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As Corruption Lawsuit Proceeds, Trump's Hotel Marked 'Crime Scene' in Latest Projected Protest


As Corruption Lawsuit Proceeds, Trump's Hotel Marked 'Crime Scene' in Latest Projected Protest

Julia Conley, staff writer

Hours after a lawsuit alleging corruption by President Donald Trump was allowed to proceed by a U.S. District judge in Maryland, the words "Crime Scene—Do Not Enter" were projected onto the Trump International Hotel, blocks from the White House in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday night.


LOCK HIM UP … and throw away the key!


Apparently, Trumps money can’t buy everything and everybody.


Don’t waste the time. Dig a hole…


B-b-b-b-b-ut I wouldn’t want to do that humongous degree of damage to Gaia! :thinking: And besides, those orange jumpsuits are perfect, perfect I tell ya; for the orangubrat as they show off his ‘orangeness’ so well! :clown_face:


OK. But no Country Club prison for this one.

Bread and Water.

No more “Big Macs” for the obese one.


But the Big Macs and KFC will kill him faster … wait, in prison on bread and water he will be truly miserable; ergo, the longer the better! :yum::hugs:


Nice. This is what we need a whole lot more of, out of the box thinking for our protests.



I would love to see that projected on the White, Supremacists, House; especially, the Oval Office!


So Trump is getting rich off of being president of the United States. That sounds so “Trumpish” I have to say why is it Americans somehow expected him to be more “presidential” like most all of the previous presidents and not the flim flam huckster he has been all of his adult life. Why were we so gullible as to elect this greedy manipulator as president?

Actually Hillary got over 2 million more votes than Trump, but the election went to the Electoral College Level, which demonstrated they cannot be trusted to reflect the majority of the public’s voting. So we ended up with someone that will thoroughly exploit the position of president for as much profit as possible.

The 2016 presidential election had the lowest voter turn out in 70 years, and this country needs to learn a lesson here about generating higher voter turn out by not running candidates like Democratic insider Hillary Clinton and someone like Trump who will exploit the role of being president for all that it is worth. We ended up with someone that will try to make as much money as he can out of being president, and who is blatantly sexist and racist. America needs to learn what not to do for the 2020 election and hopefully Trump will get a huge backlash with a huge voter turnout at the ballot boxes. Yes, I am saying we can’t blame anyone else if it is we the people that can’t get up off of our dead butts to make it to ballot boxes and actually vote.


Oh my, what Trump has done to the Old Post Office and Pavillion - one of the architectural gems of DC - which barely escaped demolition during the ill-begotten days of “urban renewal”!

May the Trump Crime Organization fold long before its ill-begotten 60-lease from the GSA ends and it is once returned to the USAn people - where it can become the new National Museum of Organized Crime…


And in that cell I would hope he would have an African American or Hispanic American Big Bubba as a cell mate to teach him a lesson about diversity.


I supported Bernie and had no use for HRC, but Hillary was a selected candidate and a Wall Street military, stooge, so in my opinion, would have made little war difference.

To me, the Electoral College is nothing but a tool of the economic elite used by them to stop any candidate that they have not selected from becoming POTUS


I thought that was the function of the Democratic Party’s super delegates.


Agree with you, but in my view, the reason there is low turn out in the elections is that we are seldom allowed any good candidates, the ones offered are really appointed by the big money crooks of Wall Street and foreign Lobby AIPAC, candidates that put their own political bribes and Zionist Israel ahead of the wants and needs of the U.S. citizen people. I still vote, but in the past couple decades it wasn’t for any claiming they were Republican or Democrat at Federal level.


I voted for Bernie in the primaries. I voted for Hillary in 2016 just to keep Trump out of office. I would have preferred Bernie or Elizabeth. This is exactly why Americans did not show up to vote. This was the lowest voter turn out in 70 years!!! Who is to blame? Republicans for running Trump for president despite his sexism, racism, etc…


And Democrats for running such a lackluster candidate with her lackluster campaign.


In my opinion, the DNC.