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As Covid-19 Infections Increase on Capitol Hill, HHS Secretary Azar Says Public Health Protocols Don't Apply to President's Inner Circle

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/03/covid-19-infections-increase-capitol-hill-hhs-secretary-azar-says-public-health

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We Americans always thought that only the UK still has a monarchy and royalty, but we were wrong.
The ultra-rich, powerful elites such as the Trump Mob, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Koch, the Mercers et al are our royalty.
They don’t have to respect science or care about the health of the peasants, Azar says.
If the peasants suffer and die because the royals abuse, rob and endanger us, that’s our fault.
And in a way, it’s true. We outnumber the elites, but we haven’t risen up. Time for French Revolution 2.0.


Actually, I hope the Trump inner circle skirts the protocols.
Seems like the Herman Cain virus has some hosts to infect.
And some morons can only learn the hard way.

They all hate science. Until they need their medicine.


That’s awesome to hear !
: )
I’d encourage Trump’s inner circle to use no safety protocols as they meet with Trump in the hospital.

I am also happy to hear that Trump is getting experimental treatments.

Hey Dr. Azar, I’ve heard injections of Bleach are very effective in bringing an end to the suffering of people with COVID-19.


Isn’t this Obama’s fault, seeing how he lived in the White House a decade ago, AND Hillary’s fault, seeing how she lived there two decades ago ?

Blame Carter too, seeing how he lived there four decades ago ?


Maxine Waters has more credibility and integrity than that whole administration rolled into one.


There’s simply no cure for pure, unadulterated ignorance.


You know, it’s actually funny, in a perverse way. When my ultra conservative aunt mentioned Trump with Corona, I replied, well, it’s a hoax any way, nothing much is going to come of it. She became furious, asking how I could be so insensitive, I reminded her that she accused Obama of being a Muslim terrorist(her reply- “He is!”). She is so deeply into the Trump cult, she didn’t even get that I was only echoing the same man she so adores. There is no Republican party any more. It’s a cult of personality based on a talk show host.


Another Trump appointee embarrasses himself. It does make a certain sense that the most fumbling ,bumbling, ineffective , ignorant president in our nation’s history would appoint people similarly afflicted to important positions.


The country club / billionaires club has their fool tool ramming through revisions.
He gladly takes the credit and has them ‘not guilty’ of the backward measures being taken.
They own manage the media.

notice that Joe and kamala had very little news coverage yesterday. Trump and staff know how to be ‘reality’.
Two hours TV at supper time to get Trump to the army hospital. A Uber driver would have provided us the service at lower cost and faster.


Everyone knows as a(n) (alternative) fact that to be effective bleach must be administered from both ends of the digestive tract. With a turkey baster.


Oh, there’s a cure, alright, and it’s tailor made for those also afflicted with arrogance.
It’s called the perpetual dirt nap.


Video at HuffPo: “Nobody could Have Predicted This”. Echoes of Condi Rice after 9/11. Of course it WAS predicted, even played out in gaming scenarios. No comments yet as of now at HuffPo, by the way.


Here’s a good project: Print the photo, tack it on the wall, and mark off the covid victims one by one as they drop like flies.

Could even turn it into a feature length film, with little mini-biographies of their families, and images from their hospital rooms and funerals.


Nah. The real blame goes to Jill Stein and Susan Sarandon. They knew people who knew people who knew people who knew people…who were at the WH at some time. JS and SS were secretly injected with the virus by the Russians as carriers. It only just broke out now. Boy, when that Putin meddles, he really MEDDLES!


The Republican COVID outbreak in DC keeps mushrooming. Two out of three infected Republican senators (sounds like a toothpaste ad) attended that Rose Garden ceremony for the rabbit woman – that was last Saturday. It’s possible some of the cases arising with symptoms over the past couple of days were contracted last Saturday. If so, we could be looking at a recent mutation which builds up noticeably more quickly than before – as well as a more contagious strain.

Orangeman’s whole family removed their masks at the Tuesday debate. That’s organized aggression by each one of them against everyone else in that room – especially Biden’s staff and family. The people supervising hygiene at the debate came by to pointedly demand they put their damn masks back on, per the terms everyone agreed upon. Nobody in that family feels bound by any agreement, ever. They just grin absently, like the cat that ate the canary virus. Goddam them all to hell, I say.


If only it was that simple to remedy I’d volunteer to dig the holes.


Sadly ludicrous that everyone doesn’t follow protocols. No wonder country going to hell in that basket Hillary mentioned in 2016.


"The first family is ‘in a different situation than the rest of us,’”
It would appear that the virus didn’t recognize the difference in their situation.


Yes, your absolutely correct. Sorry for the oversight.

Dr. Azar - Please pass this on to the inner circle!