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As Court Upholds 'Disgraceful' Voter ID Law, Groups Rush to Block


As Court Upholds 'Disgraceful' Voter ID Law, Groups Rush to Block

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In a move that will impact hundreds of thousands of voters and may carry national implications, the Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear a challenge to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's restrictive voter identification law.


Please remember to vote because “Every vote counts” *

*Not available in all states


It’s a Sisyphean task to get people excited about Voter ID. The vast majority of voters have ID, and by vast I mean well over 99%. That’s a big problem for the opponents of such laws. You can’t cash a check in this country without ID. But you should be able to vote?


We may have “liberty” (for now), but “justice” is everywhere missing.


This is a surprise? You mean there really are some sorry fools around who think the government is acting on their behalf? How stupid can they be?


Aparently as stupid as “They” want us to be.


If voter ID is a problem in your district you have the time to do something about it. The polls don’t close tomorrow but procrastination is for those who don’t care.


Yes photo ID should be free but they are not and this is a problem for poor people and why it is seen as a poll tax. It would be simpler to add a photo to everyone’s social security card. The reason this has not happened is because it serves a particular ideological group. Strange is it not that this photo ID requirement is completely bypassed by the absentee ballot.


Generally, to cash a check it is sufficient to have a student ID or a Medicare card. So why are these kinds of ID not acceptable for voting? Because the old, the young and the infirm are exactly the people whose votes are meant to be suppressed by these voter-ID laws.

There would be little opposition to voter ID laws if they were accompanied by programs to make it easy and free for any citizen to get an acceptable ID.


Once the government illegally passed the 16th Amendment it was game over for the country. As for voting, there is no law that guarantees anybody has the right to vote. The number of scams being run on the citizens of the United States are too many to list. Just be sure that there are enough stupid people in our country to assure the federal government can elect Hillery or any other anti-American son of a bitch to continue the destruction of the republic.


Matt_Heins: You have shown here that you have no idea what you’re talking about.


Cash checking is NOT a right, voting is.


Well over 99%? Where did you come up with that number?


The fact remains that Voter ID laws suppress the votes of the demographic cited disproportional to the general population and THAT is by design, and THAT is unjust and in violation of what is guaranteed in the Constitution.

There are many reasons that impoverished individuals would find that requirement an insurmountable burden according to immediate circumstance in their life that coincides with the timing of a vote.

It’s really not that hard to comprehend if you try.


Spare me. I take it you don’t understand how hypocritical your personal complaint is given your posts on this thread.

You characterize opposition to voter ID laws as being held by people who have some mental disorder “reactionary mentality” and then you complain when someone suggests that you are being willfully blind to the point being made e.g., “It’s not that hard to comprehend if you try”

Be annoyed, I really don’t give a flying cluck.


Voter fraud is essentially non existent, unlike election fraud.


LOL! 67890 (Sorry, had to please the character counter).


Step 1) Require ID’s to vote that people need to pay for.
Step 2) Reinstate the poll tax, after all, people already need to pay to vote.
Step 3) Now that the ability to vote has been firmly tied to a person’s financial status, add in the additional requirement of property ownership - as originally intended by the framers of the Constitution.
Step 4) Since we’re already well on the way to satisfying the original intent of the founders, let’s go all in and stop women and people who aren’t white from voting.

Congratulations! Button up your shoes and step out into a bright, white conservative future.

It’s a new old day in America!


Thanks for describing “managed” democracy, the only kind of democracy the US power elite will ever tolerate.

Just a piece of friendly advice: if you want to be taken seriously (and I assume you do), avoid writing in odd ways that could easily turn people off, such as capitalizing all those words in the middle of sentences; you undermine your own message.

Otherwise, spot on.


Notice every time a red state is about to have an important election they change the voting rules, days and system to suppress the vote. It comes from the southern culture that prevented all but the “right” people from having the vote. Of course the red Supreme Court approves. Voting could be done fairly like Oregon proves. Wisconsin has a big vote in April. They just changed the voting process like Walker always does to keep himself in power.