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As Covid-19 Infections Skyrocket, House Report Slams Trump's Pandemic Response as Among "Worst Failures of Leadership" in U.S. History

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/30/covid-19-infections-skyrocket-house-report-slams-trumps-pandemic-response-among


And if trump and his minions don’t respond…what then?


To “sweeten” the deal: We have a system that allows an impeached president to run for re-election.

Rep. Clyburn: Does that also qualify as a “tragic failure,” or just business as usual?


The sixteen worst state-outbreaks, factoring Johns Hopkins’ test-positivity:

>                        JH      surge growth   immed
>                    positivity   since 9/12  mortality
>                        %            %           %
>  1. Wyoming           31.8        831.7        0.59
>  2. South Dakota      46.3        451.1        0.80
>  3. Idaho             34.0        364.3        0.91
>  4. Montana           15.0        599.1        1.08
>  5. New Mexico         8.1        906.9        0.63
>  6. Iowa              30.6        237.2        0.86
>  7. Nebraska          23.8        297.9        0.71
>  8. Kansas            27.6        239.8        0.65
>  9. Nevada            23.2        272.2        0.49
> 10. Wisconsin         13.3        406.9        0.88
> 11. Utah              16.1        347.4        0.32
> 12. Alabama           25.9        207.0        0.58
> 13. Colorado           6.7        614.6        0.59
> 14. North Dakota      11.8        336.0        1.07
> 15. Pennsylvania      12.9        280.1        1.16
> 16. Alaska             7.4        492.1        0.27

We do have a comprehensive pandemic response plan that Trump was briefed on when he entered office, he tossed it out and defunded it for what I guess is his free market approach to pandemic management. Of course, thousands of people died as a result. Kushner, he deserves a lot of credit too.


Are there republicans on this subcommittee? If so what was there response or input?

I’m sure “strongly-worded letters” will be sent.


See South Dakota? Remember all the biker morons?


Their response: We tell you that we (sniff) care, and then go right along with our hero’s indifference and profiting from COVID.


The only place evil rump is leading the nation is into the abyss of failed empires!


Trump and his criminal accomplices and toadies, from Pence on down, who all worked together to downplay and misinform about the coronavirus/Covid-19, causing the avoidable deaths of more than 200,000 Americans, should be prosecuted for homicidal criminal negligence.

I have little faith that President Biden and his Justice Department will do this, after President Obama refused to prosecute the torturers in the Bush-Cheney administration, as Obama was required to by the U.N. Convention Against Torture.

But we must do what we can to pressure Biden and our members of Congress to hold the Trump criminals accountable for their many crimes, so such crimes are never committed again by any U.S. administration.


Trump is an incompetent fool and his handling of this proves that beyond any shadow of a doubt. The rest of the story, however, is what role has our failure of a health care system play in this. How many died from lack of proper care, how much faster or more intense did the virus spread as a result of the millions without coverage to say nothing of the massive numbers of homeless. Yes, it is imperative to hold Trump responsible for this catastrophe but let’s look at the scope of the entire problem also.


Hey, guess what House, you useless f#@ks are a co-equal branch and control governments purse strings, what did YOU do?

Both corporate parties are screwing us and must go.


Total nonsense:

Deaths per million population:
Sweden: 587
Germany: 125
Denmark: 124
Austria: 120
Finland: 65
Norway: 52

Sweden (with Andorra and San Marino not included) currently has the 15th highest deaths per million of population in the world.

Deaths per million outside of Europe - examples of countries that had ‘lockdowns’
New Zealand: 5
Singapore: 5
Sth Korea: 9
Australia: 35



How about deaths per million dollars of medical expense?

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For your information deficit:


A little gullible, are we?


All I can say is despite the fact of his clear incompetence and maliciousness, Trump has a real chance of winning this election, possibly a better chance than Biden. Maybe that would not be the case if the last time democrats held office and majorities in both congress and the senate they had mandated paper records on all voting machines, outlawed gerrymandering, put single payer healthcare in place, raised the minimum wage to a living wage and tied it to inflation, increased taxes on corporations, closed all the tax loopholes, ended the war, outlawed drone assassination, passed strict campaign finance laws, fully funded public education, etc.etc.etc. Democrats did none of these things, yet Americans voted for them, and now Trump may well own the day. Democrats could not have done a single one of the things I mentioned because their corporate bosses would have fired them, it was not a mistake it was by design; they did their job. The only thing they have to offer now is being a little better then Trump.


Latest Trump focus is on doctors, who are releasing fraudulent figures on the number of deaths and cases of C-19, because “the more patients they have, the more money they get”. Like all grifters, he sees fraud everywhere because he weighs them on his own scale.
And We The People elected him!!! Because of our LOTE ossified political two-party system that is controlled by the corporations and the 1%. The GOP should have dropped him like a fresh turd the minute he announced he was running back in 2015. But, alas, all the other candidates are owned by corporate powers.
Well, evolution is continuing. Regardless who wins next week, if we continue to allow Covid to run wild just like we allow our corporations to run wild without reasonable limitations, our population could drop real fast in a couple of years.


Actually, as of course you know, Trump lost by millions of votes, and was only installed in office by the anachronistic Electoral College.