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As 'Corporate Bribery' Lands Amazon HQ2 in Queens, Ocasio-Cortez Says 'Outrage' Best Describes Community Response


Yes, tech is really a cancer on the Bay Area.


I have not seen any proof yet, but would not doubt your allegation, because Bernie in 2016, sold out his small donors for a reason!


Well, now we know why billionaires are billionaires. They don’t pay for anything. They don’t pay taxes, they don’t pay for the infrastructure they require to manufacture or package their cheap shit, they don’t pay for the stadiums where their sports teams charge those who do pay for them $1000/ticket for decent seats for one game, they pay as little as possible to those who do their actual producing, etc., etc., etc. Literally, all they do is count the money as it flows in from the economy they bribed “our” government to create for them. We pay the taxes, the costs of pollution, food for their grossly underpaid employee since they can’t afford to eat without taxpayer assistance, we pay for the roads, sewers, bridges, reservoirs, generating plants, etc. they need to operate, we pay for the police, fire, and medical protection they depend on…we the pay for essentially everything they use while they get all these perks just for giving us the privilege of being there to spend our money. Well I have a thought. How about if we the people demand they pay their fair share or else we run them out on a rail then tar and feather the CEO?


If you are at the top of this food chain you are a part of a symbiotic organism. Part CEO, part corporate attorney, and part politician. At the bottom of this ridiculous food chain is Mr. and Mrs. John and Jane DOE. Their tax dollars get siphoned up to create jobs for themselves and their families. The financiers loan to developers, builders, companies. They hire people with suits. You are down there with your wheel borrow of tax dollars being sphoned up and nothing is trickling back down for you and your blue jean friends. Are pissed yet?


Ain’t capitalism great - especially when it is really socialism for the rich only.

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If you want to run someone out of town on a rail, do it to the politicians who throw these goodies at the billionaires.

No one held a gun to De Blasio’s head and said “You must give Bezos all these goodies.” De Blasio did it himself (and with the approval of the city government) because they wanted Amazon. Bezos just took the best deals he got offered (and was smart enough to split the HQ so he got 2 cities to screw over their citizens to court him). You want to blame someone, blame the politicians who are too eager to engage in a race to screw their taxpayers.


Good point WWSmith!

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This is a good time to sit back and listen to the laid back lyrics of Dylan’s “Things have Changed”

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Yes. But it’s not only the Seattle downtown area. I’ve watched the so-called ‘gentrification’ all over the area for the past thirty years. It literally has destroyed lives…


NeoMarxists like Bozo Amazon utilize the labor theory of value and pay the least wages possible as they expand production and sales facilities.

Then they are shocked when there are not enough customers able to buy at a profit or even at cost.

An emergency economic meltdown occurs that no one saw coming. Bozo begs congress hat in hand for aid to help create jobs for the workers.

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Also seen on CD:

If you haven’t been boycotting Amazon, you should now and permanently…

“The biggest talent hubs – like San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington – also harbor large and growing populations of poor who have been stranded by the turbo-charged gentrification. These gleaming cities are becoming the most Dickensian locales in the land, where homelessness and squalor mix with luxury high-rises and toney restaurants.”

“Relative to these booming hubs, America’s heartland is becoming older, less well-educated, and poorer.”

“So as the American middle class disappears, the two groups falling perilously behind are white, rural, non-college Trumpsters, and the urban poor.”


check ferrocement.com


This is just a part of corporate capture.


I have only seen reports about New York State offering lots in this deal - where did you see that De Blasio gave Amazon a big giveaway of city funds?


From Forbes

The financial incentive package has been kept tightly under wraps, but reports indicate that its full value is in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Mayor Bill De Blasio’s announcement of a $180 million investment strategy to prepare Long Island City for the future, was also “suspiciously well-timed“. In addition to subsidies, Amazon has been sold a neighborhood with 13 million square feet of real estate and 150 restaurants, cafes, and bars.

So De Blasio can share the “credit” with Cuomo. Everyone’s throwing away the taxpayer’s money


Again, I haven’t seen any specific things related to city tax dollars going to Amazon. The state package of about $200 million mentioned in the Forbes article (I see it at Fortune magazine not Forbes) you point to has been well reported. For example, did Amazon get city tax abatements on that real estate they purchased?

Obviously, I don’t support these kind of giveaways to private and already successful corporations - but what pours salt in the wounds for me is the fact that the details are so hard to come by. Amazon got cities making bids to sign non-disclosure agreements. I very much hope the legality of such agreements is successfully challenged in the courts. The idea that the citizenry can be kept from understanding the finances of their government is pretty abhorrent.

EDIT: IGNORE my first paragraph above . Amazon just released the details of the deal on their own blog at


Amazon hasn’t had to try to do anything. Governments are falling all over themselves to make offers. Unfortunately, as you note, most of the offers are under non-disclosure agreements at this time, so until some point in the future we won’t know exactly how much the taxpayers are screwed over at which level.

Bottom line though - its the fault of the politicians who fall all over themselves to attract businesses. Just like with sports teams. Cities sacrifice their citizens for bragging rights.


This is the mega-boondoggle of the century. Laying out $millions (or in this case $billions) in tax breaks to “lure” big corporations to the area never works out well for the municipalities.


Crystal City, that’s right next to the Pentagon. Bezos is a big CIA contractor and owns the WA Post. He’s got some central assets and connections.


J. Bezos Mussolini from Amazonia…

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