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As Corporate Media Looks the Other Way, US-Backed Saudi Bombing Campaign Inflicts Mass Casualties in Yemen


As Corporate Media Looks the Other Way, US-Backed Saudi Bombing Campaign Inflicts Mass Casualties in Yemen

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As some of America's most prominent corporate media outlets continued their lengthy blackout of Yemen's deepening humanitarian crisis—a catastrophe made possible by the U.S.


The day is late. This is our last best hope, to avoid the fascist militarization of the planet, starting in Yemen and the region. The Yemen-Sanaa authorities have declared a nationwide ceasefire, extending to all battlefronts. They are waiting for a reciprocal declaration from the military opposition of SA, UAE, USA, London, Paris and Associates. From past behavior, we shouldn’t expect a rational response from the political and media class. But despite the corporate media blackout, those who do know and care could bear and spread and, in effect, overwhelm the public narrative; as some in the media like Common Dreams appear to affirm… …The Yemeni-Sanaa have declared a ceasefire. Reciprocal ceasefires will mean no more retaliatory attacks on oil tankers, and no more naval blockade of food and medicine for Yemeni civilians, nor attacks on water supplies and water infrastructure. And then the sanctions blockade planned against Iranian (and global) commerce by the Trump administration, beginning on August 6, will lose its’ public rationale, and the fascist militarization of the planet will dissipate of its’ own incompetence, compared to the play of dialogue.


Here is an interesting look at one of the major issues in Saudi Arabia that Washington seems to completely ignore:

If the same actions were to take place in one of the “Axis of Evil” nations, Washington would be planning its next war.


“The world must act.”

Unite to change the US government that occupies north America.

Rise up for peace and justice. Think green. Be green. Vote green.


" “It is a very painful sight, parts of bodies are everywhere around the hospital gates,” an eyewitness told Reuters , as Yemeni journalists and American activists intensified calls for the U.S. media to stop looking the other way while the Trump administration fuels the ongoing massacre of Yemenis with weaponry and intelligence."

I believe that I am well established as NOT being a Trump apologist here at CD, however I do have to remark that the above quote should have replaced “Trump administration” with “Mother Fucking Imperial War Machine”, as the latter seems more accurate in my humble, albeit indelicate, opinion.




The Military Industrial Entertainment Complex, and the family that owns and operates Saudi Arabia knows damn well which side their collective bread is buttered on. The war profiteers, and the governments which feed them, don’t care who gets hurt or killed, as long as the shareholders get a nice return.


We came , we saw, we Obliterated!
HIGH war profits are anticipated!
Is America still DEMOCRACY?
Edit us down—we’re MOCKracy! : (


The Saudis are also supported and supplied by the UK and France - the motive is purely monetary - Saudi buys their weapons


As this veteran has said before, the U.S. has no legitimate reason to be involved in any way in the Yemen civil war, except to provide humanitarian aide or to broker a settlement. (Yemen is no threat to the U.S.) With no coverage by the MSM to inform Americans at home, the schism between those Americans and the America as it behaves atrociously overseas reminds me of the very ill patient in “The Three Faces of Eve”. And the sickness runs deep with The Many Faces of Uncle Sam…I’d be willing to bet that most American’s 18+ don’t know where Yemen is. I wish CD had a prime time daily tv news hour.