapdrum. We have to have room for the deplorables too.

One challenge at a time wot.

of course he did…fuckin’ asshat

All this foolish posturing does, is make sure that the rest of the World advances its exploration of the Moon as quickly as possible and they will!