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As Covid-19 Devastates Already Struggling Industry, New Blueprint Sets Forth Bold Vision to Save Local Journalism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/11/covid-19-devastates-already-struggling-industry-new-blueprint-sets-forth-bold-vision

This is not an actual pro free press organization. This is a front group for corporate press, looking for another handout. Remember the tax breaks given to corporate media before? Those helped the continued consolidation of the press, not to offer more free press voices. Spend the 10 minutes of time it takes to do the research, and discover the many 501c(3) organizations these people are involved with, and the corporations who fund those groups. One named in my 10 minutes of fact checking is AmericaSpeaks. A better way to understand our current media status is a read of the classic The Media Monopoly, by Ben Bagdikian which details the changes in media ownership that have driven the destruction of our free press. It was done with the collaboration of these very same people. Giving them more money will simply get more of the same. And our taxes will enable another upwards transfer of wealth from honest Americans to the 1%.

I’m doing a good journalism job for free. I’m taking raw CDC data and creating good statistics so that readers can see how their state is doing. I want to show which states are accelerating with outbreaks. South Dakota is exploding like crazy today, per CDC data. I want to show which states are the nation’s most infectuous hot spots. The District of Columbia is number one in the nation today. I want to show how your particular state is doing. This will allow you to keep your own state’s government more honest.

I’m not charging you anything for the reporting. My web page is at *ttp://quakerworks .net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm

For this simple application of straight mathematics I’m being censored worldwide by an enormous corporation. Google’s search engine has refused to list my statistics web page since its creation on 3/22. What’s wrong with Google? That’s for you to decide.


Thanks Paul, I apricate the work you’ve done in this area. Please hang on to this data if you can, it could possibly become a very valuable tool once everything has settled down.

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Should read: “appreciate” in above post, not apricate.

No problem. Getting things out there can be more important than perfection sometimes.

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No doubt it’s important now, but I’m also thinking about criminal cases in the future when all the dusts settles, your data could become invaluable to prosecutors in these cases. Please keep up the good work your doing with this data.