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As Covid-19 Crisis Continues, UNEP and Global Partners Release 10-Point Plan to Prevent the Next Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/06/covid-19-crisis-continues-unep-and-global-partners-release-10-point-plan-prevent


In the US pandemics are profit centers … the fat cats just keep on getting fatter.


Humans are not carnivores but eat meat as if they were. If humans had to go out and kill animals to feed themselves they could not do it:


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One of the best books I’ve read recently is by Adam Frank titled
Light of the Stars, Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth

While it sound like science fiction it the reverse, a well written informative scientifically sound treatise on how we get Climate Management under control.

The book resonates around the Mars and Venus probes which gave rise to some very concrete climate modeling. Modeling which is now used to reflect conditions here on Earth.

Carl Sagan was a pioneer in this endeavor and his science is reflected in the models that came out of the Mariner program.

Bottom line, Climate Science and the Models built thus far show one thing definitely,
either we mange our Biosphere with the Care and Compassion it needs or we will loose it.

Mars exhibits a world that indeed had atmosphere and water at some point in the past. And CO2 production can and will boil our world’s water and air off into space just like Mars.

Climate Warming is not open for debate. The science is REAL, the Models are Precise in their Design, and the Data is only TOO CLEAR.

We must strategically move to a non Fossil Fuel production of energy and we must do it before the feedback loops are so strong that we won’t be able to stop the CO2 warming.

Bottomline is that we must manage our populations effects on the World’s Ecosystem and rebuild each and every one of the Earth’s systems we have destroyed.

We must manage it Globally, Work it Globally, and Re-Green the Planet Together.

No one gets to stick their heads in the sand, deny that Global Warming is Real, or that the Science of ReGreening our Ecosystems, is anything but MANDATORY.

PS Time is Limited

  1. Don’t elect idiots to high office.

Interesting points rolson. Professor Carl Sagan is to me on a par with Jacques Cousteau. But i wonder what caused Mars’ demise. Or was it that it just didn’t flourish? Too many variables in this cosmos and too little we know. But the idea of colonising Mars is just too absurd. As you say “time is limited” and too much time has been spent on nonsensical pastimes and egotistical delusions. I will look for the book you mentioned.


I notice a picture of bats. Bats are important in the prevention of mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, eastern equine encephalitis and West Nile. A bat house in a tree is unobtrusive and it really lowers the local mosquito count.

I have a theory that needs testing someday. Small owls eat rodents. Large owls eat farmers’ chickens. Field mice and not deer are the number one carriers of deer ticks that carry Lyme Disease. If you put up an owl house with a small door for a small species of owl only, it just might cut down on the incidence of Lyme Disease in your neighborhood.


Hearing that science is researching prevention of Zoonotic Diseases is somewhat comforting. Now to get those in government to consider the actions proposed is another matter.
At my age I feel ready for my demise but I prefer not to die due to painful illness. Is that too much to ask?
Greed, where could we be without it?


Step 1. Don’t adhere to the advice or influence of US Financial/Political or establishment.


Hi ro!son:
I am so worried about what ideas Bosonaro has for deleting and imp!oding the rain forest---------and when that goes, what is lurking beneath?


Get your wooden stakes ready for the next round of vampire bat stories.

Well said, but, since Republicans and Democrats are coordinated with each other…

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The late Mrs. Guild and I used to buy eggs from a couple nearby. The eggs, pale pastel green and delicious, were laid by pea hens. The couple found the eggs modestly profitable, but the primary function of the peafowl was to rid the yard of ticks, at which they were very good.


Guinea hens will keep property tick-free, as well. They also make good “watchdogs”.

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If all of this is humane, and respects animals’ lives.