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As Covid-19 Deaths Mount in Retail, Walmart Workers Take Matters Into Own Hands With Contact-Tracing Plan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/29/covid-19-deaths-mount-retail-walmart-workers-take-matters-own-hands-contact-tracing

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The message from corporate HQ

“Pay no attention, Walmart shoppers”

And there is that safe place that Walmart heirs have staffed with security---- but are you sure Walmart heirs, that if you need that space, will that space truly be there for you? --or will the underpaid security guards have moved their families in—instead of yours?
Sometimes great money brings great problems—it often seems that feeling rich is more important than having any humanity. : (

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The Walmart in our community is glaringly the absolute worst store we have when it comes to protecting their customers and employees. Anyone who continues to shop at Walmart is risking their life to support a retail predator.

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Organize. Agitate. UNIONIZE. Solidarity!

In the spirit of The Watchmen’s Rorschach “You’re Locked In Here With Me”-moment, I repeat what I read on another forum:

"It’s not a question of when the COVID-19 “Lockdown” ends–it’s a question of when the United States’ GENERAL STRIKE ends–and we get STRONG UNIONS AND MEDICARE FOR ALL, before WE agree to go back to work.

And now, for some cinematic inspiration:
Rorschach “You’re Locked In Here With Me” HD