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As Corporate Media Ignores Climate Crisis, Sanders Town Hall to Deliver Discussion of Bold Green Solutions Straight to the People


As Corporate Media Ignores Climate Crisis, Sanders Town Hall to Deliver Discussion of Bold Green Solutions Straight to the People

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As momentum for a Green New Deal continues to grow at the grassroots and in Congress amid dire scientific warnings that immediate and ambitious action is necessary to avert climate catastrophe, Sen.


All hands on for this folks.

We don’t have to choose Bernie for anything but a leader to protect our planet from the climate catastrophe ahead if we fail to act now.


One ring to rule them all:

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Klein is correct, we need to have started a radical transformation of society YESTERDAY.

Of course, even that was decade or two late. Global carbon emissions, with the Paris Accords in place, went up in 2018 and are on course to go up next year too. We’re killing off mammals at an alarming rate. The oceans are filling with plastic. And every scientific prediction has been an understatement of how rapidly and severely climate chaos is getting worse.

Yet we’re supposed to be consoled by a New Green Deal that will improve the economic fortunes of millions, who will then use their higher incomes to buy more crap. Pardon me, but more crap is the root of the problem.


The more people involved in fighting change the better so whatever Sanders and the other progressive superstars can accomplish helps. They are a mall piece of the puzzle. Which is kind of the problem of fighting climate change. There seems to be endless small pieces of the puzzle. Progressives of course put too much of the blame on corporations but that is what makes them progressives to a great extent. But corporations are an important part of the problem and progressives keep the focus on that aspect. That is probably their main contribution. COP24 is now going on in Berlin. Trump sees this as an opportunity to promote coal. That is how crazy things are and why any reason for optimism is hard to find.

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Would you care to explain what exactly you mean by that?


You may want to read your own comment and then ask yourself: “Am I making any sense?”


Carbon gas levels began rising about 1720 with the Industrial Revolution that marked the transition from an agrarian to industrial (manufacturing) society. Climate Change is caused by Man (population growth) + industrialization (economic growth). Billions of dollars have been spent on Renewable Energy, yet carbon gas continue its relentless rise. The Reality is Energy is only 30% carbon gas Climate Change equation.


There seems to be a ‘vapid attack’ on this thread!

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sigh—no diddling around, or the world will become one big Gaza , or one big Syria, or Yemen----or even Illinois ----with 20 tornadoes. in one day : (


Techies seem to have the answer to everything…
IMO, it isn’t politics if your body isn’t on the line at some point. And even that is not always enough since there are plenty of despots ready to roll right over you. But the body at risk is fundamentally at the root of all politics.


So our military is cited as our main user of fossil fuel. I wonder how they dispose of all of their waste products on top of that. Each persons body waste, food waste, laundry and energy waste. Each ship dumping into the sea. All the exhaust fumes from hundreds of thousands of engines.
The other side of the ledger is that we have no money for anything else. No infrastructure spending policy to keep America great, let alone money to invest in climate change remediation science. And on and on.


As far as I know, Khashoggi was not in demonstrations.


Some said he was a journalist. Others, a See Aye Eh affiliate. I have no idea who he was and or why he was killed. It’s safe to bet there was a political motive.


What is carbon gas? Anyway, carbon dioxide now accounts for about 75% of global warming and the percentage has been slowly increasing. The levels of greenhouse gases have continued to rise. The main reason is that emissions in developing countries continue to increase more than they have decreased in developed countries. The biggest contributor to this rise is of course China.


And, of course, the trump thing in the White House is in total denial of climate change. While he has his head buried in the sand, someone needs to kick his arse - pdq !


Won’t matter if Pubs surveil this whole matter and hack it every chance they get. If our team can’t make streams like this streamable with Explorer, we’ll never get to first base.


We’re a technological society. A real climate solution had better involve new technology, merit-based technology not dumb billionaire games, progressively solving our major climate problems:

  • The sun heats almost every house’s roof. Can we store that heat in winter to heat the house at night?

  • Also, can we store the sun’s heat to generate electricity after sunset? Any viable renewable alternatives to this idea?

  • Do we have to build more freeways? How about an over-street system that hangs on two slack wire cables? Make the street safe for bicycles.

  • We have a potentially fatal Arctic meltdown problem. I suggest wind-powered snowmaking machines for the tundra and wind-powered pumps for regenerating Arctic sea ice. Any competing ecology-friendly ideas?

So, that’s my definition of “real”. Good luck, Bernie, I’ve got my fingers crossed.


As in westernized man who has turned himself into a consumer rather than a citizen and over consumes as in using way more than basic necessities. This is not true of indigenous people and the global south. I think it is time we re-evaluated the desire of “saving” “civilization”-Industrial Civilization. Isn’t Life what is worth protecting?