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As Countries Line Up to Sign Toxic Deal, Warren Leads Call to Reject TPP


As Countries Line Up to Sign Toxic Deal, Warren Leads Call to Reject TPP

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With 12 nations expected to sign the corporate-friendly Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) in New Zealand on Thursday, opponents in the U.S. and beyond are renewing their criticisms of the deal's worst provisions, which they warn pose serious dangers to the climate, working families, and democracy.


Ghost of Reagan: "Well there you [Sen. Warren] go again--reading the agreements and other such things inconvenient."

Go Liz, it's an honor to watch you work for us!


Liz Warren's warnings along with all the others should get people to denounce and demand an end to this give-away deal pushed by corporate toady Obama.

"I urge my colleagues to reject the TPP and stop an agreement that would tilt the playing field even more in favor of big multinational corporations and against working families - most of the TPP's 30 chapters don't even deal with traditional trade issues," she argued, "most of TPP is about letting multinational corporations rig the rules on everything from patent protection to food safety standards—all to benefit themselves."
It seems warren would be a great running-mate for Sanders that has at least some moral compass lacking in most politicians.....

At least Sanders along with some others including Liz Warren see this truth and denounce the TPP - that Obama&Co support and are trying to ram this Trojan Horse, "negotiated" in secret, down the throats of America and the world tells the tale - empty progressive rhetoric by a corrupted politician really serving the 1% - a DINO corporate shill partnering with RepubliCons, selling out, just like he sold-out single-payer health-care to corporate greed!



Even though studies prove that wealth continues to artificially aggregate at the VERY top of the global financial pyramid, still the corporate overlords are not satisfied! They use high-salaried lawyers and politically paid-for candidates to push these odious trade agreements that, as Elizabeth Warren explains, are more about crippling public opposition to protocols that have entirely lethal consequences than about trade, per se.

While mention is made of the Energy Cartels, pollution, and Big Pharma's monopoly over Cancer-treatment drugs, what also must be mentioned is the influence of Monsanto over global agriculture. It is a MONSTER and it's ruining crops that took eons for Mother Nature (and indigenous farmers) to hybridize.

Truly, the passage of entities like TPP and TIPP are a death knell to Democracy and ANY politician who pushes these items should be seen for the frauds that they are.


Scalia on Citizens United 2012 - the tone and focus of delivery being most interesting


If Sen. Warren really wants to step up and change this crap then this is her moment. She needs to endorse Sen. Sanders. Expecting Hillary to is a waste of time.


Absolute folly on so many levels.

Not just profit over people but profit over life itself.

It's a twisted bunch that promotes such agreements.


Philosophically Warren and Sanders are peas in a pod. However they are still only lonely lights in the dark as far as political leadership is concerned. If she throws in with Sanders right now and Clinton wins, then she will have a hard time to impact on a Clinton administration from her position as Senator of Massachusetts.

That would mean a severe curtailment of her (and OUR) position.
The way I see it WE will have to push Bernie past Clinton. Then he will have a very strong ally in the Senate.

If Elizabeth throws in with Bernie too soon, then the whole left wing will be emasculated, with Bernie out of the picture and Elizabeth with one arm tied behind her back. We can count on Hillary's vindictiveness.


I can never remember these juicy Latin phrases so I looked it up... "the thing speaks for itself"


though I understand what you mean by 'emasculated', particularly in that Warren can't be emasculated, perhaps a gender neutral 'under cut' might be more fitting.


Recalling the behind closed door manipulations that Obama, blue dog Democrats and the GOP performed to approve fast tracking TPP two months before "recent reporting" forecast they would, none of us should count on the Washington DC mafia waiting until after the November election to execute the massacre.

Waiting until after the election to bring down the axe was necessary when there was something that resembled accountability in DC.

Nowadays if a House or Senate critter loses an election they walk away from a $174,000 salary and into a seven figure salary on K Street. Its win-win, best of both worlds for them.


Obama lost his independence when he decided to take Wall Street bribes. It is amazing to me that people can vote for Hillary who has gleaned millions from Wall Street in speaking fees and bribes. She can't stand up to her Wall Street owners any more than Obama can.

Women who would vote for Hillary simply to have the first woman President could consider that Elizabeth Warren has the best chance of becoming VP and would not take such bribes. Liz is young and would be well positioned to run for President at the next opportunity.


Scalia thinks that if he uses fancy words and sounds important, he makes sense. Not.


Yes. And go Susan Sarandon and Donna Smith and the Nurses Union (not that all nurses are women).

Warren Beatty should be made to watch Bullworth over and over until he switches to Bernie. Could not believe the list of celebrities backing Hillary that someone posted the other day. Money must have muddled their minds.


Another reason they call it Hollyweird.

Wait until ex-President Obama gets his seat on the Dreamworks Board of Directors next year, it will get weirder.


Not long after the 2008 meltdown Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders spearheaded an effort to audit the Fed. Note that Ron Paul has always been a true libertarian, unlike his son Rand Paul who, like so many 21st century special interest pandering Republicans claim to be libertarians but are not. With little support from either side of the aisle Sanders and Paul were able to get more of an Fed audit done than had ever been done before, but far short of what is needed.

Our local Obamabots at the time were more fearful of Ron Paul than any other GOP player. I kept telling them that whatever flaws Ron Paul had, he was way better for the 99% than Obama was or is. Now those same Obamabots have morphed into Hillarybots who are are more fearful of Trump than any of the other GOP candidates, when Trump is the only GOP candidate opposed to TPP.


Women who want to see the first woman Pres. worth her salt should vote for Stein (assuming she's the GP nominee ..)


Ah, but would he abolish the Fed. and return the "money printing" power to the Treasury ...


That's your dream - not mine ...


De-privatize the Fed indeed, but only in conjunction with restoring the Post Office banks that existed until the 60s, AND State Banks such as the one in North Dakota that kept that state further away from the financial precipice than any other state.